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Dancing BMO - Free avatar

Art trade with: :iconaidanrose:

Geh! The face and the yellow button are messed up... whatever.
I'm still learning to animate.


Ya know da rulez:

Signature credit is not necessary, but it's really appreciated.
I share the love by making free avatars, you share the love by linking others to my page.

----- EDIT -----
Oh my...

Over a 1,000 views. I didn't expect this. Thank you all!!!!

----- EDIT (AGAIN) -----

I made it to the front page...

Holy cow!

----- EDIT (AGAIN) (AGAIN) -----


----- EDIT (AGAIN) (AGAIN) (AGAIN) -----

3,000 views and more than 60 comments
*is reborn from the ashes of the explosion above*

----- EDIT (AGAIN) (AGAIN) (AGAIN) (AGAIN) -----
4,000 views and more than 70 comments!

Comments: 98
Favourites: 1,653
Views: 5,512 (2,432 today)
Downloads: 90 (23 today)

*turns into a zombie, drooling rainbows*

Comments: 130
Favourites: 1,980 [who?]
Views: 6,510 (3,430 today)
Downloads: 105 (38 today)

*Develops wings and laser vision*

Comments: 162
Favourites: 2,289 [who?]
Views: 7,456 (4,376 today)
Downloads: 124 (57 today)

*turns into a holy cow... with wings and laser vision*

Comments: 212
Favourites: 2,921 [who?]
Views: 9,315 (6,235 today)
Downloads: 160 (93 today)

OVER 9,000!!!!
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AppleExplosive's avatar
This is Adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;A;
nokinno's avatar
This is fantastic! La love
I love it!
yaoishadower's avatar
RossRocks99's avatar
What is that black string thing on her?
princessalexi16's avatar
lol :iconvegetaplz: - OVER 9000!!!!!!!
AlaHoaLokAGY8's avatar
OMG so cute! Dude I gotta show this to my Niece!
bluebunnywolf987's avatar
Can I use this? It's so cute :D
kaybabe300's avatar
anyimakiko678's avatar
jjajajajjaja bmo bailando jaja
milkcart0nangel's avatar
love this soo much
takozilla's avatar
Its so cute! can i use?
Klizzy's avatar
ghostTurtle's avatar
i can't stop of see bmo dance x3 can i use this please?
Klizzy's avatar
Sure you can!
ghostTurtle's avatar
ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ thank you~
pinkprincess2012's avatar
I'm totally going to use this if that's ok? ^_^
Do you mind if I add this to a website?
Klizzy's avatar
As long as you give me credit, it's fine.
Also, could you give me a link? I'm curious :3
It's a homeschool site. =) And I'll tell the mods to give you credit. :D I might have to get permission to give out the link.... Sorry about the delay. :)
Klizzy's avatar
hum... it's fine :3
Okay! I can give you a link, but they informed me to tell you not to register. [link]
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