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Kono Imo
I'm leaning on the ledge of a 257 story building holding my breath and a goldfish bowl, testing the effect of gravity on water and the life that inhabits it. No, that's it. Because I've never been here before.
Sauntering slowly into the room, we share a lascivious grin, gazing and glaring simultaneously. It's this strange quasi-peace/happiness/relationship that both makes my grey matter spin uncontrollably and pleasantly throb in relief and confusion.
I've gotten too attached, and we're driving at 723 kilometers per hour watching reality and the status quo blur by as we giggle incoherently the way we always do.
Is that pathetic? Yes/no. Who knows. Does it really matter? Because right now I'm happy. Happier than I've ever been and our complications are just saran wrap covering a bowl of ice cream that I gave up for Lent. Together, we're peeling off the film and working on sharing the dessert.
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Mature content
Julia :iconklmnumbers:klmnumbers 0 14
New fruit
A simple slice
of apples
and new seeds
are placed inside.
Watered and regrown
I poke and dig
new holes
in the dirt above my heart
and gawk at the grapefruit there.
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A Liturgy of Hierarchy
A liturgy of hierarchy.
Proselytes exalt the social elite
until misguided offenses
lead to Crucifixion.
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Veteran v2
Rays filter through the blinds,
obscuring trophies from my past.
Fingers arthritically trace the lines,
Rogue plane headed this way,
explosive shells sear my skin-
Hastily, as I search for scars,
the balancing idol crashes.
Rocking my brother in my arms,
lamenting as the wound remains.
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- Reawakening -
"Boredom is my muse," she giggled as we sat on her driveway, sketching the newly purchased hydrangeas and petunias waiting patiently to be planted. Colored pencils mixed into otherworldly plants with hues that only she could imagine while my paper turned to a tangled mess of weeds. She always did that. Created gorgeous from pretty as she continued to blossom herself. Sitting on the pavement as it continued to grow warmer and warmer, I couldn't help but notice how the wind would toss her hair and skirt as her limbs and torso stretched. The black concrete began to burn, but I simply sat and watched in my awkward glory.
      "Boredom is my muse," she drawled during those long summer afternoons that we spent lying in the grass. She always spoke that way, aware of some great universe that I could never see. I would reach out to touch her stars and gaze at her galaxies, but they remained hidden and distant despite my probing thoughts. I could only watch her, he
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- Procrastinator - by klmnumbers - Procrastinator - :iconklmnumbers:klmnumbers 1 10
Enlighten me dear Sun
Enlighten me, dear Sun, thy pow'rs yet found.
That I, blackened by the eclipse of night,
May yet be freed to seek thy light.
I raise my darkened sky from earth's cold ground.
O! That his pull might weaken and my bounds
Break as thy sweet breath makes me to be white.
Hidden, lost, closed are eyes that search for sight
For earth leaves light, and guides the gadabout.
And though I seek to mend, gravity's thrall
Pulls, dear Sun, as Nature hath required.
This sin, this tree, this track hath long desired
My spin; Without thy shine, he wins. I fall;
earth forces the satellite to revolve,
But to the light is my constant resolve.
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James W Marsters Pencilafied by klmnumbers James W Marsters Pencilafied :iconklmnumbers:klmnumbers 0 8

Random Favourites

something about a rainforest
It was almost December when he told me about the rainforest. There's this plant, he said, It only grows in the rainforests of Queensland, in Australia. That night I stayed up listening to him talk about everything from Marxist philosophy to distortion pedals to the construction of clocks. I didn't care. I liked his words.
It has these huge leaves, he continued, That are covered in tiny microscopic silicone tubes that help the tree get water. The thing is, if you touch the leaves, they come off on you. They're like needles and they're so small but they hurt like shit. They stay under your skin for months until you regenerate every place it touched. And anytime you get water on them, it goes through the tubes and you have all this water below the surface. Supposed to be one of the most painful things possible.
He stopped and looked at me and for a second I tried to imagine filling up with water right beneath my skin. He was right, it hurt.
I said Yes some people can do that too. You touc
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An April Morning
An April Morning
They tore his flesh like paper
their lashes destroying the last stanzas of his skin
until his back became
an incoherent phrase of flesh, unreadable
amidst the punctuation of his bones
Afterwards they laid him down
and wrapped his body in a single sheet of parchment
winding it about him
until he was covered completely
There was so much blood
the man beneath could not be seen
and when it dried it was nearly the color of earth
They woke three days later
torn from desperate dreaming
to find the cave empty
mouth lacking tongue to tell
what had happened in the night
All that remained
was the single sheet of paper
they had wrapped him in
crumpled like a second skin
and full of words
where all the blood had been
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Autumn Premonitions
A reed cloaked in shadows, he bends in the wind
cutting a melancholy tune.
Days grown shorter, shorts grown longer,
lonely lemonade stands stranded in the dust.
Dusk paints clouds in rusty colours,
vermilion landscape sighs and fades.
The bitter-chocolate sky rolls out its stars
and telephone breaks the stifled silence;
bite-sized scraps of a familiar voice
push back the night two words at a time.
-MZ (Aug 20 '03)
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An uncanny gospel ---
An uncanny gospel (or a deity denied existence)</i>
Charlie would always walk alone
Charlie would do silly dances do
Charlie would not look up or down to you
Charlie would rather look straight through
Charlie would place footsteps treading the road that leads ahead
Charlie would have done all of that if only Charlie could
Charlie would always impersonate fun
Charlie would laugh about that all alone
Charlie would dance as in Charlie walking straight forward
Charlie would make you laugh
... Charlie would ... if you'd understand
Charlie would split trees whole, by simply cracking them up, no trouble
Charlie would combine all that contradicts
Charlie would annul all that's mere suppose
Charlie would really wanna do all those before the final bell and whistle blows
Charlie would ... if Charlie could
Charlie would lay out the mind's compile
Charlie would make it big for all to see, although pure invisibility
Charlie would stand on mountains high
Charlie would endure pain without a
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Quartet by jasinski Quartet :iconjasinski:jasinski 599 238



we didn't start the fire!
United States
So. Some people.. you know like 4.. might have noticed that I haven't been here in forever. I've just been divided a lot.. sick, school, work, .. tv. No room for writing. I do want to do it again, but I don't feel like I can produce anything to be proud of anymore.

So, I came back here to just check on this little community that I have come to love over the course of over 3 years.. and it's in ruins. The writing community has been torn apart by bannings and arguments, and I'm just sad. Honestly. I wasn't here for any of this, so I don't even know what happened. All I see is the impact, and I'm so disheartened.

Good luck and much love to all of you who were banned and who chose to left. If you stumble upon this journal, you know who you are.


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