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Jade Dragon Book 2 Chapter 5 Pg 23
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This manga reads from Left to Right by syo-senpai

Friday upload! Enjoy :D 
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Jade Dragon 
Manga (art and writing) by: Katelyn M. (dragonlover687/kmccaigue)
Manga type: Fantasy/Action/Romance


Critiques will be read and considered but may not be replied to.

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Comments (5)
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Wow okay I know I keep hoping for bad things to happen but are we really supposed to believe this thing rammed him like a goat with the actual intention of stabbing him? That's like attaching a blade to the top side of your wrist with it facing you and then turning your wrist down to stab someone and expecting not to break your wrist
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kmccaigue's avatar
kmccaigue|Professional Digital Artist
Well no that's not how horns work and how ramming animals work.  They ram their heads forward and pull their heads up. Here is a good example goo.gl/5lTi8M
Even if the beast didn't think about 'yeah I am gonna use my horns to stab this guy', if the hell hound just head butted something, the horns would stab, scrape, or jab something especially a fleshy human.  
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qorter's avatar
Yeah but in the example case of goats their horns are used for ramming, not puncturing (which yeah it happens) but in the case of the hellhound ramming Akira it's more likely the horns would catch on his clothes (which are loose) when the hound pulls back than run Akira straight through his back. Plus the hellhound changed size. Before (like when the one pinned kaida before she transformed) their heads were about the size of a horse's head (which is roughly the length of our torso). This hound has a head that's more the size of a large dog. Yes the impact from being head butted in the stomach is gonna knock Akira back but that's just it. It'll knock Akira back. Not stab him. I think you're trying to do much within this fight when it's the first time we've even seen the hell hounds. The alpha was introduced then killed just a few pages later and now this hound is giving Akira a hell of a lot more trouble than the one that was twice as big. Kaida is probably just gonna flip her shit (again) and get more magic (again) and then smite this hound like a fly then freak out about Akira only for old man to show up like "oh no you've got powers and he's hurt and you're gonna have to be put to sleep cause you're losing control sorry kaida kthxbai"
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kmccaigue|Professional Digital Artist
Hey listen I know you are trying to give constructive critiquing but I am just writing and making this story the way I want it. Picking apart every little detail is getting kinda ridiculous and it is no longer really being helpful...this is my vision and it has been planned and thought out. I'm making a comic that I enjoy creating and that my general audience is enjoying. It seems everything you have been commenting on has been negative and not constructive. Please refrain from your negative comments from here on out.
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