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After Training

By Kman-Studio
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=== Title ===
After Training

=== Description ===
Fan art of Keith and Natani of the awesome webcomic 'Twokinds' by :icontwokinds:

They are my favorite pair in the comic and I wanted to put them in a bit of a naughty position, so a wet after training de-clothing session seemed to fit the bill.
Sorry Tom, mind was lingering again it seems... XD

'Twokinds' and all related characters belong to Tom Fischbach

~ JK

===Tools Used===

===Art Notes===
This was my first venture into fully trying out digital blending. Using a tutorial, I used CorelPAINTER for my blending needs, and have so ever since. For some reason, I prefer CorelPAINTER's blending tools over those of other programs.
The colors were a combination of using the dropper tool on the actual hues of the webcomic characters and custom choosing various shades of their base colors to get the lighting right.
The water effect was actually suppose to be sweat, but was changed later to water for two reasons. #1: Knowing how animals actually sweat made the effect of sweat on their fur seem odd and #2: I actually loved adding the water effect so much, I eventually overdid it.
The lower section of the illustration actually had some nice contrasts and lighting, but after I added the foreground mist, they softened up and disappeared mostly. Pity, but alas, sometimes you have to make sacrifices in art.
Even though this was a very educational piece in term of using blending tools, if was also a fun piece to do, as I remember not being able to put it down once I started.
Good times...
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Confused. I like.
Porgarmy's avatar
Porgarmy's avatar
His face tho🤨
HEYLLER's avatar
AnonStoner420's avatar
love it but im not gonna lie, keith's face looks like he smells something bad lmao but other than that really damn good
NaTaBRu's avatar
Wet dog smell.
SenileSun's avatar
Very nice work here
RobotMeiser's avatar
Huh.....this is pretty nice..... *sees Keith's face* OH dear god! Begone Demon!

((but other than that, pretty well if i do say so myself...))
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ugh god, umm... not a fan xD
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Nice work !

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PinkiePyroPie's avatar
Keiths face.... @__@"
SheldonHolmes's avatar
"Training" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Yeah... Sure... (。≖‿≖)
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Damn good work sir cheers
SuperFlyDude123's avatar
This is a great piece of work, just one thing that bothers me ( I'm no artist so don't listen to me ) Keith's lips and mouth area is a little to defined. Other than that it's amazing.
SuperFlyDude123's avatar
Unless it's just some shadowing. 
GundamFan33's avatar
so fucking badass
CupcakeCarmen123's avatar
im not completely sure, but im pretty sure that keith isnt THAT ripped.
TheMetaKinght7's avatar
SHHHHHHHH!!!! Don't ruin the moment!PUKE 
CupcakeCarmen123's avatar
Okie fine *flies away from the magical rainbow-vomiting gnome*
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