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If anyone's interested, I've moved my photos over to 500px and have started uploading new ones. I'd be glad to again see many of you, if you have accounts there. You can follow me here:
I fell badly while skiing over Christmas and now I have a number of ligament tears in the knee joint including a complete tear of ACL. Hopefully I recover enough until spring and summer. Otherwise I won't be able to take many close-up photos, which recently make up most of what I take, since they require I crouch or stand in awkward poses. I still have a number of photos to upload, but I anticipate a drop in submissions. :(

Update: I've had surgery on March 3rd and now recovering. Most of the wounds have healed, but one with a stitch is still hurting a lot and I'm taking pain killers. When I don't feel the pain I can use the leg for walking without crutches. So I'm hoping I'll keep recovering this quick. I'm trying to keep active to not lose too much muscle mass and strength.
I'll be away on vacation for a week until start of September. So don't feel bad if I don't reply to messages and favs until then, I'll go through everything when I get back.:)