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After Discord turns Equestria into a white void, he must deal with Twilight's wrath. Which he finds to be a breeze.

Inspired by this scene.

NATG III Day 21: "Draw a pony burning out". Well, more like "getting extinguished".

Flash CS5, Fireworks 8 for image sequence to comic conversion.

Don't really like not changing the fire in the second panel, might do something about that later. Probably a lot later, knowing me.
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I think it would be funnier if he did blow wind, but only the flame got stronger, and stronger each time he blows until it was so large it like a raging sun.
"Mommy chaos," before Twilight attacks.
I mean we never seen that his own chaos work against the master of chaos, so it would be funny.
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:icontwilightsparkleplz: :iconsaysplz: Your breath stinks. :iconsaysendplz:
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"Whoa, did my hair go out?"
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:iconsilverspoonplz: "BLANK FLANK!!!" :icondiamondtiaraplz:
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fuck you, you haaaad to make The reference
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Wait, you're not the one who..... Oh SH!&%#  >.<"
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why did you say oh shit?
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It was gonna be refrenced eventually no matter what. And no, I'm NOT trying to antagonize you or saying your art sucks or anything.
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Good idea! I like this comic.
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What came to my mind the second I saw this comic:… :XD:
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Darn it, I was just about to quote that myself. :P
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That's actually what inspired this, I forgot to mention it.
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Ah, then I get why it was so spot on :D
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Haha! Great idea!
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Discord could totally do that :D
Ah hahaha! Yes, that's a perfectly Discordesque solution to his problem. Perfect number of frames for the setup, anticipation, and action/reaction. Good job!
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