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Cette année encore, j'ai participé au formidable recueil de bd MERURE et le produit final est vraiment trop merveilleux. Le lancement se fait au Bistro l'Étranger le 7 octobre. Soyez-y!

This year again, I took a part in the amazing MERURE comic collective. The launch is october 7th at Bistro l'Étranger. Be there!

EDIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Le Bistro l'Étranger n'étant plus, le lancement aura plutôt lieu le 22 octobre à...
Bistro l'Étranger being out of business, the launch will actually take place on october 22nd at...

Restaurant Le Grillon Inc
1950 Sainte-Catherine Est
Montreal, QC

événement facebook event:…
Epic video promo:
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I felt like writing this journal for a while and I figured I'd do that before not being on vacation anymore. So... yeah, I finished a bunch of stuff lately and I managed to have currently no deadline to meet, something that I've really been looking forward to. Of course, like everything once you've actually achieved it,  it's frustratingly not as magical as anticipated. Still magical though.

Anyway, the main point of this post is to share with you those things that I've been doing lately and I'm proud of.

1- 5th Dimension
Third time I mention it, but programming this game was my main occupation for the last year and half (if not two years) and it's volunteer work. You know, the kind of deal where you get paid once profits come in. The kind you should actually avoid like pest when the project isn't a small one with a realistic deadline. I actually thought it was realistic but nobody in the team had any clue that this would take over one year longer than expected. The end product is quite nice for a zero-budget game, though it turns out it's going to need some boost. The important part is that volunteering is over and the situation can only get better from here. Graphics of the game are the work of: :icona-l-x: :iconmathieu-archambault: and :iconsebbythefreak:

2- FLEX: training to be champions…
A small game contract I made for sumajin, a design company based in Singapore. I made everything in this, from game design to the music.
This is my first freelancer job that was fun to do AND gave a satisfying paycheck in the end. It was about time -_-

I participated to the second MERURE, a comic collective that's the brilliant iniative of :iconikaruga: and :iconesserawks: I think the web site isn't ready for visitors yet so... no link. However I can tell you that the content of this book will be truly awesome. I'm personnaly very happy with my pages =D

I actually sat down on my sofa without stress to enjoy a super awesome game. Niiiice. My only regret is that I've played half of the game while sleepy =/

5- I'VE PLAYED SPELUNKY !!!!!!!!!!
And while fetching that link I just learned the game is coming to XBLA in 2010 =D. Weeeeeeeee

And regarding what I am doing now...
I'm trying to get advantage of that break time by learning how to make "real" games (i.e. not based on flash or java). I had already started investigating this matter and I'm trying again but with a different engine. Goes pretty well yet, slowly but surely. More to come about this and related projects.

And I should really continue to upload animals on my super blog
If anyone checks that regularly, well I apologize for the weeks of silence. The animals that were already done are all uploaded now, so there's brand new stuff coming soon.

Also, I'd really need a website D:
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I'm done.

5th Dimension is now officially launched D:

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Bon ben... c'est ça qui est ça. Le jeu multijoueur en ligne sur lequel je bûche depuis trop longtemps à titre d'unique programmeur va entrer en mode "open beta" ce soir. Vers 7 pm. Ça sera pas prêt avant. Haha. Donc je vous invite à venir voir ça... C'est encore un peu brouillon, pis c'est clair qu'il y a des bugs un peu partout, mais le jeu en soi est pas mal le fun une fois passé la période d'adaptation (quand même pas siii dur que ça à apprendre). Pis au pire même si ça foire pour x raison, j'ai hâte de voir à quel point ça va être le chaos xD

Donc si ça vous intéresse de checker ça, faut vous inscrire là : , downloader le jeu, et vous logger dans le jeu avec votre super username. C'est complètement scientifique comme processus.



So the multiplayer game i'm single-handledly writing the code for is launching in open beta mode today. Around 7 pm. Won't be ready before that xD. It's still rough around the edges, but it's a pretty fun game once you get the hang of it. Which was the reason why I commited myself to that project in first place... Anyway, you'll need to register there:, download the game client, and log in the game with your username.

English blam!
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Hallo hallo,

Just an update on my super life occupation(s). I've been involved in a rather big independant game project (wrote the code), for a year and half now and it's finally coming to an end in the next few months. Which will be great. Meanwhile I may seem bitter about that, but that's mostly due to the fact that, being not a personnal project of mine, this was supposed to be done by March 2008 and hmmm well... I'm kinda... just... fed up now. Can't wait for the job to be behind me to see it all more clearly (and enjoy it). I'll give you more news of the game when the open beta is out!

What this also means, is that there will soon be a new feature in my life called "free time". Free time to work more, of course. On projects that have just been sitting there for too long, and varied personnal stuff. MAYBE A MOVIE?

Aaaah and there's music on the way as well, though progressing at the speed of the turtle. I guess I may do an EP or something like that this year.

Also, blog! (mostly french there)

Blam blam blam, I'm done here. Have a nice wathever!
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J'ai fait un blog pour y afficher progressivement les flanimaux et ceux à venir. C'est sûr que pour l'instant ça vaut pas trop la peine car y'en a juste un, mais y'a du super contenu super bonus super exclusif gaspe gaspe gaspe shiiiiit !

I made a blog to frequently update flanimals there. Blam blam blam !
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Bonjour tout le monde. L'été est pas mal occuppé D: Mais ça va aboutir à de quoi de ben l'fun = ). Mais on s'en fout, car le journal est pour vous annoncer que UN CANARD (qui se trouve à être moi-même finalement) va "jouer" de la super musique de Gameboy lors du deuxième Toy Company Show = D.  C'est le 12 septembre au Zoobizarre. D'après moi là... ça va être fullhot!

l'affiche avec tous les talentueux artistes !!!!…

En passant, jusqu'à il y a pas si longtemps, mon nom d'artiste de la mort était MMM2323. J'ai changé ça pour des raisons de prononçabilité, entre autres. Mais bref vous pouvez toujours trouver un peu de ma musique sur le site en cherchant mon vieux pseudonyme. Voilà.


I, under the superb pseudonym of UN CANARD, will be "playing" some gameboy music at the second Toy Company Show on September 12th in the Zoobizarre cavern. = D

Official flyer with all the performers !!!!…

By the way, if you want to hear some of my music, you can still find it by searching my old nickname, MMM2323, on
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Mon ami Julien Beauséjour (un universitaire qui a fait un an en anim au cégep du Vieux) organise un party style Hochelaga demain soir, pour financer un voyage d'enseignement au Kenya !!!!!!!!!!!!!

En gros, ça veut dire, pour la modique somme de 10$, des hot dogs à volonté pis du karaoké. Pis tellement de plaisir! Pour une bonne cause = O.

J'y serai.  Venez en masse!

Voici l'annonce officielle:…
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Ok so... to sum up this super saga...

First an article by Mark Simons warned about the inpending Orphaned Works 2008 bill.
go there and search "Lose All The Rights".  (the full link had stupid smileys in it -_-)

Then I get pointed to blogs and stuff that make it sound much more inoffensive.  Even though those are flawed, I come to think that the first article was biased, exagerated, blah blah blah (after all, I wasn't quite widely informed... also i'm more influencable than I' d like to be).  But, even with that, the warning itself seems well real.

A couple days later, I get back to the Illustrators Partnership website, where there is article expressely designed to counter these previous friendly-sounding blogs.
It's an excellent, well documented sum-up of how the new bill would be harmful to creative people.

Then today, I get back to the site, to see that the new bill now IS pending before the congress.  

I've read it, and.. yeah... it's no good.  As they warned about, it would allow copyright infrigers to get rid of the uncertainity that was, until now, the only effective weapon the copyright holder had to protect itself (and yeah... I got those words straight from the text xD).

If you are in the U.S., it will be time to do something soon...  There's no more questionning about the existence of the bill or not, it is released and you can read it to know exactly what to expect.  Even If you think it doesn't sound "that worse" (and actually, I think IT IS that worse), just remember that many small bullets kill the Brontosaurus in the long run.  

Inaction is not an option! WAAAGH! etc!
Salut a tous les gens!

Bon ben en attendant d'avoir quelque chose de nouveau à mettre sur DA je vous fais un p'tit lien à une toune de gameboy que je viens juste de finir.  J'en suis pas mal content =D.…

Sinon ben.. je rush jusqu'à Mars, après ça j'aurai un repit.  Mais bonne chance à ceux qui rushent jusqu'à la fin Mai = O.


Yarr hello!

Nothing new to update here on DA but instead here's a link to my newest gameboy masterpiece (lawl. you decide).  I'm happy with it, looks like my learnings are beginning to pay.…

I'll be busy until March 1st, but then after that, I'll come back to life on DA = O.

(ceci s'adresse aux gens en animation au Cégep du Vieux)

Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas encore... à moins de changement majeur, j'ai décidé de ne pas revenir pour la dernière session d'anim = O.  Il y a plusieurs raisons pour ça... Pour commencer, je suis pris avec des obligations à remplir (que par ailleurs, je tiens à remplir pour ce que ça pourrait m'apporter) durant les vacances des fêtes et si j'avais essayé de m'occupper de ça en même temps que terminer la pré-production de La vallée de la joie, colorier les bg et bla bla bla,  il y aurait eu des chances que tout foire, juste un peu plus tard.  

Aussi, c'est que Sébastien (qui quitte aussi) et moi-même avons réalisé qu'on avait appris ce qu'on avait à apprendre du programme, et qu'on pourrait utiliser les mois à venir plus efficacement pour travailler sur un ou des projets qui vont rocker et au bout du compte valloir plus pour nous que le démo qu'on aurait fait dans le cadre du cégep.
Le démo est supposé servir à se trouver une place dans l'industrie, mais on ne vise pas l'industrie alors ça devient moins pertinent de passer encore 4 mois à temps plus-que-plein à le faire...

Par contre, je suis vraiment conscient du potentiel de La vallée de la joie, en bonne partie grâce à tout le monde d'anim qui a porté tellement d'amour dans le projet et qui maintenant sont déçus de me voir quitter D =.  Ça me touche vraiment beaucoup et je vous remercie pour tout ça...  
Je vais faire aboutir le film.  Il va être fait différemment et il va être différent tout court mais le résultat final risque juste d'être meilleur et ça va me prendre beaucoup moins de temps que de le faire tout en animation traditionnelle.  Sans contrainte de temps, je vais pouvoir lui apporter plus d'attention que si c'était un démo, pour le bonheur de tous = D.

Puis c'est clair qu'on va repasser au cégep vous voir durant la session.  Yééé!

Aussi, bonnes vacances et joyeuses fêtes et tout et tout yé joie youpi!
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I've been squirking sounds out of my gameboy for a while now, and I've managed to make the first tune that I thought was good enough to post into the internets = O.
Hear this here…
You can expect more soon, since I'm quite addicted now.

And yeah... MMM2323... after the funky bipedal robot of my childhood.

OH and while you're on the 8bitcollective website, check out CCIVORY, which was one of the first artists to comment me, and actually rocks!
Got this from :iconfrankperrin: ...

People who comment on this journal will be replied by me with:

1. Something about you
2. I'll bet you to prove something
3. I'll tell you a colour that I associate with you
4. I'll tell you something I like about you
5. I'll tell something that reminds me of you
6. I'll tell you an animal that reminds me of you
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask
8. If I do this for you, you have to put this on you journal.
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... for free software !

If you have some experience making games with Flash, and are frustrated by its limited performances, you ough to check out these:

1) Processing --->
I  recently discovered this wonder for the purpose of making a game for GAMMA (which should be online soon).
Processing is an open source, java based application that's meant to allow non-hardcore programmers to quickly and easily create attractive and visual presentations.  It supports OpenGL so it's compatible with Windows, mac and Linux and, more importantly, it lags WAY less than Flash games while running at twice the framerate and a 1024*768 resolution = D.

2) Haaf's game engine --->
HGE is basically an awesome open source C++ library for making 2d games.  I'm still in the process of going through all the tutorials and learning a bit of C++ along the way, but yet i'm amazed by the simplicity of the process and the results.  The third tutorial, which consists in making some kind of particles-dropping radioguided ping pong ball, runs at 100 fps on my 2.4 ghz as well as it does on a 800 mhz !
And you don't actually need to have any previous experience with C++ in order to make it work.  What you need is to install a C++ compiler like Dev-C++ (FRee one!), read the setup instructions and follow the tutorials and there you go, you're on your way to make a (windows only) professionnal quality PC game.

sooo... I'm extremely excited by these new possibilities that have just opened to me.  Expect to see some cool, non-laggy stuff in the near future = D.
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Ok.. so I finally got to try Zelda Twilight Princess on the Gamecube.  You know... supposedly the best game ever.
It's cool, quite good looking, as you'd expect from a Zelda game, and I'd probably say it's fun to play  if I was motivated by the action of playing videogames in general, which hasn't been the case in a while.


Link's run cycle sucks.  Period.
I already knew this from the trailers, but I vainly hoped  that they would fix the problem.
Come on... How can nobody have noticed this o_O.
Link can also slash while running now.. yay... but when he does only his arm moves o_o... it's not cool at all.

Wolfy Link doesn't really do better...
It looks really stiff in comparison with the fluid greatness found in Okami.
And riding the horse feels like driving a truck...

Actually, most of the important, redundant animation in the game seems to have been botched.  
The motion captured animated sequences are well done, though.  But what I see most of the time is a back-viewn Link that runs like a constipated robot, almost without any lateral movement xD.

I just can't like a game like this.  Sorry Nintendo, you have failed this time.  It's not acceptable for a game that has been delayed one year to feature crappy movements of the main character.


*** On a side note... Snow is gone o_O ... raargCRGKN
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So it's done.  It was awesome, especially the part after I've finished the coding for the game on the spot, unsurprisingly at the last possible minute.

But now.. it's over.  Back to the super everyday life with, as a bonus, a glorious pile of homeworks I've been enthusiastly tossing away for the last weeks.  Bleaargle...

But yet the powerful need (o_O) to make games persists.  It's not like I need any special event for that but damn... Making Cosmocrash was just so friggin' motivating.  And rewarding at the end.  Like,  better than showing my animation demo reel, and yet it took 1 month instead of 1 full schoolyear.  
Which makes me wonder why I'm sticking to school... I was technically supposed to have made that choice because it would allow me to work on my personnal projects, while sharpening my skills, before entering the uber stressful market of animation.  Ironically I feel like school is more like an obstacle to what I would like and potentially could do right now.... GAMES, again and again.   

Hum, anyway, that's how  I feel right now.  I guess it will better when I'm back on schedule with school stuff (hahaha... on schedule....).

I wish there would be more visible leftovers from GAMMA.  We went throught curiosity, overgrowing excitement, then the super cool event itself, then nothing left.  For now and apparently at least.  And except the game.  And tons of positive comments.  

Bah.. I didn't expect anything magical to happen anyway. I just can't wait for GAMMA 02, which will be another excellent excuse to neglect school! Woo! XD

Now just drop by :iconphishy:'s page and tell him how he rocks.  He's the man (along with two others) behind GAMMA.
2 days before GAMMA, some kind of awesome party with plenty of music-driven indie games to be played and enjoyed on big screens .  For the last month, along with :iconsebbythefreak:, I've been making a game destined to be shown at this event, at the side of 6 other games that I strongly suspect to be awesome.  If you can afford a ride to the S.A.T in Montréal, thursday between 9 pm and 3 am, plus the 10$ entree fee well... come and check this out!

*Look for "Cosmocrash".  It supports up to four players = D.  
And we humbly believe it rocks.
:iconsebbythefreak: tagged me.. like... a few days ago...
I'm pretty new to this tagging thing but it seems like I have to find 6 weird things about me, in case that would interest someone...
Yarr, let's go...

1) I love listening to 8-bit music, and midis as well ^^.  Most people don't, though, so let's consider that as a weird fact for an easy first one xD.  But seriously, I like that kind of sound a lot.  I was thinking that maybe this was because I didn't have a very extensive musical culture so i'd go with the tunes found inside the old videogames I loved, but as time pass I'm comforted in my oppinion that I like that music for what it is, as long as the melody is good, and not just because "it was in that old game i liked".

2) Mmm.. I don't seem to be able to get angry o_o... Not that I am never frustrated (of course...) but the emotion is just like, stuck inside me.. most of the time at least.  

3) I enjoy separating my toes from each other, especially the smallest ones.  Don't ask me why ...  Playing with my ears is also fun... wiiii.

4) I'm a robot XD.  My friends sometimes say so, certainly referring to the fact that I am working a lot (too much actually) on school things and stuff (which most of the time gives good results for these things), while I could take some more time to entertain myself... Add that to a lack of facial expressions, exagerate the whole thing and tadaa you have a robot.  Kinda.  Well actually... I guess that's what they mean o_o  .  
Of course I'm not really a robot...  
OR I AM?  
dum dum dum...

5) I somewhat fear that I became a bit too much familiar with Flash.  I mean... I'm so comfortable with it, I use it for anything, especially things he's not meant to, thus losing time ... I made all the textures for my 3d demo reel with flash, which came out great because that's the style I needed.. But recently I crossed the thin line that separates a clever idea from a retarded one, when I decided to write down my resume in flash, just to figure out it's NOT a text editting program... not yarr.

6) Mmm.. Seb just pointed to me that I act in the following way: I alwalys look fine, althought a bit tired, until I'm asked how i'm going.  If I'm not going so well, then I frenetically empty my bag of emotions in a super explosion of words (the term "explosion" here is relative to my usual level of expressivity.. ahaha...) ... Then a few moments later I just become placid again o_o.  I guess I need to do some calibration work.

Ok so, anyone who reads this and would like to answer this little survey too can consider him/herself tagged.


:iconsebbythefreak: :icona-l-x: :iconfrankperrin: :icondead-arch: :iconballistick: :iconmathieubeaulieu: :iconhenna-musume: :iconboum: :iconcharlune: :iconkasy: :iconzazb: :icondum: :iconconarisateur: :iconeve-bolt: :iconlelenia: :iconsc4v3ng3r: :iconmissyoshi: :icondadarulz: :icondeath-consoler: :iconkingvi: :iconpadder: :iconartstroke: :iconjac-lugubre: :iconvolcanic-penguin: :iconazarel: :iconyameki: :iconkomani: :iconjassou:
Well, I just think it's time I exist for real on DA ><.  I suppose I'll drop this idea again in a few days, but erm.. let's try.  Yarr!
You can hopefully expect a more active presence from me from now on.
Btw, for those who kind of followed the story, I finally didn't win that big animation contest, but being one of the finalist is still great.. = D

:iconsebbythefreak: :icona-l-x: :iconfrankperrin: :icondead-arch: :iconballistick: :iconmathieubeaulieu: :iconhenna-musume: :iconboum: :iconcharlune: :iconkasy: :iconzazb: :icondum: :iconconarisateur: :iconeve-bolt: :iconlelenia: :iconsc4v3ng3r: :iconmissyoshi: :icondadarulz: :icondeath-consoler: :iconkingvi: :iconpadder: :iconartstroke: :iconjac-lugubre: :iconvolcanic-penguin: :iconazarel: :iconyameki: :iconkomani:
Je pense que ça pourrait vous intéresser d'apprendre que Sigmao, le gaillard qui a créé la superbe musique de Robobash, à son site internet à l'adresse suivante: , site sur lequel vous pourrez trouvez ses créations téléchargeables gratuitement  (mp3) =).
Il pense aussi à faire un disque pour la distribution à petite échelle s'il y a assez d'intérêt du public (exprimez vous dans la section forum, qui est très bien et tenue à jour).

Petit rappel: Jusqu'au 19 août, vous pouvez toujours visualiser et voter sur votre film favori parmi les 5 finalistes (dont "Carpe" de moi...) au concours de l'O.N.F.
(Merci à tous les voteurs =D )
--- >


I think you may be interrested to know that Sigmao, the one who created the original music for Robobash, has is website since a while at
And what's event more interresting is that his awesome musical creations are available for free mp3 download =).  He's also planning to make an album to release (small distribution) if he feels there's enough interest  from people.

Reminder: Until august 19,  those interrested can view and vote on their favorite movie among the 5 finalists ("Carp" is mine...)   for the  N.F.B. contest.
(Thanks alot to all voters =D )
--- >

:iconsebbythefreak: :icona-l-x: :iconfrankperrin: :icondead-arch: :iconballistick: :iconmathieubeaulieu: :iconhenna-musume: :iconboum: :iconcharlune: :iconkasy: :iconzazb: :icondum: :iconconarisateur: :iconeve-bolt: :iconlelenia: :iconsc4v3ng3r: :iconmissyoshi: :icondadarulz: :icondeath-consoler: :iconkingvi: :iconpadder: :iconartstroke: :iconjac-lugubre: :iconvolcanic-penguin: :iconazarel: :iconyameki: :iconkomani: