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Hey, I have question.

Do you read the book called The Hobbit?

Nope. Seen the movies, though.

Well, I like the book better than movies, plus Smaug has six limbs instead of four.

p.s. this is what he looks like and his fire is green and scarlet and his eyes are scarlet red.

p.s.s I'm huge fan of your old work of Klonoa and sonic crossover.

Smaug the Magnificent
Smaug the Magnificent
Smaug Heads
Two Different Fire Drakes
Smaugs Boast

Hey Listen I want to a apologize for what happened, I know you can block this one but hear me out, to tell you the truth I'm anxious about what happens next in All My Life Remake.

Oh again I apologize. 🙁

Anything news for us?