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Keladry of Mindelan and Peach

By Klork
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Keladry of Mindelan with her horse, Peachblossom. From the Protector of the Small quartet by Tamora Pierce.


So this has, oddly, become one of my most viewed pieces. Guess..this is what happens when you do fanart. o_O

One question or comment I keep getting, however, is that Peachblossom doesn't look like a roan. It's been...over three years since I read the books, but I thought that Peach was a strawberry roan. At least, I know that I used a strawberry roan for reference when I drew this picture (I am no horse expert and rarely draw them).

[link] <--- that's the reference pic I used. Note the part of the horse that's dominantly white would not be shown in this picture. In the far left bottom corner of my drawing you'll see a gradual fade.

Also, old picture is old. Making things more contrasting when I did this picture seemed to only pertain to the freckles and I didn't quite do very well at emphasizing the white to Peach that she needed.

Hopefully that'll satisfy the horse critics.
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Could I please post this to Tumblr?
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So long as it's credited to me with a link back I don't have a problem with it.
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I absolutely love your picture of Kel!
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Gosh thank you for this, I'm reading "Lady Knight" right now and I just couldn't pin down my mental image; but I think you nailed it. Kel is supposed to have mouse brown hair and dreamy hazel eyes and yes, Peachblossom is a strawberry roan with red-brown socks. This is better than the cover to me. ^_^
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this is a great image of Kel!
Blackrose1323's avatar
Amazing depiction of Kel
I love this!
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I love this, so beautiful, but Peach blossom doesn't seem very roany. Other than that W.O.W.!
catrana200's avatar
She looks exactly as I saw her... Wow. Even Peachblossom looks how I thought he would. I almost believe he's about to reach out of the screen and bite me, lol! They just look so real...
Howl-Jenkins's avatar
Yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay and one more time for good measure Yay! :D

Have /All/ the pets, and a bad tempered horse ^__________^
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dkhmdmhtjyhdmhght SO AWESOME! <3
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she looks beautiful. i love the way peachblossom is looking at you
fastbikerchick1mc's avatar
Any way for you to tell us how you did the freckles?
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Er, I actually don't remember. O_O It's been a while since I did this piece and my methods are constantly changing. I'm guessing I used a special brush on a separate layer and used the burn/dodge tool a tad too much. >_>
fastbikerchick1mc's avatar
Thanks for the help. The last time I tried doing freckles in gimp I ended up just pixeling in small dots and it was annoying trying to get it alright.
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Cool! Great job on the "Dreamer's" long lashes! too cool. A few too many freckles maybe, ^.^ but great job!
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I saw the picture and loved it so I clicked on it to look closer. The freckles are a little out of control, but I still love it.

It shouldn't be called "common sense" it should be called "UN-common sense" due to its rarity
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this is book cover worthy art
animatedKitKat's avatar
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