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The Average Reaction to the Return of the Flash

Met with open arms... er, forelegs.

I guess this also illustrates the temporal distance between me getting an idea and me implementing it. This being a less extreme case.

Paint Tool SAI, Fireworks 8 for putting the images together.

FIMFiction (sparse updates)

Huh, just noticed it's been exactly two years since my first deviation. Yay! :)

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Poor flash sentry. 
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I actually do not mind Flash, but the majority of the haters are just jealous that twilight got a boyfriend.
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This chain letter shit should have died back in 2012.
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I don't even know.

I don't wanna have nightmares.
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Lucky for him, the FlashLight is dead now. There's no more reason to hate him.

And while the offical ship may be gone, the fan shipping lives on :)

If only they had cared from the beginning, then maybe Flash could've at least been a good friend to Twilight.
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I haven't watched the episode in full yet, but I saw Flash Sentry's appearance, not that long ago (I'd already seen the reaction to it), and I have to say "Seriously bronies?  this is what you got so angry about?!"

I wasn't even sure if it was Flash, until he did that look towards Twilight that I had already seen pictured everywhere.  He was barely noticeable, and didn't affect anything. 

I know he's not a perfect character, and I can't really defend him, as I have never watched Equestria Girls, but I do think the hate towards him goes too far, especially as most of it seems to be from people who wanted to ship Twilight with somepony else (and if you do, then you still can - it's fanon, do what you want to do).  I can understand people being put off by him because he is poorly developed (a friend of mine has seen at least the first Equestria Girls movie, and he tells me that Flash was basically written as "the boyfriend", and little to nothing else, which is poor writing when creating a character - even if you create a character to be another character's boyfriend or girlfriend, they need to have something else to them), but when you realize how much the brony fandom devotes itself to creating personalities for ponies who, at the time, showed no personalities whatsoever (i.e. background ponies), then well... at least hate for him being underdeveloped is justified, but I like that some fans have at least tried to make him more of a character.
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Totally deserved. People who say they like brad I believe only do so simply because his mere existence pisses everyone else off (because really he has no actual qualities and if you say he does then you're lying, why? because the movies and show depict NOTHING to back you up.), making them no better then his haters. Resulting in a downward spiral of negativity and hate on all ends, but such is human nature.

Regardless of my actual feeling towards twilight, which is "meh she's main character pone", and  not much else. I do not enjoy ships being shoved down my throat via them being depicted in canon, as opposed to people enjoying them as a fan work elsewhere where I do not have to view it.
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Totally deserved, huh? The hateful fandom made him that way...
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Sorry. I know it's been two years since you wrote that comment, and I have nothing against your personal views on Flash Sentry. But I couldn't help it. 

Don't you find it just a little bit odd that the show writers had EVERY ample opportunity to make Flash's character less of a love interest and more as a well-rounded supporting character, and yet they chose not to?

When you've already presented someone as a love interest to Twilight in the first movie, you'd think of using him more often after that, right? They could've easily deviated away from that "love at first sight" idea and made his interest in Twilight based more on her challenging his ex-girlfriend Sunset and having Twilight save him at the end.

You're right that the movies and show since then has depicted nothing important about him, or had him do anything remotely useful. Making his presence a sad joke. But why is that?

I just have a really hard time believing the writers did all that on purpose, because they claimed they didn't know what to do with him. My only conclusion is that the bad reception he got from the fandom was just too much. That the fandom literally forced the writers to do nothing with him. That any attempt to make him remotely likeable would result in a horrible backlash.

Not even the people at IDW, who made the Friendship Forever issues, never touched upon the idea of making Flash likeable. They made an effort with Prince Blueblood, but Flash was never given a chance to shine.

I know this sounds crazy, but I just really can't shake the feeling that Flash's character as he was depicted then and currently now, is the direct result of all that fan hatred. If Flash was written as a one-dimensional and self-absorbed bully, it would make sense. Problem is, he's not. 

And as a result, his pony counterpart, who has literally done nothing bad or even had any visible interest in Twilight, suffers from the actions of his human counterpart.

To say that all that hatred was totally deserved, is basically saying that it's okay to bully someone you barely know just for having the gall to exist.
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Well they've basically repeated the problem anyway with brad 2 in legend of the Everfree, this time as even more of a gary stu. And they try to make Brad relevant again instead of just dropping all of it like in Friendship games, which remains the best EQG movie for that reason in my book.

His pony counterpart, while technically is a different brad, was still tied to the idea of brad in the first place.
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The fact that they even went through all that trouble to make Timber more likable than Flash only adds to the confusion. Timber is proof that writers have no problem writing good romance stories. Flash simply wasn't worth the effort.

And now by taking it all away, Flash has become less hated because he has nothing. At least the music video "Good Vibes" was kind enough to give him some dignity back...  
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Calling Brad 2 Likeable? you lost me, I hate him just as much as Brad 1. and I hate Brad 1 as much as ever. And wish both of them were removed from EQG altogether.
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I don't like him much either (mostly because he replaced Flash as Sci-Twi's "true" love interest). But the fandom had strangely no trouble embracing him.

Given how much media uproar Flash caused, Timber was oddly enough less despicable than Waifu Stealer Flash "Brad" Sentry (most probably because Sci-Twi wasn't "Princess Twilight") 
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It's sad that this is true.

I honestly detest this fandom.
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harsh but needed
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I feel bad for the guy. He's been nothing but wasted and mishandled potential since the start.
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Let's see:
Worst Character Development ever.
Worst Character Stereotype ever.
Terrible Design.
Waifu Stealer.
Shipping Shatterer.
Complete and Utter Moron/Jackass.

But a few reasons.
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