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Szinthrae Everhund of House Ouss'rahel



This is Szinthrae, my drow spell-dancer in his younger days, dancing in the court of House Ouss'rahel. A harem member, later harem master and eventual patron of House Ouss'rahel, Szinthrae held, for a time, the revered position of his Matron's favorite dancer. He therefore often performed during large and lavish events where House Ouss'rahel would invite other Houses to attend, either to make threats or allegiances or in some cases, both.

Finally! After two years and one month of working on and off on this thing, chipping away at it whenever I got the chance, I think the line art is finished! :faint: Apparently, I created the file on 5/31/11! :laughing: And yet I still have the grand illusion that I will one day finish it in color as well!
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Ooo! Lovely!! <3 I *love* when you draw flowy material, and dancing movements! <3 It looks amazing!! <3