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=== Title ===

20% More... Moist

=== Description ===

So yeah, Rainbow Dash got hold of a new book series.

If you want to know where she got it from, it was borrowed from Twilight (As she smugly puts it "I own all of them *squee*...")

Why she owns them I have no idea...

For those of you who don't know, "50 Shades of Hay" is a parody of "50 Shades of Gray", the uncomfortably... uhhh... "sensual" (yeah, let's go with that) series of books, that has gotten quite the popular reputation for being.... erm... "uncomfortably sensual".

There are things in this world that a pastel colored equine should never be subject to. :D

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" and all related characters, designs, themes and logos belong to Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:

~ JK

===Tools Used===

Traditional Pencils/Inks
Adobe Photoshop

===Art Notes===

Was partly using this comic as an excuse to try out some old art techniques and to refresh some photoshop and Cintiq use (It feels like I haven't touched those two in ages).
The linework started with rough sketches and planning on cartridge paper with a blue pencil and finished by inking via nib pen.
The inked version was then scanned, cleaned, touched up and CG'd in Photoshop and had its various graphic details added in CorelDRAW.
The background in the first panel is nothing more than a screenshot from the show with a minor effect over it (Was too lazy to do it myself XD).
All in all it was a fun little refresher course in some various styles/programs :)
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Yes, read a book with repetitive dialogue, poor writing, horrible and even chauvinistic male characters, a dim wit of a protagonist, and an abusive relationship that's played up as sexy where the male fucks women that remind him of his abusive and drug addicted birth mother (Oedipus complex much), all in a series where anal beads are stuck in the main characters vagina before she goes goes to a charity ball hosted by her partner's parents, a guy posting pictures of her in an art gallery without her permission, sexual assault by her partner and her boss, nepotism, pointless filler, poorly written and unsexy sex scenes, the male lead crashes a helicopter and doesn't even bother to tell his family or his finance that he's okay until he walks through the door and a dominate trying to control another person's life even though she never signed the BDSM contract, all of which are written by a woman that has no understanding in how BDSM, dominate and submissive relationships, or BDSM contracts work or that there is a difference between BDSM and the abusive relationship she portrays in her books works (there is literally a point where Anastasia says "Oh God, don't hit me."). Fuck E.L.James and these poorly written books for the smut that they are!!!