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{ Author's Note: This never happened. All of this chapters are set on an Alternative Universe (AU). Everyone belongs to themselves except for Stacey, who belongs to me. }

- Dave's POV -
July, your warm and dry July.

People wearing T-Shirts, shirtless guys, people wearing shorts... And then there's Kurt, who stills wearing jackets. I wonder if he knows what is wearing a T-Shirt. Or being shirtless. Well, I'll let him wear whatever he wants. Even dresses.

This is our situation: We're searching somewhere to live. We have enough money to rent a floor. But... What floor?

I start thinking, and my mind stays blank 'till I hear Krist yelling. "Man, I found a floor! You'll like it!" He was pointing at a 4-floor flat, called "The Price Floors". I heard about them. They're not really expensive, so they could be a good place to live.

"Guys, I think we'll live there. Price Floors, here we go!"

[ Some hours after ]

- Kurt's POV -
After talking with the floor's president, which I don't know his name, finally we have somewere to live instead of going house by house like, hi, we're three typical guys and we have to sleep here. Thanks to Krist for finding the floor and to Davey to rent it for all of us.

2nd C is the one they had for us. It isn't neither small nor big, and seems comfortable. It's got a big living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a room which I don't know what it's doing here, but it could be my second room.

While Krist sleeps alone, I sleep with Dave. He's jealous at us because he thinks we're a couple and he has to sleep alone, but Dave's jealous at him because his bed is bigger than ours. Why should he be jealous? Krist is so huge I feel sorry for the door. The door is just 6' 5" and Krist is 6' 8". He deserved that bed.

Anyways, we've have a floor. We have somewhere to live.

I go to the other room and look for something interesting. And there was something interesting. There's a computer. A laptop one. No one of us knows how to use a computer. We don't know about technology. Then I find the computer's manual. I read it for 15 minutes 'till Dave calls. "Hey, I bought some food. Why don't we have some pasta for dinner?" I check the clock. 8:42PM, goddamn. We're really hungry, even I'm hungry.

We got to the kitchen.

- Dave's POV -
We're having dinner right now. Krist is eating like a beast, I'm eating like I never did before and Kurt is eating. But he's not barely eating like he always does. He's eating like he was really hungry. That's really strange. I don't remember Kurt being that hungry before.

"Any problems, couple?" asks Krist. "Dammit, we're having dinner, you shouldn't ask us about our problems", I reply. "So you're really a couple?" he asks again. "No, we just have a strong connection. That we sleep together doesn't mean that we're a couple", I reply. Kurt is just eating and looking at us discussing.

Grrr, we're not a couple! We just have a strong connection. But... I love Kurt. I haven't been able to tell him yet, and I don't think I'll be able to tell him. We'll be a couple someday... If I'm able to show him my feelings someday. By now, we'll just sleep together.

"Then why are we sleeping together?", asks Kurt. "Because Krist is so damn huge he needs his own bedroom", I reply. Krist looks at me like I said something weird. Then he starts laughing. "Why is he laughing?", I ask. "I don't know. We've been friends since I was 16 and he's always been that weird", replies Kurt. I didn't knew they knew each other 7 years before I met them. Shouldn't they have a stronger connection? Ugh, I'm hungry like hell. I better finish my pasta.

We finish our dinner and I start washing the dishes and everything. "Can I help you?", asks Kurt. "No thanks, I can do this alone" I reply. "Why don't you go to the living room and rest a little 'till I finish washing?" I ask him. "It sounds like a good idea", he replies. He goes to the living room and turns on the TV. Nothing interesting, just The Simpsons.

- Kurt's POV -
While Krist is having a shower, Dave is washing the dishes and I'm watching TV. What a weirdo. Having a shower at 9:58PM? I wouldn't do that, even if they pay me. I think is because it helps him relax when he goes to bed. I'll let him, because he's one of my best friends along Dave.

I keep watching TV when someone knocks. I go to the door and ask. "Who is?" "It's your neighbour, man. I heard you're new, so I came to tell you some stuff", she replies. I know it's a girl because of the voice. Krist asks who is and I reply it's a girl who came to present herself. He gets of the shower and comes at the door, half naked. He's just covering his chest. I can see all his, erm, things down there.

"Ok, I'll open the door", I say. I open the door and she looks at Krist with the weirdest face I never saw. "Tell your friend I can see his elephant saying hi", she says. Krist flees to his room and quickly changes to his pajamas. Dave finished washing the dishes and comes at the door. "Who is?", he asks. "Our neighbour", I reply. Krist comes back, really ashamed because our neighbour could see his elephant.

"My name is Stacey. I'm ya neighbour. Don't think about me like the classic girl 'cause I'm manlier than my roommate", she says. I think is our turn. "Well, I'm Dave Grohl. This blonde you see here is my best friend, Kurt Cobain, and this huge weirdo next to me is Krist Novoselic", Dave replies.

"Krist Novoselic? It sounds like one of that Russian names", she says. "I'm actualy half-Croatian", Krist replies. "And why did you call me weirdo? I'm not a weirdo!", he yells at Dave. He got angry with him. But that's normal. "I'm sorry. They're jealous of each other. I don't know why. Probably because Dave shares room with me". I start laughing. She stares awkwardly at them and says "at least they look normal roommates. Not like my roommate. He's strange.", she replies. "That was all I had to tell ya. If ya need something, just knock at 2nd A and I'll reply. Bye!". Stacey goes back to her door.

"Goddammit. This was all because of you, Dave! I found a girl I like and you had to call me a weirdo! Now she think's I'm a weirdo", Krist yells. Dave is just ignoring him. "Anyways, it's really late. We should sleep", he says. I check my clock. 11:28. Time flies.

- Dave's POV -
I'm in bed with my Kurt. Krist is snoring like nobody has done. So loud I can hear his breath.

It's really warm but I don't want to open the windows because mosquitos and moths would enter and have the party of their lives with our blood and clothes.

I'm tired of all of what happened today. I wrap my arm around Kurt's body and sleep.
Whoa, I'm writing a Nirvana fanfic.

This chapter is just like introduction. I wanted to make each one as how they would act on a floor. Krist acting like he is, a huge and awesome weirdo, Kurt being a little shy and Dave strongly in love with Kurt, but isn't able to tell him.

:iconkurtplz:, :iconkristplz: and :iconfreshpotsplz: (:icondavegrohlplz: belong to themselves.
Stacey belongs to me.
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