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i'm alive

glad we got that cleared up
And this time is no exception
Cloverfield was awesome, I recommend it if you like to watch monsters destroy stuff. A good time was had by all. Wouldn't mind seeing it again.

The monster design was really pretty cool...kinda hard to describe it, I was pretty satisfied with it.

Yeah, I have nothing else interesting to talk about. I'm still doing the Mario comic, it's just been on the back burner lately since I'm getting commissioned to do some illustration work for a friend's website and that's a priority. But don't worry, it's not canned.
His final smash would be letting loose with a one liner so incredibly corny that everyone on the playing field just explodes
I am still working on it, and will try to update it pretty regularly. I'm feeling pretty motivated, so I'm going to do my best to continue it.

I made it for two reasons. First, I wanted to practice more with comics, and it's less stressful to do that with a stupid fancomic because it is, after all, a stupid fancomic. Not much to lose there, and plenty of room to experiment.

Second, I always liked that Super Mario Adventures comic Nintendo Power ran, and I always wanted to see a sequel to it, but we never got it. So I wanted to make something similar (in fact as you'll see on some upcoming pages, I took some locations and characters directly from that comic), because if you can't find something, then you should make it yourself.

It does actually have a storyline, and Mario himself is very much the main character even though he thusfar has not appeared, so it won't just be a series of random jokes, though I'm not taking it too seriously and there will hopefully be lots of things to make people laugh.

It also needs a title, but I find that naming stuff is easier once you've finished it or are at least further along, so for now it'll just remain "that Mario comic".

There's some other things I want to mention about it but that'd be getting into SPOILER TERRITORY (oh NO!) so I'll save it for now. Until then, I hope you enjoy it.
That my last image of 2007 would be...Parakarry enduring all manner of physical abuse.

What fun fruit roll-ups will I roll out with next?
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So my friend sent me one of the most awesomely creative Christmas presents and it just arrived today.

I knew he had a reputation for doing unusual gifts that had a lot of thought put into them, but holy crap I wasn't expecting what he sent me. He knows I'm a fan of the Castlevania video games so he sent me what basically amounts to a vampire killer kit in an old wooden box filled with straw. The whole package was made to look ancient.

Inside the box:

- A wooden cross
- A smaller cross pin
- Two cloves of garlic
- Holy water in a bottle sealed with red wax and a wooden cap, along with a certificate on some old parchment wrapped with twine. The certificate says it's really holy water from the Jordan River.
- A WHIP. HAHA. Yes, a full sized whip.
-An old-looking envelope sealed with red wax, with some torn parchment inside, on the parchment it says "What a horrible night to have a curse" in gothic font with red ink
-A vampire killer's handbook by "Van Helsing" with lots of sketches and info on how to kill vampires, etc.

This just has to be one of the most creative packages I've gotten. Seriously the amount of thought he put into this just makes me really appreciative. What awesome friends I have.

As a bonus he included a little 8-bit figure of Simon Belmont from the NES CV game, and a Han Solo PSP case.
So Christmas came and went, and I got among other things Zack & Wiki and Phoenix Wright 3. Truly a CAPCOM CHRISTMAS (or it would have been if Sakurai had also announced Megaman for Brawl, but I guess his heart is just three sizes too small).

Zack and Wiki is really fun so far, I enjoy it quite a bit. The puzzles are really clever. It's a point and click adventure game with a neat art style. Also there's this little undead musician guy who makes you play classic Capcom songs, like the Wily Castle music from Mega Man 2 (!!)

So yeah it's a really good game and I recommend it if you like point/click stuff or just enjoy a good puzzle. I'm up to the second area of the game and there's already been some challenging stuff so far.
Someone told me the other day that there are drawing tablets now with a textured surface, making it easier to do lineart since the surface of the tablet isn't so slippery. I've never actually seen one in a store though. If I had one of those holy crap

I've also heard of tablets that display what your monitor is displaying, which also sounds like it would help with doing digital art. I just love doing digital art, especially coloring.

Yeah. Tablets are pretty cool.

I just wanted to get that halloween entry off my front page
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Happy halloween to those who celebrate it, I hope you're doing well.

As for me, I will be doing nothing special this Halloween unless you count playing Disgaea PSP which just came out in time for the holiday. Yeah, I bought a PSP a while back. Am I a traitor?!

Other games I own for it are: FF Tactics, Daxter, Monster Hunter 2, and Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops. All good games.

As for a Halloween pic, I will be uploading one. Oh you will SO be getting one of those, but not just yet. You'll have to wait and see what it is.

Now go eat candy and watch out for vampires.
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(not really)


Oh my god, I am so happy. He was the only character I really wanted to be in the game and he is.

Fuck Sonic in Brawl THIS is what made my day today:…

A remake of Kirby Superstar, for the DS. Kinda lame that they're re-using so many Nightmare in Dreamland sprites but who cares Dynablade looks awesome

Please have wifi co-op please have wifi co-op if it does oh my god
I don't care how they do it.

I'm playing through Twilight Princess again for no particular reason. I like the game, but was always a little disappointed that it was so similar to Ocarina of Time, and I think I hyped myself on it so much before it came out that it couldn't have possibly lived up to my expectations anyway. So I'm playing through it again, and trying to get all the Pieces of Heart this time, even though that "sidequest" is completely pointless and the game is easy as pie.

I really hope the next Zelda game has more stuff to do outside of dungeons...if they had the sidequests from Majora's Mask + plenty of dungeons that would rock. Always thought it was neat how everyone in MM had their own little schedule to follow.

In retrospect, Twilight Princess is the better game, but I really liked how fresh Wind Waker felt. The nautical atmosphere was sweet and I actually liked the graphics, even if Link himself was a bit ugly. But the creature designs and fluid animation were excellent.

I also hope the next Zelda game has orchestrated music, or at least music that sounds orchestrated. This tinny MIDI stuff just isn't cutting it, and music can add a lot to the atmosphere of a game. I beat Okami the night before I got TP and going from that game's relatively epic orchestral score to TP's MIDIs was a little bit of a let down.

Anyway, still an awesome game that I enjoyed enough to play through more than once. And I will definitely be getting Phantom Hourglass, and drawing artwork for it, when it is released. Comes out next month :D

I also beat Metroid Prime 3 recently but don't have much to say about it at the moment. However: it is enjoyable. And not as linear as previews made it seem like it would be. Still prefer Samus going at it alone though, didn't care much for the Galactic Federation stuff. Great game though, very good controls and music too.
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I just realized my last three favorites are all cycloptic creatures and that there's a good amount of them on the front page of my gallery as well.

That is all.
haven't been around lately since I've been busy working on my comic.

There's a few new pages up, made to replace some of the older color ones which I didn't like. There's also lots of concept art and other things on the site so far, a lot of which isn't uploaded here.
He bought me a three month subscription on DA. Thanks a lot!

:iconrage28: Check out his gallery.
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Always assuming you celebrate it. I had a pretty good Christmas, I still can't believe I actually managed to make an elaborate X-mas picture for once.

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Today, well, yesterday since it's 6AM currently, was my birthday. I'm 21 now. I do not feel that old.

So I guess I can legally drink, gamble, and all of that now.

Except I don't give a damn about doing any of it. o.o

Regardless, I'm going to the casino sometime soon since I can actually get in now. I doubt I'll spend very much money, I'm mainly going to mooch off their food bar. Lobster tail, all manner of sweets, chocolate, you name it, yummy.

Man, I didn't have a cake this year. I guess birthdays get less fanfare the older you get.
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