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i dream of happier days
before the cell phone
her now-constant companion
before computers, iPods
before she cared
about how she looks
about fitting in

back when a night light
kept bad dreams away
back when i
was a comfort
when she cried
she'd hold me tight
her soft hands
stroking my velvet nose

i was her closest friend
now i watch
her go through life
she's outgrown me
technology taking
my place
friends and fashion
boyfriends and drama

i yearn for days of old
tea parties
sleepovers - she wasn't ashamed
to bring me then

days of fairy tales
not werewolves and vampires
an innocent
true love's kiss
fiery, passionate romance

when i was her best friend
before the shelf
eyes filled with love
before she abandoned me
no, not abandoned
before she forgot
strictly copyright Kymberly L.

a prompt for creative writing today....

The prompt was to take an inanimate object and write about what it dreams of... based off of this poem:

Mitten Dreams by Siv Cedering

In the summer
we sleep
in the attic,
dreaming the mothballs
into snowballs,

dreaming the air cold
so your hands will want to hide
inside the soft white clouds
of mittens,
that would make your hands

like paws of snow
leopards, paws of white
tigers, paws of polar
© 2012 - 2022 kmills95
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