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Gwendra - Fursuit Concept by EarthGwee Gwendra - Fursuit Concept :iconearthgwee:EarthGwee 133 23 Evolution of Earth Gwee by EarthGwee Evolution of Earth Gwee :iconearthgwee:EarthGwee 239 46 ThunderSoy by EarthGwee ThunderSoy :iconearthgwee:EarthGwee 124 119 Meet the Artist by EarthGwee Meet the Artist :iconearthgwee:EarthGwee 237 39 Art vs Artist by EarthGwee Art vs Artist :iconearthgwee:EarthGwee 189 41 Nora Voracious -Light Eatter- by NoraVoracious Nora Voracious -Light Eatter- :iconnoravoracious:NoraVoracious 12 30 Nora's DND character by NoraVoracious
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Nora's DND character :iconnoravoracious:NoraVoracious 71 13
still looking for rp partners
message if you're interested
I predominantly use discord for it
Must be character-based third-person roleplays. Shipping is strongly preferred (but not necessarily dating/married, they can be friends or relatives, even strangers hooking up on kink night somewhere that'll never see each other again, but I'm not really here for like, enemy-based plots or that sort of thing)
Major themes I like doing: mutual gaining, "relapsing" (like characters that have been fat, dieted until they're slender or at least less fat, but now they're back to their old ways), pulling in negative health aspects, forays into intoxication fetish, pregnancy/breeding/mpreg, exploring obesity as a family or social trait, and more.
They aren't the only topics I do but they're my favorites.
I'm also ok w most taboo topics, just ask first.
I'm also ok with using supernatural beings or setting scifi/fantasy aus (tangent there's a plot I want that I'm gonna forget if I don't post about it so here: Character A is a vampi
:iconfatty-writes:fatty-writes 2 4
F-List Debut
Come by to my alter ego/anthro version of myself to check the solid stuff
Anyone wanna join me for F-List rp from the here and F-List site? Give me a heck yeah and send me a note/message or invitation.
:iconhelizukewolfknight:HelizukeWolfknight 3 15
Discord Debut
This is the link to my discord channel server. So if anyone interested, please enter. And if any wanna see awesomeness to discord? Give me a hell yeah!
:iconhelizukewolfknight:HelizukeWolfknight 3 30
Status Update, Discord for June 2018
Well I took a big hit with my money with having to get my car repaired, but I'm hoping to work my way back up once again, even with the looming threat of student loans very soon.
As such, I'm getting way back into writing and hoping to have something good going up every week.  More toon, clown, bimbo, anthro, and all that fun stuff coming your way again pretty soon!  Plus, still have a good stockpile of images to share and post around here to keep things nice as well.
Also, if you have any questions for me about things, my stories, my pictures I've commissioned, or anything else, feel free to leave a comment.  I want to try getting better about answering everyone.  I've been failing in that recently.
Lastly, if anyone wants to join my Discord channel, send me a note!  I'm open to adding some more people to it for those interested.
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 1 1
Skype RP Information
Please fill this out and post in the comment section of the group or in the group journal:
Skype Name: (You can also tell people to note you)
RolePlay Interests:
Time Online:
RP Preference: (This is like script, literature, ect.)
RP Length:
This is an example of mine:
Skype Name: bobinfinity1
RolePlay Interests: romance, dragons, vore, wolves, anthros, action
Time Online: In the morning
RP Preference: script
RP Length: short to medium
Please refrain from commenting on this journal or your comments will be hidden. Either comment on the front page or make a journal.
:iconskype-rp:Skype-RP 3 47
Hey there! I have returned!!
Hey there! As you know I don't submit much on DeviantArt anymore as frequently as I did before. Well, for the fact I have been training with exercises in art to excel I have done quite the job and now my art takes longer to produce such nice art compared to my other ones before. 
Things I want to point out:
I am looking for a role player with decent and open mind talent for written detail - (I don't expect you to be a grammar nazi)
I am a Pokemon like roleplayer who would love to RP with anyone who is lenient to anything and I mean anything that is realistically possible for a character to do and act. 

I would love someone who can RP things both dark and cute things since I enjoy the balance of both or even more on one side. In other words be very open minded before approaching me because I hate being limited soo low.

I am a creative role player with
:iconleafysnivy:Leafysnivy 1 22
Leafy Fans! Would you like to get to me better?
I am opening a discord server!!!
I am opening a discord server for the different type of people who like me or want to talk to me for different reasons. Take into account I am not allowing any trouble makers so don't bother joining if you know you are one.
If you want discord or currently have it and want to give this a go then send me a note with a good reason why you want to join since I want to know why it is your joining for. 
These are the rooms I will be making specifically right now. 
Pokemon chat room My PMD story roomImages room. Generall chat room RP room 
:iconleafysnivy:Leafysnivy 1 7
hey everyone, just wanted to let you know i did a re-upload of chapter 21, just made a bunch of additions to it, got some spicy new content, hope you enjoy. new ELWAS eventually (tm)
also please join my discord server i'm very lonely
:iconanonymous-69:anonymous-69 1 0
hey i finally made that dedicated discord server i was talking about last week lol
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Ordinarily, I usually don't speak up when it comes to any kind of issue. Whether it has to do with politics or even issues concerning fandoms of any stripe, I've usually kept to myself (with the exception of a few comments that I've left on certain people's journals). However, the topic of being "Horse-Famous" (and fame, in general) is becoming an issue to many amongst certain members within the current crop of content creators in the Friendship is Magic fandom.

When I say that it's becoming an issue, I mean we're starting to see more and more people speak about what being "Horse-Famous" entails and all the craziness that comes with it. From LuluDaMouse and her own experiences with it, as shown here:

to KenzieVA / KiraCoupland's story about the horrors involved in dealing with it all (Note: Said video has since been either deleted or privatized, my money's on the former)

Even AshleyHDoritoQueen has weighed in on the subject with her thoughts on the matter (which has since had a response made to it):


This isn't just a problem exclusive to the voice actors and other content creators on YouTube. There are people on deviantArt that have spoken about this like AleximusPrime:

Between those posts and the supposed drama that came about concerning ILoveKimPossibleAlot, it's easy to see that for most people, the idea of being famous (at least when it comes to our generation) is not necessarily something that's worth chasing after. Fame and success is all well and good. It's great to be noticed and get compensated for what you do. But... as anyone who's ever seen every single story of every single celebrity ever, we know that there's always a dark side to it.

All that I have just linked to are examples of what can happen when it comes to chasing or achieving "Horse-Fame". You either wind up going unnoticed (even if you're an artist who's really good at what they do, whether it's to do with voice acting, animation or anything else) or you do eventually get that brand of fame and it becomes too much to handle (unless you really know how to handle it). To say nothing of how people will treat you if you should ever achieve that fame, you'll (sometimes) come across the kinds of folk who are...well, leeches and incredibly disgusting people willing take advantage of you.

"Okay, So you made an observation on this whole "Horse-Fame" thing. Is there a point to this? What exactly are you trying to say?" I'm saying I understand both sides of the argument. I get those who say "Fame isn't worth it, don't chase after it" because fame and money will change you, if you let it. Oftentimes for the worst. While not an example of fame itself, it still applies, in this context.

*SPOILERS* There's an episode of Family Guy (pre-cancellation) where Peter Griffin had the high-life go to his head while living in one of Newport's more upperclass communities. This causes him to act in ways that he never would have before. After seeing the effects of high-society and how it can change people during her childhood, Lois (his wife) couldn't stand her husband's new persona and decides to head home for Quahog (not knowing that Brian had already gotten through to him in the events prior). Before leaving with the rest of the Griffin family, she says to Peter: "When you get tired of acting like a snob, look us up". It was a cautionary tale of what can happen when you let riches consume you. You eventually lose perspective on who and what really matters in life. 

Yet, I also get why some people would want to live "the lifestyle of the rich and famous". There's nothing more satisfying than finally getting recognition for all you've done after you've spent who knows how many years honing and perfecting your skills as you achieve your dream career. To have your product sell well and make millions or billions on top of that as a plus? It'd be the life that almost everyone would want to have. Not to mention the awards and accolades you could garner and all the kinds of influential figures who'd probably line up just to work with you, one day.

Who wouldn't dream of that? What a way to live (if you're into that sort of thing).

So where does that leave me in all of this and would I want to be "Horse-Famous"?

Well... to be honest, fame (and fame in fandoms, in general) was never an issue for me. Mainly because the concept of being famous was not something that I put too much stock or thought into and this is coming from someone who legitimately knows some famous people in the entertainment biz as either acquaintances or relatives (No, I'm not going to reveal who they are...yet).

Once upon a time, a part of me would have been as giddy as a schoolgirl at the thought of working with people like Magpie-pony, TheLostNarrator, WubcakeVA, PurpleRoselyn, AnimelodieVA, DaWillstanator, iLoveCreativity14, CharPonyVA, Je-nny, Ribonchan59, TrebleSketchOfficial, CosmicChrissy, Glory-VA, Obabscribbler, Pinkie-RoseVannamelon, warriorcatsgeek, basiiicat, CrystalCadenza, MEMJ0123, CrownePrince, Littleblackraencloud, TheCrazyOneOfTheGang  and more within the FiM fandom.

 While working with such people is something I'd love to happen (and I'd still be up for it), the motto I now live by is: "If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't". It's nothing that I'd lose sleep or cry over, if it never comes to be. I'd see such an opportunity as a bonus for both myself and the parties involved (especially if it means that it will lead to better opportunities for them and other voice actors, like them). 

The same can also be said for other voice actors outside of the aforementioned fan community. Not the least of which include individuals like DawnMBennettVA, MelGorsha, Suki-Chan9966, JordantheCat11, Kitsudon, JamesmanTheRegenold, EarthGwee, codeblackhayate, Sonicgirl1001, Haylizbeth, ProjectSNT, fluffysnail, ChaoticStories, AderuMoro, KisakaToriama, XRainbow-ChocoboX, katrinamyla, DanicaSpirit, ShudoRanmaru, AliFluro and Dawnrie, just to name a few.

 To be incredibly honest, my interest is suited more toward befriending and really getting to know some of these folks. Many of them sound like nice, kind people worth hanging with (and yes, I really do mean that).

Basically, it boils down to this: If I do become rich and famous, that's fine. If it doesn't go that way, then that's fine, too. It's not something that I was worried about before and it's not something that worries me now. Besides, I'd be happy just to lead a vibrant and exciting, yet steady life with lots of opportunities for worldwide travel and the possibility of marriage, down the road. Ditto for when it comes to working with known or semi-known voice actors and actresses on fanworks and for-profit projects. 

Right now, my main focus has to do with working on some screenplays that I've had in my mind, for quite some time and learning everything that I can about the film process through the pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree, in that field. All for the sake of working within the film industry, the animation industry or the video game industry, one day.

*Sigh* Speaking of screenplays and MLP: FiM (seriously, how many times are you going to keep mentioning the show, by name), it has now come to this: 

 I wasn't going to say anything about it, but... one of the biggest projects that I'm working on is a movie. For now, all I'll say that it does involve your favorite ponies (both main and background) and a big event concerning one of the more menacing villains from the show. Also, I'm penning a long-form multi-chapter character-driven story that may encompass many arcs with many different couples and yes, it's a fanfic. In addition to this, there are plans for shorts inspired by the classic cartoons from Hollywood's Golden Age (i,e. 1927-1980) featuring said characters, akin to what you've seen from the likes of TheClassicThinker and ToucanLDM

Of course, I'm also planning out experimental concepts / ideas for scripts involving original works, one of which I've written an outline for (can't reveal everything about that, yet).

With all that in mind (and since I enjoy classic cartoons so much), I'll now leave you with this quote. As Bugs Bunny (and author Elbert Hubbard before him), once said: "Don't ever take life too seriouslyYou'll never get out of it alive." :)
I'd never thought that I'd post something like this. But in honor of this being 2017, here's something that I hope you'll really like.

Are you a fan of animation (classic, modern or otherwise)?

Are you a fan of music (be it heavy metal, hard rock, or something else)?

Have you ever wondered what a heavy metal version of "Merrily We Roll Along" and/or "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" (aka the intro and outro theme music for Warner Bros's classic Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons) sounded like?

Well, wonder no more, ladies and gentlemen! :)

Have a listen for yourself and share your thoughts (um... that is to say... if you want to).

Oh and in case you're wondering how exactly such simple theme songs managed to evolve over time, here are two more videos that showcase this: 

One for "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down": 

and one for Merrily We Roll Along":

Credit goes to the following people:

(The uploader for the latter videos)


(The musician and the uploader of the former)

As an alternative, here's a rendition of said theme songs done in the style of Hard Rock:

Credit goes to Chris Holland:… 

Enjoy! :)


klkjr's Profile Picture
Kevin Kess
United States
A (somewhat) intelligent man with an I.Q. of 117 who's traveled around the world... somehow.

He has a hard time expressing what he really wants to say due to an instilled fear by those around him that if you did, it may hurt someone's feelings or make them angry (though, he's slowly learning how stand up for himself and speak his mind through the Internet).

He's comfortable in his own skin and his gender (with apologies to many within the transsexual community), but he struggles to figure out who he is... even when some folks point out the obvious and steer him in the right direction.

He does think logically. Most communication that he does is done through the Internet.

Yet, it does not mean he hates being around people outside of the Web.

In fact, he loves it.

If it were up to him, he'd attend as many fan / anime conventions and travel to as many countries as humanly possible, while meeting some interesting people along the way in real life and spend quality time with them. (This also includes the various creative and entertaining folks on the Internet like all of you within the voice acting and belly dance communities).

He's been told that making friends is important to him and that conversing with people he's either met for the first time or have known for years is something that he can do. However that depends on the situations involved and the settings he's in.

Sometimes this works, and sometimes it backfires horribly. If it's the former, this would lead to him finding out that there may be something in common that he has with the one person or group that he's talking to.

If it's the latter, well... let's just say: it's amazing how many people will be your friend... as long as you don't say something that they don't agree with.

Despite his shortcomings (of which there's a huge list), he's been told that there's a real optimist in him who always manages to see the positives / good in people. He's also been told that he's kind, sweet, and friendly.

The type who'd bring happiness to anyone he either comes across or who come across him. Because of this, people tend to gravitate towards him... for reasons that even he doesn't know.

In some ways, he's a fun loving individual who can be humorous at times... Or so he's been told.

But, there are times where he wonders how or why anyone would want to be around him, let alone how or why someone would call him a good friend.

He also wonders how he managed to make as many friends as he did and why so many chose to stick with him for as long as they have (both in real life and online).

There also seems to be a creative side to him. Originally, he wanted to express it through becoming an animator. But upon seeing how labor-intensive it can be, he has since turned to script writing in order to let his creative juices flow.


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