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I like it thank you

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Excellent capture!

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Thanks so much!

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Very artistic! I love the colors!~

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looks lovely.... and so peaceful!

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Love this so much, Kloir! It is like you can breathe over here and feelings are everywhere Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]

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Looks very beautiful! Amazing work!

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Super kind of you! Thank you 💙

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Always amazing work like always! The colors are amazing like always!

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Happy sunset! Happy clouds!

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Only the happiest clouds in my skies, shades acceptable 😎

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The flow and the shapes of the elements, also the silhouette of the man is so clear. I also love how the warm and cool colour complimented each other :D!

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Aw thank you so much! I love contrasting warms and cools in my paintings, super cool you picked up on it :)

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Holy crap those are amazing clouds.

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an image that disconnects you from everyday life, very beautiful

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Appreciate it! Thank you :)

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This has a nice, peaceful vibe. The sky is colorful, and it being the dominant part of the image makes it all the more powerful.

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Aww! Absolutely stunning view! Amazing artwork indeed!!

Hmm... I wonder who that pilgrim is?

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