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Hush now

Haven't made a comic since last August January (derp). Hmm...

Flash 8 (and a little CS5 due to 8 derping up the shading on export), After Effects CS5 for the background, and Fireworks 8 for putting the panels together.

For those who can't read music: [link] and [link]
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What you did. I see it.
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hahahaa cool
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Hahaha... ah, this is great! :D
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Oh, give it a rest.
*dodges tomato*
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That's what she said.
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*throws watermelon*
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rhythmbox-client --play-pause
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Hmm, I've been meaning to learn Linux.
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Well the first step is to get a distro. I've been using Ubuntu Studio 12.10 for three months, and managed to only reinstall the system just once. Just don't try too hard to do stuffs while being superuser and it should work well without crashes. (Last time it broke, I was trying very hard to compile GTK+ from source, and managed to mess up the X Window System.)
Linux has bad support for Photoshop, PaintToolSAI and AfterEffect, but on the other hoof, it has GIMP, Inkscape, Openshot and Emacs.
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:rofl: Not nearly enough Tavi/Scratch music jokes. :D
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Bwahahahaha, lol xD
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