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The original of ...I think three images I made for :iconaereana: so she could have an avatar to make. ;)

Update: Hey, people, please do me a favor and stop takin' this picture. I've found two different 'edits' of it around the web now with no credit given to me for the original. Really, if that badly you want to use something of mine to -edit- it to make something of your own 1: ASK, 2: if I say no RESPECT THAT, 3: If I say yes LINK to the ORIGINAL and GIVE ME CREDIT for it. Chances are I'll end up saying yes if you ask and if you post it on DA I'll favorite it and link to it!

Is that so hard? Good grief people.
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I am in love with the essence of this drawing! I would love your permission to use it on a mug on my Etsy Shop that would read, "Reading is my Superpower". I would like to use two versions of it - One with the cats and I would edit one to be without the cats. I would absolutely give you all credit! What do you think? Please? :-)
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As much as I am complimented by your enthusiasm for the piece, I'm afraid sharing it for icons, schoolwork, and websites and asking for credit for it in that arena is a bit different than giving credit when you want to use the drawing for profit.  I'm really not OK with any of my drawings being taken and put for sale on items without purchasing the initial drawing from me first.  This drawing has also already been purchased, as well, and the rights to it are shared between myself and the original buyer, so putting it for sale isn't an option--hence why this drawing isn't available for a print, either.  If you want something drawn specifically for your mugs, I am more than happy to do so, but I will be referring you to my commission pricing. :)  Thank you for asking, though, I really appreciate it.
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I don't believe it is fair to the artist to use her work to make yourself profit.  Nor do I think it is fair to use my image to do so.
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I really like this, I've always been partial to the silhouettes being done like this.
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This is a great image. And I agree with LeahNardo that you did a good job of capturing Jenn.
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D'aww, danke shun!
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I LOVE this pic! It is so Jenn!
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And I LOVES THEM! Using all three!
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