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Don't drink and dial.

Paint Tool SAI, and a little After Effects CS5 and Fireworks 8.

You might notice I designed a point of origin chevron for Equestria's gate-mirror (the lit one with the three circles, last panel). It's meant to represent the curious case of a sun and moon orbiting a planet (big circle), while always staying on opposite sides of said planet, so that they are never seen at the same time. Unless weird magic is involved.

Of course, Equestria might also be shaped like a space pancake, in which case disregard everything I said.

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My mom‘s favorite show Stargates
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Okay, this is really too funny!
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nope, i dont get the reference

seriously i dont get it
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I would pay good money to see this as an actual episode. Twilight biting the dust and Stargate Command having to pick up the pieces. We all know we want to see Jack O'Neil dealing with Technicolor ponys. With a P90.
It's not stargate. It's quantum mirror.
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Oh dear Luna.

No one makes enough references to this show in the pony fandom. But that's certainly what the mirror reminds me of. That or the Quantum mirror.
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Sometimes the Iris can be bad. Never go through gates with out testing first
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Chevron one encoded.
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"Space pancake," Lol. :P

Glad to see I wasn't the only one who was thinking of Stargate at least a little with the magic mirror. :D

I gotta ask now; how DID you make that vortex effect, because it's gorgeous! :O
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Late response pooh.

First I made some circles (by using 500 px simple circle brush and slightly smaller circle eraser) and scaled them and moved them around until they looked like "ribs" of a tunnel (this to get the perspective right, to be deleted at the end).

Then one background layer of blue, with a darker center and lighter exterior (these being done with a soft large semitransparent default brush). Add a couple of soft-semitransparent brush arcs, of various blueish hues, pressure and size dynamics, centered around the vortex center (for subtle color variations).

Then one layer of soft-semitransparent white strokes, pressure and size dynamics, drawn from the outside inward, so that their extensions meet at the center of the vortex. A couple really big ones, and a few smaller ones. With a semitransparent eraser, erase the part of this configuration that overlaps the center of the vortex, so that the white strokes fade out inwards.

Then another layer with a brush with bristles, semitransparent, pressure dynamics, not too many bristles, size 50-100 or something like that, extensions meeting at the center. Make them fade inwards like with the previous layer.

That's about it. If any strokes in the first and second layer have ends that are too sharp, soften them with the water tool.

For Twilight, it's just very light blue lineart with white shading. Shading I do with variously-sized soft brushes and a lot of water tool. The wave-line things coming off her are soft brush with some significantly smaller brush strokes on an edge of the previous strokes.
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Where did she end up? O_o
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She hit the iris of Earth's stargate.
It's a quantum mirror, not a stargate...
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The mirror clearly had a wormhole behind it in the movie.
A stargate leads to different points in space (and in rare cases time); the Quantum Mirror leads to alternate realities.

The mirror in EQG not only is called a mirror but also leads to an alternate reality; therefore, Quantum Mirror.
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Inform no one of this, and I will give you cookies.
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Someone isn't getting any cookies...
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Oops! General Hammond, we have a problem: a pink horse with a crown and a heart on her butt took control over stargate.
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