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Ghost Girl

creepy :]
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1987x1586px 875.22 KB
Shutter Speed
10/500 second
Focal Length
11 mm
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Date Taken
Oct 22, 2011, 2:22:47 PM
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Gd Work Keep it UP!!!!!!!!!
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Man I love this shot!
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I'm glad you love it. Can you explain why?
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Sure. :) You have no idea how much I like to talk photography, but not everyone appreciates opinions and I don't have time to put them on every picture, so I welcome the invitation to explain!

OK, soooo...

The black and white. I like how it is handled here. High black point. Cranked up contrast. But things aren't all dreamy and foggy, you keep the definition, which I personally dig. I hate when people drown everything in soft focus and strangled definition. You shot this at 800 ISO, so I'm guessing it was overcast or something, and you managed to pull good detail, each of those leaves leading up to your girl weaves a complex base. At the same time you still get that overcast feeling, so you didn't have the ISO cranked too hight for that mix of Aperture and Shutter Speed. Nice balance on your triangle.

The pumpkins, love the little details. I like that you shot it at f/4.5, leaving an adequate depth of field, I get to enjoy the details of the bridge leading up to our focus and yet the DOF starts to dip at that dark tree, forming a nice backdrop that doesn't pull the eye past the model.

I like your choice to brighten the center and let the outer area of the photograph gradually fall away in in a nice, border-forming vignette with maybe a little bokeh thrown in there too. Looks to me like an effect I'd grab from Silver Efex Pro 2, one of my fave plugins to Aperture. I often use dark vignettes in my photos because I like the affect and they are good for providing focus.

The lines of the bridge walls place the vanishing point behind the subject, which does well to lead the eye smoothly over the leaves and come to rest on your focus.

Speaking of your focus, the ghost girl. She is genuinely frightening. A lot of times shots like this come off as kinda hokey because people don't use shadow to only reveal enough detail but not too much. I can't see her mouth or her eyes, you've taken away the most human, emotive aspects of the face, leaving only a hollow brow and the shine hint of a now. Long hair. Frightening. Mostly concealed hands. Feet formally held together tight. Its that kind of ghostly formality that can lend a etherial edge to a piece like this.

That's pretty much what I saw the first time I looked at this.

Upon second viewing I saw a few things I might change.

In the block of shadow behind the viewer's right wall of the bridge, I'd take the stamp tool or whatever you use for blemish removal and take out those highlights on the leaves, leaving a complete dark, deep, ominous shadow that then gradually leads into the gray leaves above. Just the ones that are uncharacteristically glowing in the middle of the shadow. See I know what is there, but if those were stamped out, I wouldn't. It'd just be darkness. Then I'd wonder what was there.

In fact I might go into many of the deeper shadows like that of the tree and maybe the grey background grass and take out any highlights that shine too bright. Just to see how it looks. Just do this on a practice layer first and make sure it looks good or whatever, don't alter the original until you know it jives, as I really dig the original. These are just a few little things I noticed.

That's all I could think of at the moment. I might look at it again and see if anything comes to me later! Thanks for talking shop with me! :)
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O.O real ghost or wha?
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Theater in the open actually. It's an actor for a haunted walk in NH
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i once saw that girl! in my house! she was in a window, then when i went up, there was nobody there. how did you get a picture of her?!

-check out my page if you wanna see some really cool background art :headbang:
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