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So, I'm settled in my apartment now.

I was supposed to move on December 30th, but due to some things that were out of my hands, it was pushed to January 2nd. But other than my internet, everything carried out pretty smoothly. I've been trying to get internet set up since I got in, but there were also some complications with that, which should be solved tomorrow. I'm currently using Starbucks Wi-Fi to post this.

Everything here is great and really close-by. I'm walking distance from a strip of restaurants and services, a short drive away from downtown, and have access to good-priced gas right outside my apartment. I'm attempting to go back to college too, which is just a 7 minute drive away. My apartment is limited-access, with two gated areas for entry/exit which close whenever the office inside closes. There are two pools, two laundry areas, a gym, a clubhouse (in progress), areas for barbecue (also in progress, just an outdoor hangout area for now), and a lake in the center of everything (complete with fountains). I made mac and cheese for dinner and ate it by the lake actually.

And like the title says, thank you. Thank you all who donated money and bought from my Amazon wishlist. You made my move so incredibly easier on me, and I'm definitely not forgetting to acknowledge that. I'm so thankful for you all and very excited as to the content I will be able to produce and share with you. I've been working with the writer of Buoy-Friend and we have decided to renew the project. We know it flopped, mostly on my end, but I know I went about it the wrong way and didn't understand my circumstances then, nor did I know what kind of outcome I wanted with the project. It all seems sorted out now, and I'm glad. We've been wanting this story out for years now.

This will be the year I will get my life together and do what I want, which is creating. I'm looking forward to making more drawings, costumes, animations, and comic pages- and I hope you'll enjoy them. Happy 2018 everyone.
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1ore Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018
So happy to hear your settled. 2018 is off to a strong start and I hope it trends that way the whole way through for you!
Kaisid Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats man, I'm really glad for you! Enjoy your new home and life <3
TheyCallMeSage Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist

Good to hear that you made it, man :meow:
jaspering Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018
I'm so glad to hear that things are working out man! Your new place sounds fantastic.
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