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My Bio
Between kids, husband, and art, I keep myself busy. I am a four time cancer survivor and barely over thirty. To make me even more strange, I'm also 6'2". Give me coffee, a good book or game, and my kids distracted and content and I'll be a happy camper. ;)

Favourite Visual Artist
Georgia O'Keefe, Stephen Gemmell, Brian Fraud...many others...
Favourite Movies
HP, TMNT, SW, LotR. Y'know. Movies you can make acronyms out of.
Favourite TV Shows
Ridiculously mind eating shows. Some good (Game of Thrones, Tudors, Camelot, Borgias, Suits, Ghost Hunters, Castle, Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a Time.) Others mindrot that I watch anyway (Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, Wipeout, Kitchen Nightmares.)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Peter Hollens, The Piano Guys, Lindsey Stirling. I might be on YouTube kick.
Favourite Books
Too many to narrow down...
Favourite Writers
JK Rowling, Tamora Pierce, Jennifer Cox, George R.R. Martin, Tolkien, and so many more...
Favourite Games
SW Battlefront (1 and 2), LotRO, DDO, WoW, Skyrim, and Old school Oregon Trail.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, PS2, DS, Wii, Original Nintendo and maybe an Atari for good measure.
Tools of the Trade
Watercolors, inks, and Photoshop.
Other Interests
Art, Music, Books, Life. (in no particular order)
I've come to the slow realization that going through chemo is going to be a very regular thing for me for a long time until either this lung cancer kills me or we find a treatment that works.  I've battled lung cancer (never smoked, thanks) three times so far, and this particular time around treatments so far aren't taking hold.  I refuse to quit living, so here we go! With this in mind I am going to TENTATIVELY open SOME commissions.  I won't lie, my energy is finicky at best.  I go through massive stages of fatigue and often times I feel like while I'm awake and working, my fingers and brain don't want to cooperate.  I won't be doing anyth
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Minor Hiatus

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A'right, so I won't be stopping my drawings, and I will be finishing the commissions that I have under my belt.  But, cancer seems to be rearing its' head for the 6th time now, and I'm going to be chin deep in clinical trials, immunotherapy, and just the craziness that life is in general.  I will continue to draw, as I said earlier, but it's going to be slow. (Haaa, like it isn't already. XD) If I clear myself of commissions, I might be willing to take on one more at a time, really just talk to me via message or other means if ya know them and we might work something out.  No promises, though! Over Leaf, Under Bone Chapter Illustrations (13
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Lazy Updates

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I think, at this point, I can decidedly be called lazy when it comes to updating my journal.  Last chemo was done back in September and I've been pretty crazy/busy since.  I am softly re-opening my commissions, as drawing too much has been starting to hurt my wrists as of late.  BUT, opening regardless. Over Leaf, Under Bone Chapter Illustrations (13 total) (2 of 13 done, Ch. 3 sketched) Mario & Fiance (Lineart done, coloring in progress...) Family Drawing for J. (Sketched, working on lineart) -- Character sheets for Breandan (Paused) ---> Commission Information!  (Slowly opening...)<---
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Hi, random stranger here. Just wanted to momentarily uncloak to share with you how meaningful your story (via your blog and here on DA) has been. I discovered your blog a little over a year ago when my wife began her own bout with cancer. Your ability to handle extraordinarily trying circumstances with grace and good humor has been an inspiration. 
....and on top of that, your art is amazing!!!

Best wishes,

Peter B
Aw, well thanks!  I've been terrible about keeping up the blog, though I've been meaning to.  I'm glad that I at least have enough on there that people can still find decent use out of it.  I've a few more things I really would like to add to it but time has been a hot commodity that I can't get enough of around here with everything going on, fluctuating energy levels and everything in the world that comes with kids to boot.  

Cancer is rough, no matter what stage or step of the way you are in it.  I'm glad I could help make one of the steps at least a little less rocky for you and your wife.  
(Also, thanks for the compliment on the art! :) )

Take care of yourself and your wife!
I don't know if you remember me from the Seraph Inn forums. I finally got caught up with my life (and my struggle with illness), so I went back through all the website I had accounts with. I found I was watching your DA, and I went through the art just now.

I empathize - back in July, I nearly bit the bullet myself, with a lung infection that left me bedridden and almost unable to breathe. I was active on Facebook since it was my only window to the world aside from the hospital one. It was touch and go when I didn't wake up one morning after fighting a cough for a month. I was dumb - I didn't do what I should have.

I'm glad you're still with us. Your art is great.
I do actually remember you!  I'm glad you got your lungs sorted out, they're kinda necessary to a rather annoying degree.  Hospital stays are rough, especially the longer you're there...they put a drain on you something terrible.  You're out in NE, right?  Things going ok in the world of corn and soy now, though, lung infections aside?
Nebraska is doing fine. Corn and soybeans are still growing. Well, they will be when winter is over.

The better part of the story is that I accepted a new job at a new company to be a manager and make more money.

I'm also picking up the UNKNOWN QUANTUM story from the forums, moving it to another medium and I plan on finishing it. I still have all my notes (I found them by accident just the other day), and so I shall continue. Agent Klork is not dead, and neither is the story (although it did pause on a great cliffhanger I noticed).
Woah Your work looks really cool and detailedF2U AVATAR | #722 Rowlet (shiny + blinking) 
God bless you and your loved ones.