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What I want from Klonoa 3 (Essay) Intro Poem by: Vyolet Ayers “Dreams always have an end.That's the way it's meant to be.It's sad, but the sadness helps us remember them.But is it enough for just me to remember?Is it even possible for a dream to be shared?Please, listen to my dream, won't you?”Vision I: Introduction I recently replayed two of my favorite games from my childhood, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile and Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil. This revisit was courtesy of the Phantasy Reverie Series that was released in July of this year. Ever since I was a kid, Klonoa has always been one of my favorite game franchises of all time, with Klonoa 2 being my favorite game, and I’ve always thought that it was a shame that the series hadn’t sold well when they were initially released. Which is why when the Phantasy Reverie Series was announced in early 2022, I was incredibly ecstatic, to say the least. The two mainline Klonoa games were being remade with beautiful new graphics and released on Nintendo Switch, PS4 & 5, Xbox One and Series X, and Steam. Not only would I get the chance to re-experience some of my favorite games, but now the series would be available for a new audience of gamers who had heard about the series being an underrated and forgotten gem thanks to internet game personalities like Caddicarus and JoCat. When the collection came out, it not only got glowing praise from critics but also shot to the top of the sales charts on both the Nintendo Store and Steam, despite Namco doing little to no advertising. My fellow Klonoa fans and I rejoiced as we made #Klonoasweep trend and the Phantasy Reverie Series became the first game to sell 100 Klotrillion copies. The series was finally seeing some of the success it deserved. I myself had a great time playing through the two games again with a close friend, getting to re-experience some of my favorite levels as we discussed how well the stories were told and all the little background details that made the world feel so charming and lively. For me, these games not only held up, but I honestly have more admiration for them than when I played them, and Klonoa 2 has now become my favorite game all over again. A lot of that comes from playing the two games back to back, as it allows the audience to see how the story and themes of the series develop and how Klonoa himself grows as a character. Both of the endings are massive tear-jerkers that left me and my friend, Vyolet, crying on the floor, but both of them are great for different reasons. The first ending is cruel and emotional, while the second one is sad and bittersweet, but you knew that everyone was going to be okay. Honestly, these two games work so well together that it had me wondering: after two decades of waiting for a Klonoa 3, now that there’s a legitimate chance it might actually happen … do I really want it? I know that sounds a little bit crazy at first; one of my favorite series of all time is finally getting some love and recognition and now I’m wondering if it should just die? How ludicrous is that!? Well, it’s not quite that black and white. If you’re a fan of film and television, I’m sure you’re just about as sick as everyone else is about how seemingly every franchise seems to keep getting sequels, reboots, sequels to those reboots, a show for a streaming service, and whatever else the rights holders can use to milk a franchise when it’s long past its prime. It’s honestly quite frustrating when a franchise has a proper and satisfying ending but is forced to keep going because shareholders want to keep raking in more and more money each year. Avengers: Endgame finished off the Infinity Saga and felt like the perfect way to end a story that lasted over a decade, but now, with the exception of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Disney has been pumping out dozens of shows and movies from the MCU that range from mediocre to downright awful, and they all seem to have no direction or idea of where they want to go with a franchise whose story is already over. Gaming is no stranger to this phenomenon either, as evidenced by the cavalcade of franchises that are well past their heydays yet continue on well past when their creators wished to end the series, or even churn out mediocre titles on a yearly basis. My point is: What makes the games in the Phantasy Reveries Series among my favorites, especially in regards to their endings, is that the second game feels like a natural follow-up to the first and grows in maturity and nuance, which reflects how the protagonist has grown both in age and as a character. Lunatea’s Veil has a perfect storybook ending that seemingly wraps up all the loose ends and concludes the themes from the last game. What could another game accomplish? Taking a look at the spinoffs and the webcomic, they opted to bring back the old characters, which does defeat some of the finality Klonoa’s initial departure from them had. While I do still feel they are fun and entertaining games, they don’t live up to the masterful storytelling shared between the mainline games. If Namco chooses to continue the franchise in this way, Klonoa could just feel like another mascot platformer the likes of Sonic and Mario, where there are great games but people hardly consider them beacons of storytelling. Heck, it may even become humorous when a game does try to take itself seriously, a fate the blue blur is all too familiar with, and I just don’t want that to become Klonoa’s reputation. So if they’re going to make a Klonoa 3 that lives up to the greatness of the Door to Phantomile and Lunatea’s Veil, it’s not only gonna have to be a great game, it’ll have to feel like a natural and necessary evolution from where the last game left off. It’ll have to continue the story, not just recycle it by bringing back all the characters and retreading old ground. Which is why it’s up to me, a mid-20s guy straight out of college, to be the one who will come up with a story and game to meet these overall expectations. Now before we begin, I probably should lay out some disclaimers: I’m not saying that this is the only story that’ll satisfy me in a hypothetical Klonoa 3; this is just what I would do if I was the one in charge of the third game’s story. (By the way, Namco Bandai, if you’re seeing this I’d love to write the story for a Klonoa game; please hire me!) This also isn’t a fully comprehensive breakdown of every moment or even every character that could hypothetically be in the plot, it’s more a few basic ideas that would make up the core of the story and themes. Lastly, I want to say that this isn’t the only way a Klonoa 3 could work, and I’d honestly love to see the team surprise me with a beautiful story I didn’t see coming. This is all just fun speculation, so don’t take any of it as gospel. I’d honestly love to hear what all of you think of my idea and what your ideas for a sequel could be. Lastly, for any of those who are unfamiliar with the games in the Phantasy Reverie Series, (firstly, get off your ass and play them!) or just need a refresher, we’ll go over the plots of those games and the thematic throughline they have. But if you're like most Klonoa fans and your IQ is in the quadruple digits, then feel free to skip the next vision and start with the premise of my hypothetical new game. There’s a lot of ground to cover so without further adieu: let’s jump in! Vision II: Summary The first game starts us off in the cutesy and happy world of Phantomile, a place that Klonoa believes he’s been living in his whole life with his Grandpa and best friend Huepow. But it’s soon invaded by the evil mastermind known as Ghadius, and while he is entertaining and fits the ideal image of what a kid thinks is evil, he isn’t the most complex character. Klonoa and Huepow take it upon themselves to try and stop his efforts, and what first starts off as a fun adventure through colorful worlds with charming characters takes some dark and emotional turns. Klonoa has to witness his Grandpa being killed right in front of his eyes, slowly figures out that Huepow may not be who he thinks he is, and then, of course, there's the ending. Once the adventure is over, Klonoa is met with a gut-wrenching revelation as it's revealed that this place he’s believed to be his home is actually a place he doesn’t belong and that everything that’s happened has been nothing more than a dream. He was simply brought here as a Dream Traveler that would defeat the invaders and he was given false memories to make him think he was fighting for his home. He and Huepow still gained a genuine bond and friendship throughout their adventure, but despite that, once the world is restored, Klonoa will have to leave Phantomile whether he likes it or not. Suffice to say, he doesn’t like it. Klonoa is dragged away kicking, screaming, and crying into a black hole, having his last moments with Huepow feeling cruel, unfair, and traumatic. When we get to Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil, the story is now more nuanced and complex as a sign of the protagonist being older. Klonoa not only knows how cool wearing your hat backward is but is also more aware of the hardships he may face on this next adventure. He is now well aware that he’s an outsider brought in to save an unfamiliar world, which creates an interesting dynamic with the people helping him out this time around: a young Priestess-in-training named Lolo and her best friend Popka. Though they all become great friends through their journey, Lolo struggles with a case of imposter syndrome after she’s promoted to Priestess because she was the first to meet the Dream Traveler when he first arrived and began accomplishing everything. Klonoa is constantly being lauded as a legendary hero that is going to save the world she’s grown up in, ultimately making her question if she’s truly qualified to become a priestess and save the world, and if anyone truly needs her. All of this is turned around when Klonoa has to struggle through a boss fight without her for a bit. When she realizes how much value she truly has, she gets back in and helps him take them down. That’s just one of the many more complex themes Lunatea’s Veil tackles from every aspect of the game. The conflict of Lunatea’s Veil isn’t as black-and-white as Door to Phantomile. The villains have their own backstories and reasons for the actions they take, oftentimes revealing themselves to be outcasts who have taken their feelings of rejection out in unhealthy ways, and rather than blowing them up, like the first game’s boss, we change them through genuine compassion and kindness. The setting overall is also a lot more mature as the worlds we visit are wrapped up in their own internal conflicts. Some examples include Volk City, an industrial metropolis going through civil war, and Mira-Mira, a snowy mountain town full of denizens that are unable to move on from their past and have been stuck in a state of everlasting limbo. But the theme that remains consistent throughout all of the locations is how each has isolated itself from the rest of Lunatea, and because of that, the whole world has a very isolated feeling and atmosphere to it. After all of this, we get to an ending that has the hard task of following up the last game’s storm of emotion and manages to do it with flying colors. Throughout the entire adventure, Klonoa knows he’s going to have to leave Lunatea just like he left Phantomile, but when the day is saved and that time comes, he’s accepted his role as the Dream Traveler and has found a way to move forward with it. He and Lolo share a tearful and emotional goodbye, but it ends on a light note as Klonoa reminds her that if they remember the moments they had together and how they made them feel, they’ll still be connected through those bonds. Both of them know that the other is going to be okay as Klonoa gives a final thanks and calmly exits Lunatea ready for his next adventure. It’s the perfect way to deliver an ending that’s just as memorable and tearjerking as the first game’s, but its different approach leaves the player feeling more satisfied and complete by the end. If there was never another Klonoa game for the rest of the time, this ending would still feel fulfilling and conclusive. Vision III: The Premise I think the best place to start with my hypothetical Klonoa 3 would be with the title character himself. Much like how Lunatea’s Veil aged Klonoa up from a child into a teenager, I would like to follow that trend by bringing the main hero into his adolescence, or around 18-21 if you’re looking for specific numbers. In my head, Klonoa’s design mainly follows the concept art from the canceled movie, where he’s turned his hat back to the front and he now dawns a yellow trench coat, jean shorts, as well as red and white sneakers. But physical appearance is one thing, how is Klonoa personality-wise? Well in order to answer that, I may have to set the scene a little bit. At the beginning of the game, Klonoa appears in yet another strange and unknown world, but this one is a bit grimmer than the whimsical worlds we’re used to. That’s not to say that it’s desolate and has a green filter over everything like Fallout 3, in fact, there are actually a lot of whites and blues around as the world seems to have been taken over by the winter. Klonoa wonders what could’ve made the world like this, but now that he’s aware of his role as the Dream Traveler, he’s already taking an active role to find the people he needs to help and the partner he’ll need in order to use the wind bullet. After finding a said partner, Klonoa is quick to ask them what they need to do to save the world, skipping over the pleasantries much to the partner’s confusion. This serves as a precedent for how Klonoa will act for the first two acts of the story and his main character arc for this game. See, though Klonoa has accepted his role as the Dream Traveler, the many years of going to these different worlds, making new friends, and then having to leave them has started to harm his mental health. Huepow may have been the hardest, and he may have accepted it with Lolo and Popka, but he hasn’t fully been able to cope with just how many times this has and will happen. So, Klonoa has opted to not get attached or make friends with the people he’ll meet on his journey because no matter what, he’s going to have to leave them behind and that goodbye will just be easier on everyone. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m gonna suck all the fun and life out of his character throughout the first act of the game. He’s not gonna go all Knuckles in Sonic Forces where he drones on about the horrors of war, talks in a dry bland voice, doesn’t say “wahoo”, and now wields dual beretta pistols that he fires while shouting profanities. Klonoa is still kind, selfless, and determined to help out the people of this world in any way he can, but he doesn’t ask as many questions about the world and its culture and makes no attempt at small talk or getting to know the people around him. Klonoa may not even realize what he’s doing, but the endless cycles of loss have left him becoming naturally more and more distant. Throughout the first act of the story, Klonoa doesn’t even talk to his partner much at all unless they are the ones to initiate the conversation and will hardly ask follow-up questions. But as the story goes along and Klonoa and his partner have to experience hardship through their journey and need each other for comfort, Klonoa eventually does tell the partner why he’s been so distant. The partner responds by saying that though what he’s doing may feel easier when they inevitably have to say goodbye, he’s only causing further hurt to himself the entire time he is there. Klonoa realizes that he lost sight of why he wants to save these worlds: because they’re full of individuals who have their own lives, families, struggles, and dreams. He’ll never get to truly appreciate the unique and individual beauty of these worlds and their people if he cuts himself off from them, and it’s for the benefit of everyone that he bonds and grows with those he encounters on his journey even if it’s going to make the ending a little bit sadder. When he realizes this, the score plays a remix of Lolo’s theme from Klonoa 2, which is my way of showing that he’s remembering the parting message he left her without making an explicit callback to it. Knowing the importance of making connections in spite of, or maybe even because you're going to have to say goodbye and lose them is the central theme I have for this story, and this theme ties in even more with the main antagonist of the game. Vision IV: The Antagonist You may have noticed that I’ve neglected to mention why the world Klonoa has entered is in such disarray, and that’s because I wanted to talk about it in a section strictly dedicated to the primary antagonist of the game. See, it turns out that the one who ultimately threw the world into this awful state wasn’t the big bad who launched this attack, but in fact, another Dream Traveler who was called to action before Klonoa. The Dream Traveler was about to defeat the main aggressor, but at the last minute, they did a heel turn and helped the invaders take over and occupy this world. Now, there’s a variety of approaches one can take with this character, we can make it Guntz, Blaze the Cat, or Cookie Monster, but the route I’m gonna take is my own original character that Vyolet and I came up with and Namco will have to pay me royalties in order to use. This character is a female Dream Traveler named Hilaka, who has a lot more of a winter aesthetic to her design. Notable features include her dark Magenta fur color, a long tail with a snowflake-shaped tuff on the end as opposed to long ears, her teardrop stud piercing by her eye, and her main weapon: The Ice Bullet. This silver ring has a light blue gem on the end that’s able to encase targets in blocks of ice that she can use as platforms or attacks. Now, is this a little bit self-indulgent to put my OC into the sequel to one of my favorite franchises of all time? Yeah, it totally is. Like I said, this character could still play the same role while being your OC or almost any other character, but this is my essay so either you stick with Hilaka or I stick you in the trash, nerd! But in order to help players grow attached to and accept this new character as a Dream Traveler, there will be certain flashback levels interspersed throughout the game that show what led Hilaka to turn to the dark side, a question that Klonoa, the people of this new world, and the players will be pondering throughout the entire game. Here, you actually play as Hilaka when she was first brought into this new world, with her gameplay still being the traditional puzzle-solving and platforming that the series is known for but her different abilities bringing a new twist to it with levels specially designed for her different style of play. As I said before, her ring turns enemies into blocks of ice rather than inflating them, and while this can be used as an attack, it’s too heavy to use as a double jump. Instead, it can be used to make platforms, freeze certain bodies of water, and many other utilities that make her levels distinct from Klonoa's. She also can’t do the hover with her tail, instead, she can glide downward allowing you to travel longer distances at an ascending rate. But all of this stuff with a new character that’s a Dream Traveler with her own levels would feel gimmicky if it doesn’t tie back into the story and themes, so let's get back to that discussion. Throughout the Hilaka levels, the new Dream Traveler’s story is slowly revealed to the player as she meets her new ring partner, and learns about the looming threat to the world as well as what she has to do to stop it. It’s here that we learn that Hilaka is also someone who's been greatly affected by the losses she’s suffered every time she’s had to leave and because of that she’s actually started putting another priority into her journeys throughout these worlds, and that’s trying to prevent the inevitable leave she’ll have to take. So far, all of her attempts have been failures. Because of that, she’s often left these worlds in the same way Klonoa did in Door to Phantomile, kicking and screaming until she’s forcibly pulled away and left in misery. Hilaka expresses this to her new partner who is also afraid to say goodbye, so they promise to help her find a way to stay in this world so she doesn’t have to. But they don’t find that way until near the end of their journey when they come face to face with the evil dastard leading this conflict. The leader reveals that so long as they’re stopped, Hilaka will have to leave this world and her partner, but if they’re never stopped, then Hilaka never has to leave. She doesn’t like this, and neither does her partner, but both of them realize that it is the only way, and they made a promise to each other. Against their better judgment, they turn on the world they swore to protect under the condition that the villain doesn’t actively harm anyone he rules over and he complies with this deal as they carry out the invasion and take over the world. I hope I’ve been able to effectively show why I think this is the best route for Klonoa 3 to take, as it’s something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking over. When I was pondering whether or not I even wanted a Klonoa 3, I was constantly asking myself where Klonoa as a character could go after the ending of Lunatea’s Veil, and then I realized that answer could lie in the game’s antagonist. In all forms of storytelling, the best villains are the ones that say something about the hero and push them to grow and develop as characters through the conflict their wrapped up in. We see this done perfectly in the previous two games, Ghadius is a dark and evil entity that’s invaded Klonoa’s cutesy world and forces him to have to grow up and face the harsh realities of life, whether it be when he has Joka kill Klonoa’s Grandpa or when the conflict reveals that Klonoa’s been lied and tricked into believing this world is his home. In Lunatea’s Veil, the primary antagonist through most of the game is Leorina, who’s more of a reflection of Lolo, being that they both come from a background as a priestess and both have insecurities about feeling useless and wanting to prove their worth But the final boss, the King of Sorrow, is in many ways a reflection of Klonoa not only in that game but even more so like he is in the first game. His design is reminiscent of Klonoa’s in Door to Phantomile, and both of the characters have had to live isolated and lonely lives from a world that has seemingly rejected them. Once Klonoa realizes this, he opts to help the King of Sorrow by showing him that he has just as much worth and value in this world as anyone else in Lunatea has, and just because Sorrow may make people sad, it’s a necessary part of life that we shouldn’t forget. If Klonoa 3 was to live up to the greatness of its predecessors then it will have to show Klonoa’s growth and development through the villain, and I think Hilaka suits that role perfectly. She addresses just how emotionally painful it would be for someone to have to constantly get attached to these worlds only to have to leave them behind. When she and Klonoa face off with each other and our protagonist asks why she turned against the world she was supposed to protect, she answers that the world keeps turning on her by dragging her away from it. While Klonoa doesn’t agree with her methods, he has to admit that the life of a Dream Traveler is cruel and unfair and he’s currently going through similar feelings that she is. In order to stop her, Klonoa isn’t just going to have to best her in a fight, he’s going to have to convince her to take that painful step away from this world again and again, and that’s something he’s been struggling to convince himself. Vision V: The Ending With all of that setup out of the way, let’s discuss the part of Klonoa’s story that always leaves the biggest impact on the player: how it all ends. Throughout most of the game, Klonoa will have worked hard undoing all the damage that Hilaka did by recollecting the MacGuffins, liberating the people, and finding the strength to open up and bond with his partners again, but now he has arrived at the main villain's lair, ready to take them on so he can stop their occupation and free the people of this new world. Klonoa walks across the bridge towards the castle when suddenly, Hilaka drops down in front of him with a stern and determined look in her eye. She tells Klonoa that she can’t let him pass, because if he defeats the villain she’ll be pulled away from her partner into another world. Klonoa tries to reason with her, but Hilaka makes it clear that she’s not letting him through without a fight. The two of them begin to duke it out across the bridge, throwing the enemies and debris at each other in a battle of both skill and philosophy. Even after the in-game fight is won and Klonoa has the clear upper hand, Hilaka refuses to back down because, in her mind, losing this fight means losing everything. During their last encounter, Hilaka had asked Klonoa why they should be forced to save these worlds only to be rewarded with sorrow and loss, and at the time he didn’t have a good answer. But now Klonoa tells Hilaka what he realized during his journey, that though it’s painful when they have to leave they still carry the sorrow and memories of those people with them, and that they’re only hurting themselves and the ones they love by prolonging the goodbye this way. His words are able to get through to Hilaka’s partner, who exits the Ice Bullet and confesses that every day they’ve spent ruling over the place they call home has filled them with nothing but guilt and self-loathing, and that though they and Hilaka made a promise, this has made them feel more disconnected from her every day. Klonoa’s partner comes out of the Wind Bullet to comfort Hilaka’s partner and try to reason with the Dream Traveler, and in an overwhelming fit of stress she yells out crying. Tears pouring down her eyes, Hilaka lunges towards Klonoa and tackles him to the ground. She says that she also feels guilty and doesn’t want to rule over the world but she doesn’t know what else to do. She’s had so many friends and worlds whisked away from her to never be seen again and she just feels alone. This cycle is a constant burden that she has to bear alone and she’s sick of it. That’s when Klonoa softly touches her shoulder and says, “But you’re not alone. I’ve had to bear it too.” It’s at this moment that everything goes silent, the shot cutting between Hilaka with tears falling down her eyes and then to those same tears hitting Klonoa’s eyelids, blending in with his own tears. The two of them hug each other, a small weep comes from Hilaka. Though there are no words said, this one action has shown that these two characters who have had to suffer for so long have finally found someone they can share the burden with. After all the emotions are let out, Hilaka and Klonoa stand back up and assure both their partners that they’re okay, but now they have to focus on stopping the villain and ending their occupation. Since Hilaka had been working with the main villain for so long, she knows his layer pretty well and can help lead Klonoa through it to the throne room. The next couple of levels is split between Klonoa and Hilaka accomplishing different objectives to traverse the villain’s palace and eventually meeting back up for the final battle. The villain tries to manipulate Hilaka and Klonoa to join up with them so they never have to leave another world behind, but it doesn’t work on either of them as Klonoa states that it’s just the life of the Dream Traveler, and they wouldn’t forgo their responsibility to protect these worlds like that, leading directly into the boss fight. The boss has multiple short phases, each of them having the player switch between controlling Klonoa and Hilaka and using their playstyles to take on the main villain until his final form, where they suddenly toss their rings towards one another and the last few hits are dealt using a combination of their abilities. After they both deliver the final blow, the main villain is defeated and the four main characters breathe a sigh of relief, finally free from this tyrant that had them all in the palm of their hand. Time passes as restoration efforts have begun to this dream world and our four main characters sit atop a hill, watching it all with relief and satisfaction, but still a nagging feeling in their heads for what they all know is coming. Klonoa asks his and Hilaka’s partners if they’re going to be okay, with both of them giving a reassuring answer as they talk about their goals and how they're going to help restore the world. When Hilaka asks her partner if they’re sure they’ll be able to move forward without her, in which they respond by saying that they’ll always be together through their memories and shared emotions of this moment. Plus, just the two partners will have each other, each of them carrying a different part of the journey that they’ve learned and grown from, and they’ll make sure the other doesn’t forget the Dream Travelers or what all of them gained through their time together. Both Klonoa and Hilaka exchange looks with each other, showing that they know the time is rapidly approaching. The four of them exchange tearful hugs, goodbyes, and parting words with one another before the Dream Travelers turn around and begin to walk away. For a second, Klonoa’s partner attempts to run after them, but then Hilaka’s partner puts a hand on their shoulder to stop them. The two partners comfort each other as Klonoa and Hilaka walk away from them. The Dream Travelers are holding each other's hands with their respective rings around their wrists as they walk off giving one last look back to their partners while smiling before turning away and disappearing from our eyes. Finally, Klonoa and Hilaka have found closure, as their paths as Dream Travelers will still have them facing loss and sorrow, but now they have each other, and they can face it together till death do they part. Vision VI: Conclusion Man, that was hard to write! I actually had to take a few breaks to be able to get through that entire section. It’s genuinely something I felt a lot of passion for and I hope you all like the idea of the ending and appreciate all the work Vy and I put into coming up with the overall story. But before I give my final thoughts, I’d first like to address a few arguments people may have about this ending and how it turns out. The first are the ones who believe Klonoa and Lolo are the one true pairing and will not accept the cabbit to have any other relationships. And look, I get it; I love Lolo, she’s my favorite character from Lunatea’s Veil and possibly the entire series and I think she and Klonoa are so cute together! But I hate to tell you this but, 9 out of 10 times the first person you fall in love with isn’t going to be your soulmate for life, especially if you have to spend literal worlds apart. People grow and change, and find they like and love new things, and since Klonoa probably isn’t going to see Lolo again, he shouldn’t have to forgo his happiness to stay faithful to someone he hasn’t seen since he was a preteen. Again, I love Klonoa and Lolo as a couple, but to me, Lolo is a summer girlfriend. Most likely she’s moved on and found her own calling and partner in life and Klonoa should too. The other argument people may have is that a lot of the sadness and struggle are taken away from Klonoa’s character if he has one person he never has to say goodbye to and to that I say… yeah. I think the poor guy deserves a happy ending after all he’s had to suffer and endure, and as someone who has struggled with many personal life problems, having someone going through the same thing who you can always turn to is a healthy way to help the both of you work through those struggles. As I said, they’re still going to be traveling to numerous worlds and meeting dozens of new people in each one that they’ll have to leave and never see again, but now they have each other as a support network to help deal with the loss and keep the memories of each and every one they’ll encounter. It’s a lot like how many people in real life are able to cope with death and loss within the real world by the belief that they’ll see their loved ones again in the afterlife, and whether or not you personally believe in such a thing, you can’t deny that it helps a lot of people work through many forms of grief and hardship. With that all out of the way, I hope everyone can at least understand why I feel this would not only be a great way to take the story in a hypothetical Klonoa 3, but a perfect way to end the series. As I said before, I’m not so devoted to this idea that I won’t accept any other approach Namco and the team may take to the franchise, and I’d honestly love to hear all of your thoughts and feelings on my story, as well as your own ideas for a follow up to Lunatea’s Veil. Of course, keep everything civil and constructive, I’m honestly so happy to see the Klonoa fanbase coming together and celebrating the success of the Phantasy Reverie Series, and I’m glad that at the very least our favorite cabbit is getting some of the love he deserves and I’m excited to see what’s next for him. But whatever your opinion is, I think we can all agree on one thing: Bandai Namco, you need to remaster the series’ magnum opus, Klonoa: Beach Volleyball!

Mature Content

Klonoa Heroes - Keep Going Forward by rcs709
Klonoa and The Tower of Forgotten Dreams (Ch. 1)Chapter One - The Depths of the Sea (Part one) Seconds, minutes, hours... Klonoa wasn't sure how long he had been falling for in this empty and dark void, one thing he was sure of was how much his head was throbbing. The intense pain he felt as he was being dragged into what he could only assume was another dream. It had felt as though he had smacked his head over and over again against a rock, all the while being awake for it all. As he continued to twirl downwards, he noticed a light at the very end of the void. Is this it? Is that one of the dreams I'm re-living? He didn't even have time to process it all before passing through the portal. As he passed through, Klonoa had caught a glimpse of the world below. Sandy beaches, a bright blue ocean, and a bright blue sky. When the voice he heard said "He would know true suffering", he wasn't entirely sure what he had meant. I'm going to know true suffering? This dream looks like a para- Klonoa couldn't finish his thought as he felt himself collide with the ground with a loud thud, landing face-first into a mound of sand. "Oooooh...." was all he was able to say. After a moment of pained groans, he slowly stood up to his feet, straightening his back and dusting the sand off his jacket and out of his hat and out of his fur and ears. "Ugh... hurts to fall on and it gets in everywhere." he said as he scrubbed the sand out of his ears. Once he had gotten the sand out of his ears and clothes, Klonoa began to make his way to the shoreline of the beach. There he looked out towards the sea and gazed out to the horizon, the bright sun beating down despite it being so low in the sky. Judging from where the sun was, it was late afternoon and heading into the evening. The cool sea breeze felt nice and had a pleasant aroma to it. It was strange, but the sense of dread he felt earlier was all but gone now and replaced with tranquility. He felt at ease, almost as if he was in a trance. He soon broke free of the "trance" when he was splashed in the face with seawater. He looked down and saw that half of his body was in the water, with a startled yell he ran back to the shore and began to ponder "How did I end up in the water?" he asked himself as he took his shoes off, ringing the water out of them as best as he could. "I was standing on the shore." He looked around and saw that nothing seemed out of the ordinary, he felt no one pull or push him in, and he didn't walk to the edge at all. "No point worrying about it now, I've got to find a way out." he said, standing up and walking along the shoreline, keeping a careful eye on his feet and surroundings." As he looked along the shoreline he saw a bunch of people gathered along a boardwalk. Taking in variously different activities such as buying clothes, food from the local vendors, souvenirs to take home, the typical beach-day vacation. He quickly made his way over to the boardwalk with a mix of both curiosity and excitement, the voice did say "forgotten dreams" and that some were peaceful. Klonoa decided to try and take in what he could, but he did remind himself to stay vigilant, he remembered that if he had gotten lost he would remain in this dream with no way out. "I'm not going that far... this is still part of the dream," he said to himself as he walked up the boardwalk. The kid in him was getting the better of him now as he wandered the boardwalk, the thing that was currently grabbing his attention was all the carnival-like food stands and games. He began to think to himself, what am I even supposed to be doing here? he thought, scratching his chin with his finger. He soon found himself walking in an arcade. Various video game cabinets and crane machines were lined up neatly throughout the room, the best part to him was the fact that it was empty, no lines, and all the games he could play. One that caught his attention the most was an old "Pac-Man" cabinet with the character on the side with a typical open-mouth smile, he quickly walked up to the machine and looked it over. The machine was on and functioning, but a thick layer of dust "Wish I had some coins... I'd love to play this even just once" he said to himself as he looked all over the machine, hoping that someone had left some tokens behind. Credit to his luck, he looked on the ground by the machine, tucked away underneath the game were two tokens, and with zero hesitation, Klonoa picked them up. "Cool! Enough for one game!" Just as he was about to put the coins into the machine, he looked at the screen and saw his name flashing on the top of the hi-score board. He tilted his head in confusion and stared at it, puzzled. He didn't remember ever being here at all, much less playing a game in an empty arcade. Despite this, he put the coins into the game and the beeps-and-boops of the game began to play out of the speakers. Pac-Man soon made his way out into the center of the screen and text appeared. Seem familiar at all, Klonoa? The text took the cabbit by surprise and he jumped back, he was familiar with Pac-Man and knew very well that this was not normal. Oh right, this is a dream after all... but... he thought, looking at the screen once more. I don't remember this place at all, but why does it feel like I've been here before? As he thought of the question, an intense fear washed over him almost instantly. His heart was racing and he felt himself short of breath as he felt as though he was suffocating. Klonoa fell to the ground, barely able to catch himself as his legs became weak. Klonoa soon regained his composure and stood back up and began checking his surroundings. "What was that?" he asked as he turned back to the arcade machine with new text on the screen- Memories are a fickle thing, aren't they? was all it said before quickly turning off. Klonoa shook his head and quickly stood up and dusted himself off before feeling a hard tapping on his shoulder, a voice spoke loudly. "Hey, kid! You gonna pay to play or what?" was all it said. Klonoa turned around and saw a big man looking down at him. "Um..." "I saw you messing with my arcade game, you tryin' to play for free?" he asked as he glared down at the cabbit. "I don't take kindly to freeloaders." "Sorry, I found a couple of tokens stashed under-" Klonoa was quickly cut off as he was grabbed by the collar of his shirt. "Hey! What are you doing?! Let me go!" "They all got the same excuse..." he said as he tossed Klonoa outside the arcade and into a bank of sand. "Don't come back unless you got money!" Klonoa sat up in a daze as he shook his head, rubbing it and dusting the sand out of his fur before putting his hat back on. "Tch... jerk." he mumbled as he finished dusting the sand out of his jacket. "Okay, well I guess that means I can't goof off then." As the cabbit started walking up and down the beach, he noticed that the water was hitting the shoreline much more frequently than before, hearing a light crash more than a few times in just a second. He didn't pay any mind to it however, he just kept walking along the shore. Twenty minutes pass, the sun was beginning to set now and the beach became more and more empty with each passing second save for a bonfire. Klonoa groaned with frustration, ruffling the fur on the top of his head as he paced up and down the shore more. Augh! What am I supposed to be doing? What am I supposed to look for? he thought as he kicked a rock into the sea. How will I get out of here? Is there a time limit of some kind? Why did that guy have to be so vague?! the cabbit felt a giant wave of ice-cold water splash him and knock him to the ground once more. Klonoa spat out the water that got into his mouth and let out a frustrated shout as he began to stomp back towards the center of the beach and quickly towards the bonfire, shivering from the cold air. By this point, the beach was completely devoid of people and only he and the large bonfire remained. Minutes went by as Klonoa tried to dry out his clothes, which was made easier thanks to the bonfire. After he had finished drying his jacket, he put it back on and fell backward into the sand and sighed as he began to look up at the sky began to turn dark, dotting it with stars as he felt like sleep was going to overtake him. He shook himself awake and sat back up. I can't fall asleep now. "No, you can't." Klonoa quickly turned his head behind him, where the source of the voice was coming from but saw nothing. He jumped to his feet and quickly looked around to find anything other than him but to no avail... or so he thought. As his eyes adjusted for the lack of light around him aside from the bonfire, he made out a lone figure in the distance. It was smaller than he was, and as he got closer, Klonoa saw that the small figure was wearing almost the same clothes as him. As he had gotten closer, Klonoa saw that the lone figure was only a child, not only that but was a cabbit just like him. Klonoa was caught by surprise as the cabbit turned around and what he saw threw him for a loop. Is this me? As a kid? "Who're you, mister?" his younger self asked. Klonoa couldn't answer... all he could do was stare in bewilderment. "Are you hoping to see the ghost ship too?" the question broke Klonoa out of his trance. "What?" "The ghost ship." his younger self said before pointing out towards the sea. "It's supposed to be here tonight, out there." he gave a confident grin and stood up straight. "I'm gonna board it!" "Why do you want to board a ghost ship?" Klonoa's older self asked. "How are you even going to board it?" The younger Klonoa pointed towards a small sailboat, barely big enough for two people. "That, I'm going to take that boat and sail into it." he told him before he began to run over to it, attempting to push it into the water. Try as he might, he wasn't able to make it budge. "Can you help me?" Klonoa wasn't sure what else he could do. He was trapped in a dream where the only way out was to find the exit and he wasn't sure how he was even going to do that. The voice only told him that if he navigated the tower that he would be allowed to leave. Klonoa sighed and helped the younger Klonoa push the boat into the water. "Thanks, mister!" said Young Klonoa as he hopped into the boat. "Are you gonna come too?" I might as well go. What else can I do just on the beach here? Klonoa nodded and hopped into the boat as well. He lifted up the sail and took a spot near the stern of the boat as the wind began to carry the two out to sea."By the way, mister." the younger Klonoa spoke up. "I never got your name, mine's Klonoa." Should I even tell him my name? We're the same person... he's familiar with this place but I'm not. Are we different people? This is a dream after all, maybe it is okay to tell him. "What is your name, mister?" "Well, my name is Klo-" Klonoa was interrupted as a loud bang came from underneath the small boat, the shockwave made the two almost fall into the water. "What was that?!" cried the younger Klonoa as he clung to the mast of the boat. Klonoa looked over the side and into the water below, hoping to see what had hit them. Without sunlight, Klonoa couldn't see at all into the water and began to tighten his grip onto the side as he could feel a current hitting the bottom of the boat. "Listen, kid- whatever you do... don't let go." "Why?! What's gonna happen?!" "I don't know, but I do know you can't swim!" "How do you know that?!" Before Klonoa could answer, the water crashed underneath them once again. The force was strong enough to throw the older Klonoa out of the boat and into the water. Klonoa kept kicking his feet and flailing his arms as he sank beneath the waves, doing everything possible in a desperate attempt to swim to the surface. Unfortunately, it was pointless as he continued to sink lower and lower until he could no longer see the light of the surface. The world around Klonoa became darker and his consciousness began to fade. His body began to go limp despite his best attempts to stay awake. Before he knew it, Klonoa blacked out.
Klonoa and The Tower of Forgotten Dreams -PrologueAnd I begin to wonder... The dreams I can't remember when I wake in the morning - where in the world did they go?It was a question I often asked myself as I look back on all of my adventures, realities that were never meant to be. But they felt so real, they couldn't have just been dreams... could they? I sometimes wonder if I'm even real at all... or am I just another dream that's doomed to be forgotten?-----------------------Klonoa looked out the open window of his room and up at the starry night sky as he lay in his bed, the cool nighttime breeze brushing past his face. He had so far spent most of the night awake and slightly agitated, he tossed and turned in an effort to get comfortable so he could sleep but to no avail. The last few nights he felt as though he was unable to dream at all, he felt as though the nights just passed by in just a wink.All he wanted was to go home...Back to everything he knew...Back to the Phantomile he remembers...To see Huepow and his friends again...I want to go back to my Phantomile... he thought as he sat up ... I know it was just a dream but I feel like... it was all I ever knew... he flopped back onto his bed and stared up at the ceiling as he felt the exhaustion begin to creep over him, but despite this, he fought to stay awake. Poor Klonoa was afraid, wondering if he'll ever have another dream or never dream again. He looked over at his nightstand and then at the little clock that sat on top of it. It's almost midnight. he thought before looking back up at the ceiling again. He sighed and kicked off the covers and hopped out of his bed.Maybe if I drink some warm milk, I can dream he thought as he walked out of his room and into the kitchen. He jogged over to the fridge and quickly pulled out a small carton of milk, he then reached into the cabinet and grabbed a glass. He poured the milk into the glass and then placed it inside of the microwave.After a minute, the microwave beeped and Klonoa reached inside and grabbed the glass of warm milk. Without any hesitation, he quickly downed the milk and placed the glass in the kitchen sink before bolting back to his room. Klonoa hopped back into bed and pulled the covers over him once more as he felt himself slowly, but surely, drifting off to sleep.Please... I just want to go home even if it is just a dream. he thought as he shut his eyes and opened them to what had felt like moments later to the same room as before. He looked outside his window once again only to see that same blue sky again. Klonoa sat up in his bed again, grabbing his pillow and pulling his face into it before letting out a loud scream of agony, hot tears streaming down his face and staining his pillow before throwing it across the room. He covered his face with his hands and began to let out loud sobs.EVERY...SINGLE...TIME...Klonoa's thoughts were a mixture of sadness, anger, and frustration. To remember your whole life in a dream only to be told that your memories weren't real and everything you knew and understood was a complete lie, and then having to spend the life you felt you never truly had somewhere that felt foreign to you. It was something that Klonoa couldn't even begin to comprehend.A few moments have passed, Klonoa's sobs had quieted down as he rolled out of bed once again and made his way to his closet. He put on his jacket, boots, shorts, and followed with his favorite hat as well. He looked in the mirror and wiped away the last of his tears with his gloved hand before leaving his room. Time to return to this world again. he thought begrudgingly before stepping out of the door.When he stepped outside, something felt... off. The village was quiet... in fact it was dead silent apart from the sound of Klonoa's footsteps, not a sound could be heard. The wind didn't blow and the people were gone, as if they had vanished in the night. To top that all off, the color of the world looked as though it faded a bit. He began to run towards the center of the village, shouting at the top of his lungs."Hello?! Anyone?!"Nothing... the village was completely quiet.Klonoa soon made it to the center of the village and continued to shout in vain, the reality of the situation began to set in. He was the only one left in this village... speaking of which.I don't remember this village at all... but why does it feel so familiar? he thought as he began to go through one of the empty homes, looking all over for any sign of life. Breezegale is my home, not this place. He thought as he walked back to the village center, taking a seat on the wall of an empty fountain. But how do I remember this place? I don't even know this place's name. he looked around the village and then up at the sky, dark clouds began to roll in and then block out the sun. The faded color of the world was now turning to a dark and bleak looking gray. Klonoa felt no wind, he wasn't sure how the clouds were moving on their own at all... unless..."Am I... dreaming?" he asked himself as he hopped off the fountain. He turned in the direction the clouds were coming from, seeing a light in the distance. It was faint but it was still there. "That's were the clouds are coming from. Maybe that light has something to do with it."Without a second thought, he began running towards what he could only assume was the source of where the clouds were coming from.---------------------------A lone hooded figure sat atop a tall tower, looking down at the gloomy and empty world below him as harsh winds and rain began to pelt hard against the glass on the windows. The room within the tower was nothing special, brick and stone with a simple wooden door in and out of the room. Strewn about the room was various magical artifacts, broken and destroyed save for a bright red box that sat alone on a shelf. In the center of the room sat a transparent cylinder that looked as though it was in the shape of an hourglass.The figure walked to the center of the room and placed his hand on a small tablet in front of it, the cylinder whirred to life and began to display the image of Klonoa, running down a long road headed in the direction of the tower, rain pelting him in his face as tried to protect his eyes from it."The dream traveler is on his way here." the figure said softly. "It doesn't worry me in the slightest however, nothing he does here will matter."The figure soon walked back over to the window, once again looking down at the world below and hung his head. "Like all the others, this world will soon fade away into nothingness. But knowing him... he'll just fight fate tooth and nail." the figured sighed. "Just like he has in every other dream."But he'll learn one way or another... just how pointless his dreams and struggles really are.-------------------------------Klonoa ran for what had felt like ages, he wasn't sure how long had had kept running. It didn't matter much to him though, the light he kept his eyes on was the only clue he had as to what was going on in this world. He felt like his heart was about to burst through his chest as he kept running, he found himself constantly asking how much further he would have to run, especially in this rain. But the light was getting much closer now, and the closer he got to it, the more bleak the landscape looked. The grass on the sides of the trail were yellow and dead, the same with the trees as the absence of leaves. The hills looked completely desolate and devoid of all life save for him."A-almost... there... gotta keep... moving." he told himself through breaths, he ran like a man on a mission. There was also no real point in stopping, he hadn't seen a person or animal for a while now, not even a moo. He began to feel a sense of dread as the light that emanated in the distance became bigger, and it gradually became more intense as he neared the tower.Wait... it's a tower? Klonoa thought as he skidded to a halt, stopping just near the edge of a steep cliff and barely catching himself before he could fall over. Why is a tower here? Not that would answer much, I don't even know where "here" is. he thought as he looked over the side of the cliff, looking for any possible way down. He looked over at the tower once again and saw that it rose out from the water. Well, going in from the bottom is a no-go... but there has to be a way in.He walked all around the cliff-side, as the rain and the wind now began to pick up even more. The force of the wind was almost strong enough to blow him over the side as he walked around it, but he held his footing as he protected his eyes from the rain. After what had felt like ages of walking against the wind and rain, he came across what looked to be a stone bridge that extended from the side of the cliff and made it's way towards the tower. Here it is. The moment he set foot on the bridge, he felt a strange force push him forward, practically throwing him. He fell to the ground and into a puddle of water, he picked himself up and looked back at the end of the bridge and walked over to it... only to be thrown backwards again."I can't leave?" he shouted.I've been expecting you... Dream Traveler, and no, you can't."Who's there?!" Klonoa shouted, the voice felt so close but he couldn't see anyone next to him.No response."Are you the one doing this? Is this your tower?" he shouted amid the harsh rainfall.Still no response.Klonoa groaned in annoyance and continued to push forward, he couldn't leave anyway, either the presence was gone or whoever spoke to him isn't speaking to him now. The sense of dread he felt earlier had only grown more intense, and being near the tower now, he could almost feel it in his bones. He pushed the thought aside and moved on, closing in on the tower's entrance. Once he had reached it, he stepped inside it without hesitation. The first thing he did however was squeeze the water out of his hat and jacket.He walked deeper inside as the light of the outside slowly faded, he turned to see the door to the entrance slam shut on it's own. He jumped a little in fright due to the sound, the light now gone. After a moment of sitting in complete darkness, torches lit along the walls of the room. Brick and stone with torn tapestries thrown about, like no one had lived here in ages.Do you know what happens to your dreams?"Who are you? Why am I here? Did you call me here?"Do you know where they go when they're forgotten?"ANSWER ME!"Why are you angry? I'm just asking you a question."I want to know what is going on! Where am I? Who are you? What is this tower?"You'll find all of that out in due time... but I'll at least answer one of your questions."You'll answer all of them!"One is all you get, this is my home and we play by my rules, so play nicely now.Klonoa groaned and sighed, arguing and yelling wasn't getting him anywhere. "Fine, not like I have a choice anyway... you'll tell me where I am then."Very well... this is where all your forgotten dreams go. This is where worlds that fade into nothingness end up, swallowed up and forgotten forever. This is the Tower of Forgotten Dreams."What do you mean swallowed up? Are you saying you know all the dreams that end up here?"Dreams from millions of different worlds end up here, from good dreams to nightmares. Your dreams end up here as well... you should be happy, very few have the opportunity to see the dreams they have forgotten."So... what you're telling me is I'm going to re-live the dreams I've forgotten and then what?"You'll re-live your dreams and all your questions will finally be answered. Simple as that."Tell me who you are! Why do you know me?"I already answered one question... if you want to know more, you'll have to navigate the tower... and hope you don't get lost along the way. Remember, dreams that are forgotten are never seen again, if you get lost in a dream, you won't be able to escape it."What do you mean?"Re-living the same thing... over and over again with no end in sight. The dreams won't kill you at all... but it would be a fate worse than death itself when you think about it. Even re-living the most peaceful dreams with no way to escape them would drive anyone into madness.Klonoa went wide eyed with horror as the thought crossed his mind, the voice made the idea of being lost within a dream was the same as dying. But what could he do? The lone voice wouldn't let him leave the tower and the only way he could escape, if he could even escape at all, was to play this thing's twisted game."So if I beat your game... you'll answer all my questions and let me leave?"The voice didn't respond... the only thing that came was the sound of a door opening in the floor. Klonoa walked over to it and looked down, there was nothing but darkness. Was this the entrance to this tower's dreams? He did everything to muster up the courage to jump down, but to no avail, the dread he felt had intensified so much, his body refused to move. a few moments later, he felt the same strange force on the bridge, only this time it was pulling him into the hole. He frantically looked for anything to hold on to, digging his hands into the ground in a futile effort to keep himself from being dragged in. His grip soon faded and he was forcefully pulled into the hole, the door slamming shut as his screams soon became silent.You will know what suffering truly is.
Klonoa Crossovers
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Agonizing-Lachrymose Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2019  Student General Artist
Eyy 5 more members until 1,000! WAHOO!
Yus I finally played klonoa games.
Door to phantomile.
Phantomile on wii
Lunateas veil.
Agonizing-Lachrymose Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2019  Student General Artist
Im a klonoa fan that has never actually played a klonoa game. Im just getting into the series. Im so glad i found him though because he might be the best thing ever.:iconklonoa_loveplz: 
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Hi I'm klonoa fan, I'm open comisnions!
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Thanks for putting me in this group!

I have a request for an artwork. Will someone do an artwork featuring Klonoa in love with Malice of Malice: A Kat's Tale fame?
Lymboartz Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This request is sitill open? I'm interested
Vuxovich Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2018
Yes, the request is still open. Will you please do the job?
Lymboartz Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
before we go to that which is my reward? because I'm planing to make others artworks in mind, do you have any offert?
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Thank you guys for putting me in this group! ^^
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It's no problem!
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No problem! Everyone is welcome here! :)
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