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Completely amateur, in it for the love not for any money. Currently mostly exploring the 'hero in peril' genre. Occasional fan art or rpg character sketches, and oddball things i find funny as well. Slime, tentacles, ancient traps and magical curses attacking handsome young men of different body types; how will they escape their peril? yes, i'm gay so i draw what i like to see. there might be ladies in some stuff in the future, but there's plenty of that on here already. There may be strong sexual themes, or implied acts via the composition but i will not draw explicit material or outright acts of murder. Since there is peril there will be situations where there is a clear power imbalance between subjects, but i do not endorse actual rape or sexual violence. these are works of fantasy to capture those moments in fiction where things ride on the edge; the grey area between danger and titilation, or thrills and chills. Be well, and be thrilled.

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What do you think of this concept for peril ideas? It's not just giant worms, but rather weird creepy crawlers with a would be queen to conquer the world and make everyone squirm :evillaugh:

pondering how i'm gonna compose something on this theme. brain slugs? big spinal centipedes? hmm

I can think of an example in the case of a massive pit of writhing worms looking something like these tentacles, their sickly milky white color with some splotches of other colors look a tad intestinal but can also appear to be icky worms too.

I like that idea, especially since its mine :p

Oh hey, hope you saw my original comment on that posted sept 1st, never saw a response so wasn't sure how active you've been :shrug:

Yeah I'm not really that active with school and covid going on and I wasnt sure if you wanted to do it. That music suggestion was creepy tho!

This guy's tutorials a really helpful in honing drawing techniques, plus there's a segment on slime monster drawing I also plan to utilize :D

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