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I just enjoy drawing, and don't have a particular goal in mind other than creating new characters and getting them out in front of the world to be seen (even if not very many people see them). I keep thinking I want to move toward a "comic con" type of style, but I'm not sure that's actually happening.

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Thank you, as always! I really appreciate how you always let me know what works especially well for you. I've had this pose in my folder for a long while, and I have no idea why I never used it before now...but I'm kind of glad I didn't because I think it really adds something to a rather neutral color scheme. I feel like outfits are always a gamble for me, given how little fashion sense I have.

All that said, I hope you're feeling better! If nothing else, hopefully things are on the mend in time for the holidays....

Demon Girl Mel

Thank you for the encouragement :-) It's just a matter of me dedicating the time to it -- it'd take weeks if not a month or more. But we'll see... the idea is always lingering in my backbrain.

Demon Girl Mel

Thank you! I actually have kicked around the idea a bit -- I started a drawing of a group of them in a Vanity Fair/formalwear style setup a year or two ago, but never got around to finishing it (I think it was a little stiff, and beyond my skills at the time). I may try something a little more casual with a few of them at some point -- it could be fun.

Demon Girl Mel
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Beautiful work!

Arcane Jinx

This is fantastic -- in the thumbnail I knew I knew this guy from somewhere, but couldn't place him until I read your description. But once I did, there was no doubt you absolutely nailed his likeness. Gorgeous work!

Claes Bang