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INKtober2017.Day10 : Ciri by Kme INKtober2017.Day10 : Ciri by Kme

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Inktober 2017
Theme : Characters from Video Games.
Day 10 : Ciri
The Witcher III, CD Projekt RED

A5 size.
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JacobBakk Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019
Superb. You made her look positively steaming
Schlemper-cado0 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2017
Very beautiful your art
Ururuty Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017
cool work
DannyAndYoko Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017
She's looking good ^^

Though she could use some colour XD
kyg Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017
Wow, this is really nice, and you didn't forget her freckles like so many others! :)

Have you ever considered her and Cerys? I think they'd be perfect for each other, Sparrowhawk and Swallow :)
ImhourAs Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017  Student Interface Designer
No, they are not. What a stupid idea, spammed across each Ciri art...
ImhourAs Featured By Owner Edited Oct 11, 2017  Student Interface Designer
No, you are spamming artists with stupid shipping, which not even in game in any way. It is impossible to read comments of arts without seeing really stupid comments for a long time (like a month at least), which is bad.

I think they are not well-suited in objective way, because Ciri is an Empress of Nilfgaard Empire. She serves the Empire and humanity, so her husband will be a noble man like Morvran Voorhis, and not complete non-related character which serves just your fetish and have no sense to the plot.

Cerys is nonsence at all btw. Hjalmar is Skellige king.
kyg Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017
Yes, because they draw Ciri so beautifully and I wonder if they'd ever considered the idea.

How are they not perfect for each other? Childhood friends, both strong, determined, compassionate, warrior women. Both denied the fates others would have for them. Ciri is attracted to girls, Cerys shows little regard for men, her Queensguard is comprised of women. Hell, their nicknames are Sparrowhawk and Swallow.

In no objective way could you say they are not well-suited. Whatever your problem is, take it somewhere else. Your acting like a stalker, harrasing me over multiple accounts.
VolcanoNinja Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just when I have calmed down to a more socially accepted level of excitement for the upcoming Witcher tv show, I see a piece like this and it makes me wanna pursue the Wild Hunt all over again!  Love it! :D
angelasancar Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Great!! Very well done and amazing style!
kiichigoShiro Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing ❤️
Will-Reierson Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017   Writer
You've done such an awesome job at capturing Ceri's likeness. Really awesome!!!
Farisato Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017   Digital Artist
Beautiful work!
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October 10, 2017
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