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On February 28th, my new graphic novel- Mega Awesome Notebook hits the stores!

You can get it online here!




Barnes and Noble
It's been a long, long while but it's time to share some new stuff! JakeMinor09 and I released a new children's book- A Day in the life of Peanut and Bosco. It's the story of a girl with a larger than life imagination, and all of her adventures with her puppy pal. Check it out! It is currently up on Schiffer Publishing's Website and on Amazon
C2E2 in Chicago is next weekend. Come check me out at table T7!
Hey! Come check me out this weekend Friday-Sunday at Wizard World Cleveland! Booth 252
So we have teamed up with Source Point Press and No Rest For the Wicked is coming out as a trade! Four issues- 1 awesome book. You can get all four issues now (or at least soon) digitally on… (this one on drive thru comics is FREE!)… and

Go to or for more info!
Get ready for a whole bunch of updates coming to my DA Page Soon!
I finally broke down and joined Twitter. Follow me a @kminor58 if you want follow my super insightful, awesome tweets. Good time waster.

Hey, my web comic- No Rest for the Wicked- is wrapping up part one this week. Check it out at or if you're feeling lazy/patient I'll update my gallery soon with all of part 1. Part two coming soon!

Leaving early Thursday morning for SDCC. Always a great weekend and so much cool stuff to see. Taking my portfolio (of course) and some projects that we have been working on- No Rest For the Wicked, Stoopid Stuf and other things we've been working on. Looking forward to it. Wish me luck.

So I've been a busy little bee as of late. Just finished the cover for Sheena #2 and #3 (which I will post on here sometime soon), Just finished two prints for Motor City Comic Con which I am posting on here today (Spider-Man vs. Venom and No Rest For the Wicked) in the gallery, and I released a book of the first collection of Stoopid Stuf which is available on and you can check it out by clicking here. I'll be at Motor City the 16th-18th and Cherry Capitol Con the 23rd through the 25th.

Thanks for stopping by!
So, I started this a while ago, but Bruce Gerlach and I created a web comic strip called Stoopid Stuf. It's basically a one panel random goofy cartoon where we just poke fun at things or do a totally off the wall joke. You can check it out at or if you're patient/lazy- I'll be making a Stoopid Stuf Gallery folder here on my deviant art page. I'll also be making a No Rest For the Wicked (that's my other webcomic- folder in my Gallery. Later!

We just launched a new web-comic today called No Rest for the Wicked. Go to right now to check it out. You're awesome if you do... just saying.

P.S. I'll update this site soon with some No Rest For the Wicked stuff too.
Heya folks! Just getting ready for Detroit Fanfare next weekend. Put a new pin-up on here of Hulk vs. Wolverine so check that out if you are bored. Also stay tuned because I'll have a couple of big announcements over the next week.

Hey, if you're bored and reading journal entries, you should check out the new and improved Universe M website- - Enjoy!
Howdy folks! Just letting you know that the new con season is upon us and that means new stuff from Universe-M. We're putting out some new prints and working on some other cool stuff. It has been too long since I posted anything new so hold onto your hat because I'll be adding things incrementally over the next few weeks- enjoy!
Heya kids, thanks for stopping by my page. I'm excited to be adding a ton of new stuff to my gallery. I was kind of hand-cuffed for a while because I worked on a number of projects in a row where I wasn't really able to post stuff at that time but I am now so I'll be updating with new stuff on a pretty regular basis for a good while so... keep an eye on my page and hopefully you'll find something I post and think to yourself "Hmm... I guess that doesn't suck." :P

See ya later!
So I feel a little silly doing them since I don't really have anyone I'm not going to do them until more people follow. Then I might start. Until then enjoy any art I put up and comment if you like because I won't stop posting that stuff anytime soon. Come check out the blog on Universe-m and galleries at or like us (Universe-M)on facebook for updates. Til Then- Thanks for stopping by.
Just got back from C2E2. Fun show. Great People. I love walking through artist's alley and seeing all the magnificent work- its really humbling and inspiring to see how many talented artist are out there. Still updating the gallery with stuff every few days.
I'm always adding new stuff to the page so keep checking back. That is if anyone is reading this... If you're reading this just don't leave any comments or respond in any way....  WOW this thing is really taking off!
I am really excited to be on DA. There is so much content and too little time. I'll be updating my stuff ASAP. Can't wait.