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Sammie by AriaTiger Sammie :iconariatiger:AriaTiger 11 6
A Rift between worlds (OC version) p.1

Chapter 1 The rift
So as you saw in the info, there is going to be two versions of this story. One being a male reader and the other being a x oc. In the male reader, the reader will be with Pyrrha. In the oc the oc is going to be with yang. Since i don’t like writing sad stories i will tell you what happen. In one universe that will be known as Remnant 1, the reader/James Schnee(OC),  Blake, Ruby and Jaune are dead, Ozpin's is the headmaster of beacon, salem is evil. In the other universe, named remnant 2, Weiss, Yang Ren Nora Pyrrha, and the reader/Jimmy's team are dead, Ozpin is evil and Salem is the headmaster. The good guys that will be bad guys in Remnant 2 are Qrow, Goodwitch and IronWood. Cinder will still be evil along with adam. Mercury, Emerald, and neo will be apart of their own team and Roman will be a teacher at beacon.
Without further ado, let's begin
:iconanimeartist1023:animeartist1023 2 0
RWBY The Fallen Rose part 2

Chapter 2
(Cinder’s p.o.v)
“He seemed interesting, to say the least.” Emerald said, sitting on her bed.
“Do you think he could be a threat?” Mercury asked,
“I doubt it.” I replied, “His soul seems to kind to harm anyone that isn’t a grimm.”
“So we’re just going to leave him be?” Emerald asked.
“No.” I replied smirking, “Kind souls can be easily tainted. If we play our cards right, we can get him on our side.”
“How?” Mercury asked.
“We first have to get close to him.” I replied, “Then when the time comes, he can either choose to join us or die.”
~timeskip Jimmy’s p.o.v.~
I was on my way to my sisters table to eat lunch when Mercury and Emerald walked up to me.
“Hey, Jimmy right?” He asked.
“The one and only.” I said, “What do you guys need?”
“Well, Ci
:iconanimeartist1023:animeartist1023 2 0
RWBY The Fallen Rose Part 1

Chapter 1
(Jimmy’s p.o.v.)
Ruby dragged me with her to find her game she had left in the library. Being the clutz she is, she ended up bumping into three people, knocking me over when she did so.
“This is why you don’t run off like that…” I said groaning, getting up.
“You two seemed to be in a hurry.” A seductive voice said.
I looked up and saw a girl with long raven colored hair and ember eyes. She was wearing the uniform from Haven academy. Behind her was a male and a female. The female had bright green hair, dark skin and red eyes. The male had grey hair, and grey eyes. He looked like a douche.
“Sorry about that.” Ruby said, “I accidently left my game in the library. I’m Ruby Rose and this here is my twin Jimmy.”
“Hey.” I said waving.
“I’m Cinder, these are my teammates, Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black.” Cinder introduced, poin
:iconanimeartist1023:animeartist1023 3 0
The Criminal and the Rose Valentines special

Chapter 7: Valentines day!
(Ruby’s p.o.v.)
I was freaking out cause I wouldn’t know if Jimmy would like the cookies that I’m making him. I was using my mother's recipe and so far it was good.
“You’re going to be fine Rubes.” Yang said, as she noticed how nervous I was. “He’s going to like them.”
“But what If I mess up?” I asked, looking at her, “what if they get burned?”
“Trust me, you won't. But if they did, i’m sure he’ll still eat them.” Weiss said.
“He’ll appreciate the effort you put in them.” Blake added.
“I hope you're right…” I said sighing.
(Jimmy’s p.o.v.)
I was in town currently looking for a present to give Ruby and I wasn’t having any luck with it so far. I groaned as I pulled out my scroll and texted Neo.
“I need help with a gift for Ruby.” I sent.
“On my way.” She
:iconanimeartist1023:animeartist1023 4 0
Ivy Valentine's day by PolManning Ivy Valentine's day :iconpolmanning:PolManning 234 20
The Mage -prologue-
-your pov, 5 years old-
Dad: "Hey kiddo, what's your favorite fairy tale?" My dad asked me suddenly as we sat on the couch. I think for a moment before answering. 
Y/n: "Hmm, the one about the maidens!" I say happily. Gaining a smile from my dad.
Dad: "What if I told you that story was actually real?" My eyes widen in shock.
Y/n: "Whoa! Really!?" 
Dad: "Mhm, but there's more too the story. There's a fifth 'maiden', but this one is a boy."
Y/n: "Really?!" I ask excitedly, jumping up and down where I'm sitting. 
Dad: "Yes, really, and I-" 
???: "That's enough of that, you know he won't sleep if you get him too riled up with that." I hear a familiar voice say. My dad chuckles.
Dad: "I know, I know. How have you been bro? It's been a while." I run over from the couch to the man who just answered and hug his leg. 
Y/n: "Uncle Ozpin!" I hear my uncle chuckle as he pats my head. 
Ozpin: "(Y/n), have you went and gotten taller on me since the last time I saw you?"
:iconsomething-punny:something-punny 38 29
RWBY A Rift Between Worlds Part 2

Chapter 2 Sharing the love
A/N: Those who are only reading the Male reader version thinking that it’s going to be the same as the oc version, its not. The only thing that's going to be different was chapter 1 also this will also be a pyrrha x male reader x oc
“What’s wrong guys… oh…” Mercury said.
“P-pyrrha….” I asked, shaking.
“Hello~” Pyrrha said.
I quickly ran up to her and embraced her into a hug, catching her off guard.
“Where’s my hug?” Weiss asked.
I looked at my sister and pulled her into the hug.
“I… I thought you were dead….” I said, “We all did.”
“What are you talking about, you, ruby and Jaune are the ones that died.” Weiss asked.
“What?” Ruby and I asked.
“Well this is definitely interesting.
:iconanimeartist1023:animeartist1023 11 0
A rift between World (Male reader version) P.1

Chapter 1 The rift
So as you saw in the info, there is going to be two versions of this story. One being a male reader and the other being a x oc. In the male reader, the reader will be with Pyrrha. In the oc the oc is going to be with yang. Since i don’t like writing sad stories i will tell you what happen. In one universe that will be known as Remnant 1, the reader/James Schnee(OC),  Blake, Ruby and Jaune are dead, Ozpin's is the headmaster of beacon, salem is evil. In the other universe, named remnant 2, Weiss, Yang Ren Nora Pyrrha, and the reader/Jimmy's team are dead, Ozpin is evil and Salem is the headmaster. The good guys that will be bad guys in Remnant 2 are Qrow, Goodwitch and IronWood. Cinder will still be evil along with adam. Mercury, Emerald, and neo will be apart of their own team and Roman will be a teacher at beacon.
Without further ado, let's begin
:iconanimeartist1023:animeartist1023 15 0
Pepper Potts ( RESCUE armor ) by AyyaSAP Pepper Potts ( RESCUE armor ) :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 2,820 90 A new chapter preview? by tseudo-nimm
Mature content
A new chapter preview? :icontseudo-nimm:tseudo-nimm 29 27
1 Adult Himawari defeats Kawaki by mattwilson83 1 Adult Himawari defeats Kawaki :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 173 59
8 Facts Meme- American Mom
1. Post Rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 others
4. Post their names along with their characters
Alrighty, then. :iconadrianvonnightshade: tagged me to find out a bit more about my OC American Mom. So here goes:
1) American Mom is a mistress of disguise, not just a patriotically-themed powerhouse. She is not a shapeshifter in the traditional morphing sense like Mystake or the Skrulls, but uses synthetic skin mask and bodysuit disguises, limited shapeshifting to alter her height and size, amazing vocal mimicry and acting skills to almost perfectly impersonate other people. She doesn't just streak across the skies, visible from miles away while her theme song blares in the background. She could be in the same room as you, and you'd never know it until she revealed herself. She doesn't just barrel headlong into situations and punch things. The principle here is, by suddenly ripping off her disguise in front of an opponent and shocking (or arousing, lol) them, it i
:iconjohnnyharadrim:johnnyharadrim 12 22
Point Drive Still On by almeidap
Mature content
Point Drive Still On :iconalmeidap:almeidap 171 11
Mature content
NEGADUCK AKA MISTRESS OF CHAOS :iconkskillz:kskillz 23 11
Freeze Frame - Life of Salem by MechaG11 Freeze Frame - Life of Salem :iconmechag11:MechaG11 129 21

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Honolulu, Hawaii
Thoth Medical Facility, Private Wing
Albert Franco's room

Albert Franco awoke to see Kevin Wrath's adopted sister and holder of the Black Knight's title in the 9th circle sleeping in a chair at his bedside still wearing the clothing he figured ended up bloody after she wore when she came to his rescue. As he was getting up from the bed he still felt sore as hell due to having Alien cockblocker's sword in his gut just when he was about to get finally get what he wanted from Mighty Mom ... No Lillian Addams.

As he was heading to the bathroom to take care of his needs he made a note to ask the hospital staff about what happened with that sword and ask for it back before approaching Kevin with it to learn how to properly reforge and use a sword. Because Albert wanted to use to use it on the bastard that attempted to gut him. However, instead of gutting him he was going to behead this guy and mount his head on his wall in his private study next to the Lion he hunted in Africa in his old body.

However, before he even got close to the bathroom he heard a girl moan and yawn behind him before turning to see that it was Mina who's clothing was still covered in his blood was just waking up from her slumber.

"So you're finally awake Albert." said Mina before getting up out of the chair to look him over before saying "Well you've been asleep for a few days now but go take care of your needs because we really need to talk."


On the Balcony, Mina explained what transpired while he was out...

"... And after getting the last of those small fragments out of your wound Dr. Redeel had to irradiate your body with concentrated solar energy which kicked in your healing abilities to close up your wounds." Mina explained, "However you may want to get back in bed and rest up because Mom was informed and from what I know she's royally pissed at you for revealing yourself to Sailor girl and for later revealing yourself to Mighty Mom all because you wanted a piece of ass!"

"Mina I owe you a debt of thanks, but when you say thing like that out of your pretty mouth it makes it sound dirty." 

"Fuck you, Franco! By the way, you need to get back in bed before mom finds out you're awake I hear she wants to read you the riot act I think Kevin and Kalindra want to do the same after they get the new girl settled."  

"Why do I hear a sense of worry and concern for me in your voice little Mina?"  Albert teased 

"Don't get used to it Franco or I may consider speed dialing mom to watch the show." She teased holding up her iPhone only for them both to hear the laughter of the very woman in question before a portal appeared and the succubus queen herself stepped out of it from what Albert could see it looked like she was connected to her offices in Wrath Consolidated in Angel Falls. He also noticed that she was carrying two bags.   

"Don't bother teasing him Mina the nurse told me about him being up earlier." Angelique said before looking to her with a smile before handing her one of the bags  "Now Mina why don't you be a dear and go inside and use the bathroom to freshen up, please. While a certain vampire queen swears by those bloodbaths of hers being are good for the skin you don't really need them just yet." she said in a warm but neutral voice that told both Albert and Mina she was still pissed off.

"Yes of course mommy right away." the white wearing ginger said before running into the bathroom.

Now Albert was left alone with Angelique Wrath who looked very upset who now sat in Mina's chair before eating a piece of turkey bacon before taking a deep breath to speak. 

"Now, Albert, I hope you know how dreadfully troublesome your recent actions with Mighty Mom has upset me after I heard about them but lets be honest with ourselves it's exactly how Venom made an asset out of you the first time however unlike them the 9th circle is quite different in fact we restored your youth and gave you those powers we hoped would allow you to infiltrate the Protectors or the new Incarnation of the UN Overwatch but did you play along with that plan... Fuck no! you had to let your ego and dick be your undoing. So against my better judgment, we let things play out to see how far you would go and I must say your actions disappointed me greatly." Angelique said as Albert quickly noticed the weather in Honolulu reacting to her mood of the Succubus Queen as she spoke.

"You revealed yourself your daughter who you could have called to have mind wiped and let her go to Mighty Mom who I'll admit almost became putty in your hands due to that pink metronite but you were out in the open and made yourself a fucking target for Venom's missing founder and king before my people in Morgan Tech could copy the data for project Ruby-Heart to mass produce into combat cyborgs to deal with him and those like him should he get his codex back!" She said before Albert found out he was trapped in the chair due to Angelique's shadow trapping him in his as it held him down before sitting on his lap and straddling him.

"Now this would be the moment a foolish young succubus would have fucked you to death and drag your soul to hell to be feasted upon by lesser demons for all eternity. However, luck favors in your benefit so be grateful I believe in the creed of being one who doesn't waste time teaching dead men. So would mind telling me how do we could fix this problem of yours before it becomes beyond your understanding and control... hmm?" she said while tendrils of shadow rose from beneath his own shadow and entered his robes and were licking at his flesh.  

"Well, I did offer your husband a solution that would help keep me in line," Albert said before feeling the tendrils dig into his skin before she stopped and smiled as she looked at him annoyed.  

"Oh you mean about the idea of resurrecting your wife Francine well normally I would have told you no, but after what just occurred to get you in that bed I'm starting to reconsider the idea since bringing her back could bring your daughter in line too but lets be honest we should have expected you to fuck up somewhere," she said before getting up and walking over to him to and sitting on his lap. "So I'm going to grant your wish, However, if you even think about getting into Mighty Mom's skirt again it won't be me or your daughter who will punish you for your stupidity it will be your wife job and trust me I'll make it stick." She said with a smile that promised pain "Now that we've dealt with that ugly business we still need to conclude this talk with giving you a first-hand reminder not to think with your little Albert on matter that requires discretion and sound judgment." she said before putting a rune on his neck before saying in Demonic language "<Rune of Pain>

In the Thoth Facility's hallways and in the bathroom where Mina currently taking a shower, and perhaps by those with superhuman hearing the sounds of Albert Franco's inhuman screams could be heard before she made a note to call Lucy later to inform her of the situation about Franco's thinking with his dick again.


Back in the hospital room

Angelique carried Albert from the balcony and placed him back on his bed before he whispered something in his ear...

"Now Albert I hope we have an understanding about how your actions affect the organization, so no more independent actions without the approval from myself or a board member are we clear about that my little black rook," Angelique warned

"Yes...L... Lady Angelique... I'll obey... no thinking with my dick anymore and I'll follow the Rule of Iron!" He said with a pained labored voice.   

"Good and in the future try please try to be a little more discreet about who you chose as your play dates."

"Don... Don't worry I'll leave Mighty Mom alone."

"Oh no dear we already cleared that up I'm talking about Mina I know she fancies you for a little one night stand keep but keep in mind that Kevin and Kalindra may decide to rip off what defines you as a man if you break her heart...consider yourself warned" she said before opening a portal leading back to her office and walked through it. 

He was happy that she was gone and would hope that Kalindra and Kevin wouldn't visit him here.

He spoke too soon because as soon as he thought about those two showing up both Kevin Wrath and Kalindra D'kahn stepped into the room and the look on the Dragnov Queen's face told him she wanted to repeat the process of putting him through boot camp again... badly! 

The look on Kevin's face however just told him he would be looking forward to saying the words "I told you so!" when Kalindra was done.

At least the smell of beef wellington he knew Kevin made told him he would at least have a good last meal before Kalindra begins showing him hell again.  

A/N: Moral of this story Angelique will tolerate a person's arrogance and incompetence to a point but she also knows that a lesson need to be learned when one is alive so Albert got off light

However with Kalindra and Kevin not so much...  

Credit where credit is due 

Angelique Wrath, Dr Cordi Redeel, Keven Wrath/Regent, Mina Dochev the White Princess, Belong to :iconkmon13:

Kalindra D'kahn /Dark Blitzen Belongs to :iconknight3000:

Francine Rosa Franco, Albert Franco, Zezia  Lorraine Adams /Alpha Mom masquerading as Mighty Mom, Susanna Franco/ Sailor Girl, King Rez, and Venom belongs to :iconjgalley0:  
AF 9th circle oneshot : Setting the Ground Rules
After Albert Franco's actions with Venom's hidden King Rez in :iconjgalley0:'s  Mighty Mom and Alpha Girl # 45 Sex Lies and Metronite  
Angelique decides to teach the new subordinate within the organization how long she tolerates someone's incompetence. 

Note- I've been going back over my old works to look over mistakes and correct them. 


Kmon13's Profile Picture
Keith Montague
Artist | Student | Other
United States
I'm an art student who currently is attending Community college....
8 Facts about Angelique Wrath

Tagged by:
:iconknight3000: close friend and one of the reasons I joined the falls 

Requested Character:
Angelique Wrath, Succubus Queen of Earth , Heir to the House of Dis*

1. Post the Rules
2. Post 8 facts about your requested charter
3.Tag 8 Other characters
4. Post their names with their creators avatars

8 Angelique Wrath:

1. Angelique Wrath gets her love of flan from her meeting with a young teen girl who wanted to use her power to gain revenge would after schooling and training she would later become the criminal mastermind now Governor Elect Marcela Rosa Sanchez- Wonderboy.  and with her help even bought the company that produced it to get free samples delivered to her home.

(Note: Tampering with either the company holdings or the shipment going to my home is a death sentience. - Angelique Wrath )

2. While some would have expected a succubus to be an evil stepmother type of mother to Ian when she finally married Darius type the Succubus Queen was anything but cruel him she protected him from a summoning of a succubus noble who was about to feel on him only to have her wings ripped off and sent to her private realm to torment. In fact she always had a soft spot for children due the fact she's lived so long. During that time he adopted a few children over the centuries (Kyodai during Japan's Waring states period, Marcela Rosa Sanchez in time unknown, Ian St George, Mina Dochev at age 10 etc. ) until she finally had loves all her children equally and even sabotaged the planed duel between her son Kevin and her stepson Ian St. George by convincing him see the world by joining the military.

(Note: My husband Darius was still ruining circles around the super heroes and didn't want rivals, suck-ups or adversaries trying to use him as leverage and respected his wishes because both me and Platina St. George his Ex-wife supported his choice. 
I also should mention love my daughter Courtney Jenkins and Stepson Quinn Vazia just as much who while is my friend's son he's still family even his mother Loraine too. - Angelique Wrath) 

3. Angelique has a rivalry with nameless hellords for her sex alone she as a deep seeded hatred toward superheroes or villains who get in her children's affairs and loves making them learn how vulnerable they are by letting them live.

(Note: However I might have to change that policy in the case of Ms Blitzen and Wildchilde but Kalindra and my son will deal with them their way. -Angelique Wrath)  

4. Angelique has been killed nameless over the centuries by various means only to resurrect even stronger either....

- As a stillborn child who suddenly regains life and will only to gain her full memories after reaching 19.

- loosing her virginity only to feed upon the partner if it was non-consensual 

(Note: middle ages was a rough time for a women especially when the phrase  'no means no' wasn't thought of yet but it meant free meals for my kind - Angelique Wrath )

- By finding a piece of her last body to summon her.  

(Note: While that fact is true I've learned about a wonderful thing called cloning which some hell lords and nobles look down on which is good for me since I don't have to wait long to resurrect anymore or worry about idiots like Hitler and his thule pricks looking for my remains in order to to subjugate me into his service as a replacement for a 
porcelain masked idiot who would rather play dork god in his realm than take the time out of his day to make his child happy and bring her into the family business  Yes Xeranad I mean you, but don't worry I plan to have a nice chat with her real soon!  - Angelique Wrath) 

5. While she has an open relationship with Darius Wrath she tries to remain fateful but she has a weakness for young men and women loves making them ripe for corruption by turning them into ether an incubus or succubus who work in her summer homes as butlers and maids if they aren't part of her private army or offices as office worker and secretaries.  (Note: Okay Kmon13 it's true I like cute guys who are looked down on for their intelligence or kind nature only because it easy to corrupt them and making them into my personal servants -Angelique Wrath) 

6. Angelique love corrupting superheroes especially heroines into committing acts of sin which make them ripe for her to turn into her reluctant servants which Amazon Arsenal (Vara Ismene)  and Lady Vigilance (Justine Lynch-Morgan) got to learn personally.
(Note: Vara was easy to corrupt as was Justine and they looked so cute in those french maid uniforms I made them wear in service to my son as personal assistants but I had to return them because of one of my hires made it part of her contract.- Angelique Wrath)

7. While being a middle child she had a close relasionship with two sisters one being her older sister Kara and younger sister Beatrix and while one is neutral and aids heroes which angers Angelique to no end her relationship with her younger sibling is even more fractured because she was caught with Darius in the Shower which led half New York loft being desimated.  (Note: Hey the bitch angered me... Darrius is my man you little Whore find your own!  -Angelique Wrath)
(Said the person who is plotting on seducing Matthias Geist and Novastar big sister? - Beatrix Wrath) 

8. While Angelique is a Succubus she very business and political minded but refused to support either party during the last presidential election since both have been investagating 9th Circle affairs and Kalindra's country Dragnov with different interest  .  (Note: I'll give our new president a wait and see approach... for now! and sadly Hillary's little book wasn't to my liking. - Angelique Wrath ) 

I tag:

:iconthecometray:  Dr. Meteor /Dark Starflame

:iconknight3000:  Bluetide

:iconxeranad: Elizabeth Bathory 
Plus Angelique will be visiting the Dark lord very soon. 

:iconbelrhaza4017: Matthias Geist

:iconmaragrizx: Kimberly /UltraFemme

:icondistractthemonster:  Greta Koch

:iconjgalley0: Alpha Mom 

Now it`s not mandatory to do this. This is for fun. If you want to do it or not is up to you.

((Note: Before anyone ask what is Dis? *In "The Inferno", Dante and Virgil arrive at the gates of the City of Dis after crossing the fifth circle. The walls of the city encompassed the sixth circle of Hell, and all other circles then below. The gates are guarded by Fallen Angels, the Furies and Medusa who threaten Dante, who is protected by Virgil.

In the Angel Falls version is run by Angelique's mother who is the mother of all succubae. As for Kara and Beatrix and various other children you may end up seeing them show up in the falls in the near future in one shots.))

By the way I'll be back online full time very soon.



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