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Ultimat Apex Predator (UAP) by KLSenko Ultimat Apex Predator (UAP) by KLSenko
This animal is a warmblooded mammal, retractable claws, webbed hindpaws, rutter like tail like a crocodile, long snout to cool air allowing long land chases, huge lungs, a springy spine allowing him to run like a cheetah long strides covering vast distances in short periods of time the intelligence of a fifth grader, aposable dew claws with claws long enough and sharp enough to pry open oysters and clams. He has camo for water hunting he can ambush prey, the first 8 teeth in his mouth are hooks like python the more you pull the deeper he bites, the bottom canines are spear teeth straight and needle sharp able to pierce deeply into flesh, the upper canines are kill teeth seraded able to slice jugular veins. The next set of 8 are rip and shread teeth able to tear bones clean from teeth, the last set of 4 are survival teeth able to crush and grind bone and plant material during harsh times when food is scarce. He has an echo chamber under his throat allowing for echolocation in murky water, his nostrils shut in water, he has a third eyelid protecting his eyes from dirt particals in water and in air. He has eyes 10x more sensitive to light than a cat he's able to see perfectly in darkness. At the tip of his head he is 6 ft tall and slightly social living in small packs of 4 or 5 with a large river or lake set territory. Beware the UAP
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March 25, 2012
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