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My Little Baphomet

I drew Baphomet as a pony. Because I can.
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Great art, but Still - if I see that thing IRL, I'm throwing a bucket of holy water on it, hold a Bible in front of it, make like JonTron and say "Outta this house!" Jontron STOP Jontron NOPE Chat emoticon  Never getting the Baphomet train No fella  ( Message ) 
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You know what will be genius? Baphomet Vs. Grogar. XD
I made a account just because i want to say that this is awesome.
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"You've proven to yourself and to all of us
That you're not fit to fly like a Pegasus
You don't even deserve those wings you bear
When you stand beside a legend, you don't even compare
All of the failures help to fuel success
In the bloody and visceral weather game of Chess
And just because you've disappointed you'll pay the price
Now accept your fate and die in the Pegasus Device"

Seriously I'd say if it wasn't for the fact that MLP is TV-Y I'd say he needed to be the next Antagonist.
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one minor nitpick...x3 the pentagram on his/her forehead is upside down. since baphomet is a pegan figure....but yeah >w< I love this so much. I would give this little baphomet all the cuddles....after derpy of course.
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I've always thought that Baphomet looked like a MLP antagonist. X3
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I'm not entirely sure how to respond to this... xD
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my lil' pony, my lil' pony...


bangs head while…
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I use to wonder what freedom could be
Until you shared your sacrifice with me
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If this was real I'd buy it because it's just that EPIC!!!!!!!!!!
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I LOVE THIS!!!! I drew Baphomet in church today people where looking at me strangely. But eh i usually draw what comes to mind.
I love this, you should draw more of Baphomet pony!! :3
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:noes: Satan and sacrilegious pwny! how dare u!:iconpentagramplz: this is insulting!
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Just wanna say something real quick that aint satan its baphomet god of all things :B
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Baphy Pony!!! :heart: Cute, and well done!
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Very interesting take on Baphomet here.
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hahahahahahahahah so cute
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