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:iconpinkiepieplz:♫ Got it! 
:iconflutterbatplz: - HISSSSSS!

This was originally meant to have little or no shading. Something happened...

Also, did you know that Paint Tool SAI does not allow more than 256 layers? I was constantly reminded of this during the last stretch.

Paint Tool SAI.

Featured on Equestria Daliy in Drawfriend Stuff #1054 (number 4); also as a header image in Music of the Day #250.
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WOW Flutter shy looks evil as a Bat/Pony
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So that's why they looked so shocked after coming out of that cave!
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Flutterbat is back and thirsty for blood in the scariest cave ever.
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Flutterbat makes this "THE CUTEST CAVE IN EQUESTRIA"

Clapping Pony Icon - Pinkie Pie Clapping Pony Icon - Applejack Clapping Pony Icon - Fluttershy 

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I bet this wound up with shading because caves are shady!
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This had to happen eventually.
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so thats what was inside that cave....
wow 256 wonder how many photoshop allows
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8000, apparently, assuming you don't run out of system resources first.
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8000? Are you sure it's not 8192? That's the closest power of two, after all.
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There seem to be multiple sources agreeing with the 8000 value:

So I guess it's 8000, although I of course have never hit this number.
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Huh. Strange.

It always seems weird to me when I run across a limit in a program that isn't a power of two (like 256 or 65536) or one less than a power of two (like 127 or 32767).

This prompted me to see what my preferred program's layer limit was. Turns out Paint Shop Pro 7 has a limit of 100 layers. How arbitrary. Fortunately, I'm not about to hit it any time soon, given the most layers I've used in anything was around twenty.
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