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So I've been working on some things, and the results are:…

klinH Comics is a consolidation of the comics I used to work on here and there on dA.
Classism is finally getting off the ground (or at least past the prologue), and I'll be tackling Gijinka a little more seriously. Currently, Gijinka has several new content comics already, and I'll be adding some more parts when they go through Viridian Forest.
As for IofM Anthology ... that is my reply to people who are still wondering about what happened to IofM. It will be a collection of stories about some of the characters of IofM that I still want to tell. 

As for the Web Novel I'm writing, Wizard with the Flower Blades, there are currently 28 chapters up on the site for those interested in a gender-bend (guy to girl) transported to another world styled story. 
First off... Dimension W in the Winter 2015/16 season!!!!!!!! If it weren't for One Punch-Man, I'd say skip this season and lets move on to that one! (j/k)
The Fall2015 is a "small" season with a lot of 3-minute shows.

Second seasons:
Noragami Aragato
K: Return of Kings
Soukyuu no Fafner
Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo R
Owarimonogatari - the assumedly last installment of the bakamonogatari series, judging from the title, but who knows.
Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou Middle school au of shingeki no kyojin? Does that count as a "second season"?
Haikyuu!! S2
Ameiro Cocoa: Rainy Color e Youkoso
Yuru Yuri San * Hai!
Hidan no Aria AA
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka??
World Trigger: Toubousha-hen
Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst

Other Titles:
Diabolik Lovers More, Blood vampire reverse high school harem
Dance with the Devils - same as above but with demons
Ore ga Oujo-sama Gakkou ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Gets <3 Sareta Ken - All-girl rich-girl high school needs a "commoner" sample so they import (kidnap) a regular joe high schooler. Shenanigans.
Kidou Senshi Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans it's a gundam series. Kids rise against adults and use gundams.
Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen vampires fighting against humans in ... Meiji period? ... Japan; not really sure exactly where they were going with this.
Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai The 35th test platoon is full of misfits; a tech-hentai chick, a cutsie sniper with stage-fright, and a guy who can't use guns and goes berserk when he's insulted as a result of be a sword user. A witch-hunter pro with her... license? ... suspended due to her unauthorized killings of criminals is thrown into this motley crew. ... I did read a bit of the manga before and was more or less unimpressed with the character development and thought they went "super saiyan" too fast, so I will pass on this anime, but it's probably worth a watch for those who like that kind of thing.

Now onto things I actually watched:
Things I recommend:
One Punch Man - In a world full of superheroes and supervillains, Saitama's hobby is being a hero. After training so hard that all his hair fell out, he has grown so strong that he can take out anyone with one punch. But with great power comes ... great.... boredom.
This anime is probably the most hyped up non-season2 for this season, and wow I didn't expect it to be that well animated. It's FANTASTIC if you're looking for another shounen-action style show, though it's technically a shounen parody (and thus a comedy) and is actually a seinen. It is a tad gore-y, so watch out for that a bit.

Heavy Object - The "object", great mechas capable of withstanding nuclear attacks, have changed the course of humanity's warfare forever. Wars are fought purely by Objects and their Elite pilots... but how does everyone else who can't pilot an Object ... fight an Object? That's what Quenser (a student hoping to be an Object designer), Milinda (an elite), and Heivia (a soldier-in-training) have to find out.
Basically, this is a mecha anime centered the concept of being forced to fight a mecha when you're without a mecha. At first, the extraordinarily long monologue about how the Objects work at the beginning had me super worried about how the show would go. It's standard to elaborate on the mechas as you fight harder opponents, right? Why would they break that trend? But I continued watching anyway because I was thoroughly amused by Heivia chasing a moose around with what appeared to be a new-age sawed-off shotgun. And then, at the very end of the show... aaaah, I get it now. This is a mecha anime where the focus isn't the mechas but plain-old human ingenuity.

Garo: Guren no Tsuki - The Heian-kyo is plagued with Horrors that devour humans at night. Only the palace is defended with Onmyouji's kekkai, and the commoners are left to fend for themselves. But the Golden Knight exists to exterminate these horrors the best he can.
I was impressed by the quality of the animation, and then promptly terrified as what looked like eldritch horrors leapt out of the darkness and sucked the life out of the builders, disintegrating them. It is definitely a show for those interested in Japanese period dramas. From the first episode I couldn't tell exactly where they're going, but other than the side-kick kid character and the 3D animation, I liked what I saw. When the characters first named Seimei, my mind went completely blank for a few seconds before I realized they had genderbent Abe no Seimei into a badass, sexy onmyouji chick. I like her character a lot; femme fatale without being too sex-oriented, and capable of holding her own. Well, of course they ended up putting her in a skimpy little number for the action scenes, but I find her onmyouji outfit more captivating.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru - Sakurako is an eccentric woman from a rich family, and is an osteologist who just loves skeletons and bones to the point of strange obsession. High schooler Shotaro is dragged around by her as they encounter various cases.
For those disappointed by Ranpo Kitan (me, due to the fact that it was more drama, less mystery), "A corpse is buried at Sakurako's feet" well makes up for it. The ingenuity of a detective and her "Watson" (Shotaro in this case) who must have everything explained to him is preserved in this story, just that this "Watson" sprays disinfectant at Sakurako when irritated at her (much like disciplining a cat). I dunno if that will continue through the series, but I highly hope so. It was interesting that, at least with the first case, Sakurako "solved" the mystery without bringing the criminals to justice, or rather, the who-dunnit was completely irrelevant to showing her strong powers of observation and knowledge of forensics. If you were a fan of Bones, the concept is pretty similar. I wonder if this series was inspired by it...
For the record, there is a Japanese saying about how a corpse is buried beneath every beautiful sakura tree, hence the sakura motifs and, well, Sakurako herself.

Other Series:
Young Black Jack - Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack in his medical school days. Black Jack is a maverick doctor who performs miracles amidst the blackness of humanity.
... Black Jack is way too pretty, to a point of being disconcerting. To tell the truth I've never been THAT interested in Black Jack, but with this... maybe Wild Life is one step closer to getting an anime! (probably not, how disappointing). They do preserve the little twist at the end that was present in much of the original Black Jack, where despite the great surgical success, a show of human nature leaves a bit of a sour taste in your mouth. Also his romantic interest is still ... hm, I wonder what would be considered spoilers for a prequel show.

Lance N'Masques - Yotaro is a member of Knights of the World, but he just wants a normal life. Not really possible with his "White Knight" condition, where he instantly leaps into knightly-ness at the first sound of trouble. After running across Makio, a 5-year old girl from a rich family who lives alone, he becomes her "hero, Knight Lancer" and along with his maid/knight mentor, his squire, and his horse, lives with Makio to watch over her.
At first I thought it was interesting, but the gap between Yotaro and White Knight Yotaro... really wasn't big enough for my tastes. He's still pretty knightly in his normal mode, so it's more or less a "take care of the poor neglected child" story. I thought it would be more interesting if Yotaro was completely a loser in normal mode, or a misanthropist or something.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - After accidentally infuriating a foreign princess by catching sight of her changing, Ayato is embroiled in a high school life of fighting with magical swords.
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry - After accidentally infuriating a foreign princess by catching sight of her changing, Ikki is embroiled in a high school life of fighting with magical swords.
The differences between them: Ayato is (though not wellknown) considered extremely strong and talented, while Ikki is the underdog who can't use much magic and must rely on a 1-minute instance where he uses up every ounce of magic he owns. Ayato is the collected type of guy while Ikki is the rough type of guy. Gakusen's leading lady is more dere while Rakudai's is more tsun on the tsundere scale. While Rakudai appears to be more about battles, Gakusen seems a bit stronger on the story front. Either way, two high-school magical sword battle harem animes.

Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen - A man wakes up in the middle of a snowy mountain clad in a hospital gown. He is unable to remember a thing, and is rescued by a girl with animal ears and a tail... wait, is he the strange one for not having them?
This is an interesting setting, which I believe comes from a game. It's interesting because a man with something as modern as a hospital gown is thrown into a feudal Japanese setting with strange demi-humans around and you - and him - are now trying to figure out what's going on.

Comet Lucifer - Sogo loves looking for rare crystals, like the resource giftdium in red instead of blue. After getting in a mess of a chase with some of his peers, Sogo and his friend fall into the mines, where strange powers are at work. A military (I think) unit is excavating in an underwater lake, and as Sogo and his friend approach the center of the drained lake, a girl bursts out of a rare red giftdium cluster ... and some mecha comes out of nowhere and defends them from the military unit.
Sooo I didn't know this was a mecha at first, so I was thinking, "man, they paid a heckuva lot of attention to all the little technology things in this anime. How strange." And then the mecha comes out and ... "Oooooh." It's a lot of fantasy so I might watch it anyway.

Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou - The Superhero Bureau is a government group that approaches and protects superhumans. But is that all it is?
This is a kind of wtf anime, where they show two different timelines, one when Jirou (I think the protagonist) is with the Bureau and later on when he is being hunted by the Bureau interspersed with each other. Most of where this is going is still a mystery to me, but it's interesting to watch with a pop flair.

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider - Professor Saikawa and his mentor's daughter, Moe, go on a college trip to an island where Dr Magata, a genius scientist rumored to have killed her parents, has her lab. There they find a corpse and must solve what becomes a serial murder case.
... I think they go to that island. That remains to be determined in the next episode, but it was a succinct way of sliding Shiki Magata in there ... so.... :D This is actually a pretty famous Japanese mystery novel and has been adapted into many forms already, including a live drama. This is also a slower paced drama with a lot of high-brow philosophical meanderings ("what if I'm just a human who boots the OS of Souhei Saikawa every morning" for example), but has one of the most mesmerizing OP sequences imo.</b>
Everything is stalled because my computer is DYING. I am in art limbo, and so I decided to translate a shinto liturgy, or "norito" (祝詞). Don't ask how one thing led to another.

Since this one is kind of an all purpose exorcism spell as well as a short one, I thought I could show you my translation process and give all you writers and storytellers a liturgy you can incorporate without too much trouble. The beauty of showing you the translation process also means that you can easily mold the translation with synonyms and make it specific to what you might want to use it for.
Keep in mind, this is a super rough translation and I may have mistranslations since I am not a native speaker, AND it's kinda poetic and somewhat archaic language so... @.@. Still, it's at least a skeleton of a spell you can use for your Japan-based occult stories. :D

Here is the norito:
Title: 一切成就祓 (Issai Jyoujyu no Harai)
Japanese: 極めて汚も. 滞無ければ. 穢とはあらじ. 内外の玉垣. 清浄と申す.
Romaji: kiwamete kitanaki mo. tamari nakereba. kitanaki towa araji. uchito no tamagaki. kiyoku kiyoshi to maosu.

Translation format is:
[kana purely for pronunciation for those who want it]
(direct word translation) "particles left natural"
"rough translation"

The Title:
Issai Jyoujyu no Harai (Jyoujyu may also be spelled Joju or Jouju depending on romanization)
(everything/anything) (fulfillment/achievement) "no" (exorcism)
"Multipurpose Exorcism" (lol) j/k, though I want it to be that, I think it's actually
"Complete Exorcism"

kiwamete kitanaki mo
(exceedingly/extremely) (dirty/pollute) "mo"
"Extremely dirty" (I judged "mo" to be used for emphasis and not meaning "too" or "also". I may be wrong.)

tamari nakereba
(blocked/stagnate) (negative inflection)
"though not stagnant"

kitanaki towa araji
(unclean/dirty - note different kanji from the 1st "kitanaki") (to be called/is meant by) (to not be)
"unclean it may not be called"

uchito no tamagaki
(inside and outside) "no" (fence/boundary)
"inside and outside of the fence"

kiyoku kiyoshi to maosu
(clean/pure/noble) (clean/purify/pure) "to" (formal speech/humble)
"clean, purify, I humbly ask"

Piecing the rough translations together gives:
"Extremely dirty, though not stagnant, unclean it may not be called. Inside and outside of the fence, clean, purify, I humbly ask."

Trying to make sense of it - Pass 1:
"As extremely dirty as it may be, if it does not fester, it may not be called unclean. Inside and outside of the boundary, clean, purify I ask humbly."

Pass 2:
"Though it may be terribly defiled, as long as it is not allowed to fester it will not be unclean. Within and without; cleanse, purify, I ask thee."

From here, since the general meaning is... kinda clear ... you can now mold it into how you want it. For me, I wanted to keep the poetic touch, so I would translate it as:
"Though terribly defiled,
that which is not allowed to fester
will not remain unclean.
Both within and without,
Cleanse, purify,
I humbly ask thee."

but you can break the poetry and have it as:
"No matter how dirty it is, it will not remain unclean if we do not allow it to be. Therefore, I respectfully request that both the inside and the outside be cleansed and purified."

Or however else you think it would sound best while keeping the meaning. This:
"Even the most defiled of things will not remain unclean if we purify it. I ask that this be cleansed in its entirety."
can also be considered a translation.

And, since the fence or boundary is left ambiguous to its identity, you can translate the second part for specific instances, such as:
A shrine: "Cleanse both within and without the borders of this shrine."
or yourself: "I ask that I be cleansed, both inside and out."
This season's anime is rather peculiar. There's a lot more shows (proportionally) aimed towards women, and it's not all fujoshi-fare. There is also a lot more (and by that I mean more than 1) seinen shows.  There is also just a lot of shows this season.

All shows i'm not interested in watching, but someone out there prob is:
Some of the more popular sequels:
Durarara!!x2Ten (2nd of 3 cours. The third is slated uh... I forget.)
Gatchaman Crowds Insight
Dragon Ball Super  (wtf?)
To Love-Ru: Trouble-Darkness 2nd
Okusama ga Seito Kaichou! - High school kinda pervy girl stealing the student council president position from the protagonist and arranged marriages
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou monster girl harem
Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan magical school, guy leads all girl squad that loses all the time. Ok, to be fair, I dunno if this is a harem, but since they especially make it a point to say that it's an all-girl squad, i thought it was a safe assumption.
Slice of Life:
Million Doll about otaku bloggers supporting their various idols
Sore ga Seiyuu new voice actresses getting trying their best as voice actresses
Danchigai MAYBE a harem, not sure. About a guy and all his sisters. Could also NOT be a harem. Coin tossup with this one.
Gakkou Gurashi! ... this one is a slice of life? well, I'll spoil it for you because it's actually unpleasant to be caught unawares by the surprise if you don't like that kind of horror. ZOMBIES. There's zombies. It's about girls trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, where one of them is still imagining that life is going on as usual (whether due to mental or physical-induced trauma).
Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Senyaku Something about a war where an island country must regain its independence and it's protector dragon god went bonkers. I'm paraphrasing from a synopsis, and you know how the synopses go sometimes... Kind of a shounen look to the art.
Ushio to Tora Ushio must fight off invading spirits, and to do that he releases an ancient demon sealed by his ancestor. Whether or not that was a good idea...
Rokka no Yuusha When the Brave Six meet to stop the resurrection of the God of Evil, seven of them gather. Which one is the traitor?
Bikini Warriors I am sure this is a wholesome series about rpg style adventures. ... sigh. Of COURSE this one's an ecchi.
Kangoku Gakuen An amazonian society in an all-girls-turned-co-ed school and the boys that have to break through.
God Eater With unknown lifeforms devouring the earth, humans develop living weapons that exist to EAT these gods.

Meh, there's some others, but now the episodes I watched:
Gangsta. In the city of Ergastalum, the mafiosos run the town, but sometimes a "conveniently neutral" party needs to be called in for "cleanup". Nicolas and Worick are the benriya (handymen) in this town of blood and dirt. Shortly after cleaning up an up and coming group and taking in their prostitute, the Handymen - and all of Ergastalum - are embroiled in conflict involving the Twilights, biologically super-enhanced mercs like Nicolas.
... Ok, so I didn't read the (popular) manga and apparently missed the exposition where Nic was deaf during the episode (I was doing dishes), so I was rather confused about... all the way through the first episode lols. If you want realism and dirt and grit, this one's for you. I was immediately interested when I noticed the protagonists (other than the hot chick) were not your stereotypical anime protagonists. I really enjoyed this one, it's got that great, gritty, seinen feel to it.

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Inspired by the works of Edogawa Ranpo, a Japanese mystery novel writer (1894-1965), and bearing two of his iconic characters. Kobayashi, a strange and very observant (and very feminine) middle school boy is suddenly accused of murder. He is intrigued by the chance to solve a real life, abnormal murder and comes into contact with genius high school boy detective, Akechi. Solve the "game", Akechi tells him, and Kobayashi will garner a place for himself in "this" world.
This is very clearly a psychological thriller. I have to say I can't tell if it's technically a "mystery" series, since in this first case the viewer is not given all the clues and information, and in fact you aren't even introduced to all the suspects. However, if you like watching the part where the detective just reveals his thought process, that's basically all it is. It is VERY intriguing, and please watch out for the weird instances of bl. In my opinion, other than emphasizing the strangeness (I almost used "queerness") of the murder victim, the bl parts do not make it unwatchable if you aren't into that sort of thing. (Hashiba is annoying all throughout, regardless of his maybe mancrush, so I don't count him) Kobayashi is a strange strange little boy. He is almost indifferent to how people perceive him, and how he perceives others, and is a bit too blunt about how he sees things. He is also probably a bit perverse, since seeing a murder excites him rather than... well, y'know, being horrified. You can tell both characters, Kobayashi and Akechi, have some Sherlock Holmes influence, and my guess is that Ranpo loved the idea of genius belonging to the abnormal people. (lol, just swap the cocaine with an addiction to pain killers and you have Akechi) I like all these kind of detective-y things regardless of how bad they are, and having the characters based heavily on Doyle's writings make it a bonus for me.

AoharuxKikanjuu Tachibana Hotaru is strong, tough, and has a strong sense of justice. She is also mistaken as a man, to a point where she doesn't even bother correcting people anymore. As she tries to avenge her friend from being swindled by a host, she finds herself involved in survival games.
...Why is this listed as shounen? It's shoujo. Anyway, if you're tired of "tomboys" who get all weak-kneed from love and worry about relationships, this is the protagonist for you. And well... for me, this is the type of sabuge show I want to see. People being badas and having fun playing capture the flag. ... ok, so there's a bit of gendbend and proooobably maybe romance later on? I dunno, I just want to watch Tachibana being awesome.

Joukamachi no Dandelion Akane HATES being the center of attention, and HATES being filmed. Unfortunately, she is part of the royal family. Being in the spotlight included. Her father, the King, decides that the next ruler will be decided by election between the nine siblings, and Akane decides to become the next ruler to abolish the town's security cameras and the Royal Family TV show. Oh yh, did I mention all nine siblings have different powers?
A promising show, but I can't really get into it for some reason (the reason is akane). If you like a large cast of characters with superpowers and a girl who's kinda hopeless but still tries, you might like this one.

Wakaba*Girl A slightly out of touch rich girl and her friends in highschool.
Eh... I have to wonder if whoever wrote this series was ever a high school girl, which is weird because it's the same auther as Kiniro Mosaic which I liked. Anyway, when the girls went, "since we're sitting together, let's be friends" I was thinking in the back of my head, man, that suggestion almost never works out. Well, none of the characters really caught my interest.

GATE One day in August, a gate appeared and fantasy-like monsters and knights came out and slaughtered many people on the Ginza in Tokyo. After pushing them back, the Japanese Defense Force decides to send a reconnaissance team in through the gate.
There was a similar anime to this a while back, and I remembered it sucked. This one seems much more promising, at least logically. Instead of "Hey, let's send this high school boy otaku and a team of ineffective bodyguards", this is "Let's send a team of specialized forces through, oh it just happens to be lead by a(n older) soldier who's an otaku." At least that's what I'm hoping for, and that's what it appeared to be just from the first episode. Itami just straight up taking out that medieval knight with his own knife was pretty cool. This may be a step in the right direction for portraying the (heavily persecuted) otaku culture in a more positive light, where the character isn't the loser otaku geek outcast of society, but a guy with other redeeming qualities who just happens to be an otaku.

Classroom*Crisis A special class of high school rocket scientists must save their space program.
It was SO promising, until convenient antagonist came in. I thought it'd be about making prototype rockets, but now there's some deadline and angst. Still, if you like that sort of thing it's pretty interesting.

Charlotte Some adolescent kids have special abilities. Yu Otosaka is one of them. He is forcibly transferred to a school of such people.
...meh. The powers seems to be along the lines of chuunibyou, or adolescent make-believe delusions, except it's real. I didn't really care for any of the characters, personally. If you like that kind of thing, it could be fun.

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime Shirayuki is a talented pharmacist with vivid, and rare, red hair. One day, the first prince of her country wants to make her his concubine out of interest for her hair. Determined not to be caged, Shirayuki flees across the border and meets a young man named Zen, who encourages her to take pride in her precious red, the colour of fate.
I really like Shirayuki as a protagonist. She is strong, proud of the talents she has, and determined to stand on her own feet. She is also very feminine, a great example of how femininity and strength are not incompatible. I read the manga long ago, and I'm glad I haven't read it recently, or I know it'll annoy me waiting for each episode. There's a bit of political intrigue and how Shirayuki makes her own place among it all.

Jitsu wa Watashi wa Asahi is awful at keeping secrets. As he attempts to confess to his crush he sees... batwings?! Yoko is a vampire, and now Asahi must keep her secret or she'll be forced to quit school. ... but is hers the only secret in this school?
Ok, this one's a harem. But it's also HILARIOUS. The title translates to "Actually, I am...", and there's a lot of people with secret identities. (also, as a harem, only three of the many girls are into him, and there are other male characters with distinct voice actors.)
The ones I'm gonna be watching:
Kekkai Sensen
Leonardo Watch, a wannabe reporter, has arrived at Hellsalem's Lot, a former New York City that has gained a rift to an alternate world, looking for answers of a personal nature, when he has a run in with the organization called Libra, an organization tasked with managing the balance between the Alterworld and this reality. After being enlisted into the organization, Leo is still left in the dark about exactly what they do and how many people are in Libra. He's just an ordinary guy in an organization of extraordinary people in a city full of anything but the ordinary... except he was given the All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods in exchange for the loss of his sister's sight. And he wants to get her sight back.
Watched the first episode, and it was interesting. The second one? OMG must keep watching. It has a very Cowboy-Bebop-ish feel to it, probably due to the bgm, and Leo isn't just a whimpering wuss (tho i did wonder about it at the beginning). It is also very interesting, due to how the merging of an alternate universe into ours is shown to be carried out. Treaties between worlds, black-market dealings, etc. My only complaint is that Zapp's voice actor is Nakai Kazuya, aka Roronoa Zoro from One Piece and Hijikata from Gintama's voice. While Nakai is good and gets into character, his voice is just so distinct that it always takes me a few episodes to meld the voice with the character. Also, Chain's voice actress sounds so darn familiar that it nags me everytime she talks... but not all that many people have my problems of watching too much anime and thereby mixing all the voice actors together. Derp. The 2nd episode has the first viewing of the ED song, and.. lmao, I love the dance number they threw in.

Amamiya can see and interact with ghosts, and it's all just a part of of her daily high school life.
This is an interesting take on the high-schooler-who-can-see-ghosts trope. Amamiya is a spacy, kind of air headed girl who treats ghosts like they're perfectly normal, and the ghosts do like her in return, but they're still ghosts. It takes the stereotypical horror situations and turns them into slice-of-life, wear the humor is the gap between the absurdity of the situation and the reactions of the non-ghost cast. Also, perverted kitty cat. Though... this is a slice-of-life anime. Why the feels in episode 3?! I was seriously tearing up. But, I guess when you explore the relationships between the dead and the living, heart-wrenching feels happen.

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku
Ichinomiya Eruna gets into Mikagura Academy, a place where your standard of living depends on how well you do in Tournament Battles between Cultural Clubs. Through hell or high water, and all for LOVE, Eruna's gonna show you she's the last and greatest first year rookie!
... Ok, I'm pretty hooked on this one. Eruna is the stereotypical head-strong, overly optimistic, brute-force protagonist type character, but it's not something you usually see in a girl character. The story doesn't follow the shounen formula of fight, make friends, fight, make friends like I expected. There's definitely some relational backgrounds in some of the supporting characters that makes it more interesting to see how things will work out. The OP and ED clearly show that it's about everyone coming together and becoming friends, but... everyone seems to be looking out for their own interests and it really makes you wonder how they get to that point. Also, who the heck is that white/purple haired chick? Though most shows try not to spoil things in the OP and ED sequences, Mikagura does the opposite and makes you wonder about the spoilers you see.

Kyoukai no Rinne
Ever since she was spirited away as a child, Sakura Mamiya can see ghosts. Her life gets interesting as her classmate, Rokudo Rinne, is revealed to be a Shinigami ... kind of...
Kyoukai no Rinne is more of a gag show than others of Rumiko Takahashi's creations (like Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2). It's a bit funny because you can just feel the old fashioned manga vibes from it. A lot of the show surrounds Rokudo's dirt-poor-ness and how he has to try to escort spirits to the wheel of reincarnation despite being human... kind of.

Shokugeki no Souma
Souma gets into a Tootsuki, a cooking academy where less than 1% can graduate. In it, he puts his cooking skills to the test in various competitions.
For those of us who follow the manga... the anime is like pulling teeth in pacing, a lil. Get to the school already! OMG, no, show the next part now! I think, though, if you don't follow the manga it won't feel so slow. This is more of a shounen than anything, with Souma winning the good graces of people who eat his food with his creativity towards win each cooking incident. Just ... watch out for the awkward foodgasms if you're going to be watching it with mixed company. As for the type of shounen protagonist he is, Souma is confident towards arrogance, and a self-styled ultimate sore loser.

The Dungeon picking up girls one with the super long name... so much harem vibes in the first 5 minutes I deleted it immediately. How in the world did I manage to read up through chapter 15 of the manga?
Spring anime starts in April, but the sheer amount of titles...
Can we just skip March? Plz?

Shokugeki no Souma - YES PLZ. I so want to see how they'll adapt this cooking manga. Think Master Chef, but with anime tropes and craziness. And the, er, kinda awkward foodgasms. Yukihira Souma aims for greatness in a cooking school of the elite of the elite, where the students are weeded out so that out of a 1000 students, less than 10 graduate by the end of their 3rd year. (The manga is a good read too, the abilities of the writer and the artist work well together) If you like the types of cooking shows that give the contestants a theme and a time limit and see what the heck they'll come up with, that's essentially this manga in a nutshell.

Kyoukai no Rinne - from the creator of Inuyasha, except with a cooler male protagnist lol. (sorry) Sakura was "spirited away" as a girl, and though she doesn't remember it, the after effects of seeing ghosts is now a great annoyance to her. One day, a usually absent classmate of her's shows up... but no one else can see him? Is he a ghost or a human? Or...? And what is the great red wheel of fate? Well, like all of Takahashi Rumiko's stories, it goes on and on and on and on and... lol. It's pretty interesting, sending ghosts to the after life to get reincarnated.

Kekkai Sensen - tbh, I just really want to see the anime because the translators dropped the manga. T^T ... oh, darkhorse took up the license, that's why. Thanks wiki. Now I should hunt that down. I'm always partial to supernatural agencies that regulate the supernatural. Libra, a crimefighting agency, located in formerly New York City (now Jerusalem's Lot), tries to keep the paranormal in the city from getting out of hand.

Gintama` - YESSSS. I thought the Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya was it for Gintama anime, but another season! We had Gintama S1-4, Gintama', Gintama': Enchousen, and noooow.... Gintama`.
(yes, that's Gintama-backtick after Gintama-apostrophe.)

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darou ka? - aka, Is it Wrong to Try to Pickup Girls in a Dungeon. Well, yes it's a bit of a harem (, it's totally a harem), but it's also a fantasy rpg style plot, so I read it until chapter 15 before the harem started to get to me. Bell Cranel's a new adventurer who contracted with ... a poverty goddess. As a rookie, he's made fun of a lot, but his secret skill is something only his goddess, Hestia knows of, and ... it's frighteningly efficient in catapulting him straight into the big leagues.

Mikakgura Gakuen Kumikyou - LAST NOOOOOTE! Where Mekakucity Actors was an adaptation of composer Jin's Vocaloid song series Kagerou Project, Mikakgura Gakuen Kumikyou is composer Last Note's adaptation of his Mikakgura Gakuen Kumikyou series (well, he wrote the light novel too). There is less trippiness in this series, about a school where representatives from each extracurricular club battle each other with special abilities. And, frankly, I prefer Last Note's songs. Seriously, he ranks among my favourite vocaloid songmasters.
The (incomplete) song project playlist: [link]
The first song, cause i can't get the playlist to work:
(EDIT, found one with eng subs)

There's a few other new animus that look promising too, but here's the list I just... want to come out now.
ewwww.... next season is all harems or rom-coms. I'm out. Death Parade, the random psycho-thriller, is for me I guess.
And hopefully Nanatsu no Taizai is still ongoing. I hope they get to the part at least where they introduce King Arthur.

I heard good things about the Ansatsu Kyoushitsu manga too, so I may have to watch an episode or two. Durarara 2 for those of you weren't instantly enraged upon realizing the story was a romance-of-the-3-kingdoms ripoff (ahahaha... people get on my case for disliking drrr all the time)
But other than that.... this Winter 2015's anime are mostly manga titles that I got bored of reading after they started getting harem-y.

Well, last season there was too many interesting titles, so that's how that rolls I guess. I started watching a lot of titles but will have to get back to them at a later date. The only ones I followed through on were:
Nanatsu no Taizai - a fun, but rather serious, shounen about the legendary knights of the Seven Sins set in the UK around the Camelot era. Princess Elizabeth is on a quest to stop the Holy Knights' coup d'etat of Liones and must find the Seven Deadly Sins - but will these wanted men help her? And what are their sins?
Madan no ou to Vanadis - Tigre is the young Duke of a rural town on the border, as well as an ace archer in the time of swords and shields. Due to the treachery of other Dukes and Lords, he is forced to turn to their warring enemy to protect his people at all costs. Fair warning, this doesn't follow your usual storylines. Also, there are harem parts. Thank the heavens the women aren't just romance-starved bimbos who forget they're in the middle of a WAR.

Things I will come back to:
Donten ni Warau - I wasn't really in the mood for a ninja/samurai feudal Japanese era story about destroying the Orochi last season, but I can't say that will be true later. In a time of unrest, the Kumo brothers (3 of them) are tasked with ensuring that the samurai fallen from grace are transported successfully to their prison at Lake Biwa. But behind all of this are rebels searching to destroy Japan and the direction it's going, and they are searching for the vessel of Orochi.
Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de I tried, but man that main guy char is annoying as all hell. Maybe I will try again. Maybe not. It seems pretty harem-y. It's about people inexplicably gaining super powers... with nothing really to do with the powers.
Log Horizon S2 - ugh... I dunno if I wanna watch more of this. Can't say I liked the direction they were heading in the second half of the first season, though I loved the first half.
Hitsugi no Chaika - The Avenging Battle I definitely want to watch this season after it finishes coming out. The first season of Hitsugi no Chaika was super hard for me to watch until it all came out and then I binged it and it was awesome. I don't see how the second season will be different.

But if the date-TBA announcement of the Shoukegeki no Souma anime isn't true, I will have heads!
Also, a date-tba announcement of another Gintama season! yes plz.
(and rinne la grange for you inuyasha fans)
So a recap of last year... I worked, had some months of complete creative cessation, got somewhat depressed (well, depressed isn't the right word. felt-like-I-got-in-over-my-head-and-my-life-was-stagnating more like), quit working, and bummed around for a bit. (and by "bummed around for a bit" I mean fighting the mold in the bathroom, keeping the apt clean, and annihilating our KFC-take-out-at-least-4-times-a-week, eating-out-the-other-3-times-a-week diet lol) So ya, was a housewife. When I was successfully recovered from my semi-depression, in came the holiday rush and I knit for a solid month, non-stop, and baked like mad until xmas.

But now...
Happy month-of-getting-the-year-wrong!

My resolutions this year are small, but I hope they will be effective.

Don't waste the gym membership we just got (lol)
Do at least a sketch a day for tumblr
Draw some comics a month
and uh.... stop wearing contacts?
j/k, that's not a resolution, that's to stop me from going blind. (It took 4 eye doctors and 10 years to find out why i got heavy scarring in my right eye, and the answer was contacts. 10 years of wearing contacts. Which was destroying my eyes.)
Anyway, it's now time for me to stop playing EQ2 and fire up the ol' photoshop.

I do have some huge goals, but I'm afraid to admit them now. I'm expecting people to start screeching, "Be realistic and go get a job" at me if I do haha.
But ...on ne saurait faire d'omelette sans casser des oeufs.
I'm starting to use my tumblr more, btws.

The tumblr drawings will eventually show up here, but i'm waiting to compile the sketches in the same categories together to reduce the sheer amount of dA uploads.

Request policy: Requests
Tumblr: link
My policy for requests are:

You can pitch me an idea, and I will do it if I feel like it, when I feel like it. No guarantees, no promises, but you can give it a shot.

I WILL let you know right away if I just don't want to do it all.

EDIT: And it probably won't be super polished/ illustration-quality
...There's too many! I cant even begin to hope to watch all of them, so I just picked out the ones i thought i would like. IE, I avoided all romancy sounding ones, but there are quite a few if you like that type of thing.

First off some oldies come new/ second seasons:
Another season of Mushishi: a slice-of-life where strange phenomenon are the result of beings called "mushi" and how humans interact with them.
Parasyte comes to an animated series for the first time. A parasitic alien invasion is underway, and Shinichi Izumi, with a stroke of luck, survives a partial parasitic infection. Now he is the only one who can stop them, while battling the parasyte in his right hand.
Hitsugi no Chaika season 2: Chaika and co now know more about the mysteries of "Chaika", but will still continue to collect her father's remains. Insert conspiracy theories. Still fun and pretty action to watch.
Log Horizon season 2: People get stuck in an mmo, Elder Tales, and must figure out how to rebuild society to work in it. Hm.... new artist I think. The art's a bit different. Thankfully, they went back to exploring how the mmo world works and revolutionizing it with ideas from the adventurers. I was gonna stop watching if they kept going down the harem route. Sounds like now they're destroying the natural world order XD.
Psycho-Pass season 2. A kind of weird mental crime if you intended to do the crime but haven't type dystopia thing. Havent watched myself
Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Another one -_-

What I am watching:
Nanatsu no Taizai  10 years ago, Britannia's greatest knights betrayed the Holy Knights by attempting to overthrow the Kingdom of Liones, slaughtering many of the Holy Knights in the process. They were known as the Seven Deadly Sins and faded into rumours over the years. Now, a young woman searches for them at the risk of her own life. But are they anything like the rumours?
This is a total huge recommendation! I love the manga, and was thrilled there's an anime. It's a Shounen Jump anime, so it will be along the lines of One Piece and that crowd, but the story is a whole lot more interesting and, concise. They get to the point of what's going on pretty quick. And the art, and music and everything they put in go so perfectly into an epic fantasy in the world of Arthurian Britain. Well, except that freaking pig's voice. So annoyin.

Amagi Brilliant Park Seiya, a genious considered as "Mr Perfect", is tasked with rebuilding a decrepit amusement park, which turns out is populated with fairies who need the park to survive. Bring in 250k visitors!
Meh. It's on my "watch-if-bored" list. A good genius-overcoming-the-odds show for those who like that type of thing.

Denki-Gai no Honya-san A slice-of-life about the employees of a doujinshi store in Akiba.
Simple art about otaku life for otakus.

Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete Ummm there's a glowing box that only glows at... some times? Some high school sweetheart melodrama? And... supernatural stuff with a naked girl showing up? And a rewind in time... maybe.
Nooo idea what this is about... and not interested in figuring it out. The art palette is strange, and it has one of those "oooo, we're being myst~er~ious" vibes to it. Meh, if you like good melodramatic drama, you may be interested.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis Young Duke Tigre of the Brune Kingdom is an archer in a world of swordsman, but his prowess is nothing to laugh at. Though his company is wiped about by one from Kingdom of Zhcted, Tigre alone makes a stand to give his remaining soldiers time to run ... and is taken for ransom, spared by the Senki, Eleanor who has taken an interest in his abilities.
Thank goodness they tried to make him look more masculine. I lost interest in the manga cause he was so girly with pink hair XD. A fun story about weapons with powers and the chosen who wield them.

More later
Anyone played with the USR (Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying) system? My group's been using it, and we super like how much more it allows for improv and role play. We're getting close to the end of the campaign so I'm thinking about being the next DM, and just wanted to shoot a scenario out and get some feedback before I pitch it to the group. 

The USR system uses Action (strength, dexterity, and skills), Wit (intelligence and wisdom), and Ego (initiative and charisma? We hardly ever use ego, preferring to rp it out) rolls, where you assign d6, d8, or d10 to whichever you prefer. You are then allowed +2 to 3 specializations of whatever you say your char is good at.
(you're trying to hit scores of 2(easy), 4(medium), etc)
My idea is to add a stamina system which dictates given "Activations" (powers). Each character gets 20 stamina, 5 stamina replenishes every full hour of not using stamina to 20 max (no partial replenishes). After 24 hours without sleep you lose 1 stamina every hour and cannot replenish stamina until sleeping 8 hrs. 0 stamina means nothing except not being able to use Activations (just because I don't want too many debuff-y stats). Activations require 2 stamina to activate and use up to 5 minutes, 1 stamina/5 minutes of use afterwards (unless otherwise stated). 

Overall Setting: Modern day sci-fi fantasy setting. The Outerskirts, uncivilized areas, are dangerous with predatory monsters. At the same time the monsters drop energy crystals and the Outerskirts are full of ruins and untapped resources. 
Campaign setting: the mobile aerial nation, Delfan, sails the skies doing various research and couriering supplies between grounded nations. The enlist adventurers for various exploits.
Races/Character Creation:
I chose to use new race names to avoid racial stereotypes. Chars can only choose 2 Activations. 
Vaengir - Winged humanoids. 
fly(1 stamina every 30 min)
perception(+2 to observant)
ranged attack(+2 to ranged attacks)
over-speed (+2 to use any action before another char/event)

Nekhein - Finned humanoids. 
over-swim(+2 to reach destination before any event/char)
breathe underwater(1 stamina every 10 minutes. Lasts until stamina runs out if not deactivated)
extrasensory(observation in water/darkness goes down 1 difficulty level)
illusion(+2 to making a convincing still-image illusion)

Ferox -Animal humanoids. 
over-climb(climb goes down one difficulty level)
over-jump (jump goes down one difficulty level)
seek weakness (+2 to called shot)
perception (+2 to observation)

Luaide - Metal humanoids. (though not constantly metal)
increase defense(+2 to oppose an attack roll)
detect material valuables(+2 to detect material valuables in current area up to 5 yard radius)
increase attack (+2 to any attack using a part of your body)
no stamina reduction (no activation required, fatigue does not reduce stamina. 3 hrs sleep to replenish stamina fully)

Humans - humans choose a customizable sub-class.
- morphein  - ability to "power-up" and transform
Activations: transform into mecha/superhero/magical girl. (2 stamina activation only, no duration cost)
While transformed: add 2 activations only accessible when transformed (with gm discretion), +3 specialization points to existing specializations while transformed.
- magos (+5 stamina) - mage
Activations: use magic(choose a school of magic to control. +2 to using that magic. 1 stamina for every usage of magic, 1 stamina per minute of constant usage)
- mentalis - transcend the body to focus on the mind
absorb information(immediately understand all the contents of written/typed information)
farsight (+2 to see something within a mile radius. Can only see through 10 feet of solid material)
mental hijacking (must take activation to use. Difficulty roll 5)
alter perception (+2 to make someone see 1 thing differently)
How did I not know about the Angel Heart anime until today? I completely overlooked it for 8 years even though I really loved the manga. AARGH.
It's a parallel universe to City Hunter where City Hunter/Ryo's wife Kaori has just died. A young Taiwanese mafia assassin, Glass Heart, has essentially just killed a man in front of his young daughter. This drives her to suicide, but her organization saves her and Kaori's heart is transplanted into Glass Heart. Glass Heart is haunted by images of a man and memories she doesn't recognize and travels to Japan to find out more. Ryo and Glass Heart meet and Ryo adopts her as his and Kaori's daughter.
It's essentially a version of City Hunter that explores the romanticized notion that heart transplant survivors can gain strong memories and emotions from their donor's heart. I like it because Glass Heart (renamed Xiang Ying) is not even remotely Ryo's romantic interest (which you might've expected) and therefore it didn't degenerate into a trashy romcom.

And, y'know hot Taiwanese hitman chick.

Oh yeah, and City Hunter's good if you like old beat-cop/city detective-y stuff.

EDIT: crap, it made me cry T-T
I was blue-lining some comic pages and scribbling notes as I go when it occurred to me: how many people still use cursive in this day and age? I try to print if I intend to have other people read my writing, but even then it ends up being half cursive. Cursive is definitely my staple method of writing. With computers, I imagine the need to teach cursive has grown less, maybe even eliminated in public schools.

Well, my real question is: When will most college graduates be unable to read cursive so I can get away with representing an "unknown language" just by writing things in cursive?
Rinka encounters a strange phenomenon of glowing, flying fish that give her an Esper power of phasing through things. Together with Azuma the teleporter, they fight other Espers who have received their powers and choose to use them for evil/crime.
... So if you start Tokyo ESP at episode 2, you won't miss much. Like any appearances of the two main characters. Luckily, it looks like they're going back and telling the story properly. Calling it the "x-men of anime" wouldn't be an inaccurate description, but it's merely similar in dynamics and has a pretty interesting original story.
Part 1: [link]

Second episode stuff (cause I wanna gush :D):
So the second episode of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun ... My first reaction was, "Wow, Mikorin's surprisingly more annoying in anime-form, lulz." I love that it has a "real-life tsundere is actually just irritating" feel. Also, anyone else watching the OP over and over again? The funk-pop style is too catchy. (Song [link]) Anyway, my favorite char, Hori-senpai, and his annoyance, Kashima-ouji, are up next in episode 3. 

First episodes:
Naru, a (self-proclaimed) dull and ordinary girl with no dreams wishes strongly to escape into a world that exists in fairytales. Coming across a fairy-like girl dancing in the night, Naru is introduced to the world of yosakoi by the energetic foreign transfer student.
Another one that I just watched the opening over and over again. (song [link]) I'm partial to traditional Asian chords in pop music and the fun of choreography. Yosakoi is a modern dance style based on a traditional festival dance. In a nutshell, Hanayamata is reminiscent of a K-on with character development. I am personally enjoying it, since yosakoi is totally reminiscent of something middle school girls would actually do for fun. Simple(ish) choreography and the opportunity to dress up in pretty kimono-themed costumes is a lot easier to accept than professional-grade pop song bands, and you aren't too disappointed that the theme is "having fun and doing what you love" instead of serious practices and fighting your way to the top. That being said, they ARE jumping on the "schoolgirl-band" bandwagon, putting a lot of work into the dance animations and that pop-band scene. I have no problems with eye-candy shows, especially since they didn't cop out (yet) and 3d-ify the dance scenes. Even if they roto-ed it I appreciate that it's still 2D animation. I want my 2D chars to stay 2D throughout the entire show.

Momokyun Sword
Based on the legend of Momotarou, Momoko and her animal-god friends must fight the oni who are invading and protect the peach crystal fragments
For an ecchi anime ... where's the ecchi? It turns out that Momokyun Sword is actually more of an action anime than an ecchi-fied Momotarou. It has the faint nostalgia of old school shounen while it makes fun of the lead's voluptuous chest. It kinda feels like a mash up of Sailor Moon/Power Rangers/Inuyasha. Momoko fuses with her animal god friends to power up and she's a brute-strength type fighter. Admittedly, Momoko is ditzy to a point of being an idiot, but it's so over the top that they were definitely going for the "brawn over brains" stereotype. I don't dislike that type of character since she still has redeeming qualities (besides her breasts). And once again, other than passing mentions of her breasts (which are supposed to resemble a peach motif in her shirt) and Momoko's occasional outfit shred, it's actually not something you couldn't watch with children. Though they make it a point to point out the ecchi bits for comical effect, the camera actually prefers to focus on the action, AND though there are many women, Momoko is the only one with a revealing outfit. I was so confused. With a name like "Momokyun", you'd expect no plot and all the pantyshots and boob jiggle. I could actually enjoy watching this.

Majimoji Rurumo
After summoning a witch you must trade your wish for your life. Shibaki manages to keep his life after summoning the witch Rurumo due to her (albeit deadpan) kindness, but years later she returns with a stack of tickets and a limiter restriction on her magic as penalty for having let Shibaki live previously. Her goal is to get Shibaki to use all the tickets but, unknown to Rurumo, when he uses all the tickets Shibaki's life will end. What is Shibaki to do?
A weird romance story, where Shibaki is torn between helping Rurumo and, well, dying. It's a cute anime style, but I personally feel that the story doesn't have a lot of places to grow. Like, no matter what the characters do or how they grow, their hands are tied by the rules of the tickets. Naturally I guess there's potential to break the rules, but ... I dunno. I think it might end up leaning more towards slice-of-life, which is weird for the setup. Well you can only continue to watch it to learn what will happen but I will pass for now. Maybe I'll go back and watch it after all the episodes come out.

Rokujyouma no Shinryakusha!?
Kotaro rents a $50/month apartment to reduce the financial burden on his father. However, suddenly out of nowhere, supernatural girls began claiming the apartment for various reasons. A jibakurei (ghost bound to the room), a priestess from an underworld race, an alien princess and her handmaiden, and a cosplayer magical girl become his roommates in an attempt to take the room. 
They don't even try to hide it: this is a comedic harem anime. The comedy is funny enough that I still want to watch at least the next episode despite my aversion to harem shows. I love that they completely ignore the magical girl and continue to just call her a cosplayer, and I also appreciate that Kotaro doesn't have the personality of a brick. He himself is stubborn and a poor loser, and is fully aware of his weakness to sexuality. Though he resigns himself to the situation at hand, he doesn't resign himself quietly. But what clinched it for me was at the very end of the first episode with the landlady. Without spoiling it, I had been thinking that that situation would raise the show from entertaining to hilarious, and then it happened.

Tokyo ESP
I was so disappointed in Tokyo ESP that I sulked for 2 days. What screenwriter would start a series at the pentultimate battle without introducing any of the main characters or the situation?! I wonder if they were looking to make enemies of all the fans. The only way it can save itself is if episode 2 goes back and starts at the very beginning. If they do anything else, all the fans will hate them forever. Damn, I was looking forward to it so much too; an anime with a strong female lead and an interesting premise of regular people gaining superpowers. I'm not even in the mood to give a synopsis. It's a damn good manga and they ... grumble. The only worse case of an anime screwing over the manga is Yumekui Merry.

Serei Tsukai no Blade Dance is your stereotypical harem with spirit summons and battles. Kamito, a boy who can contract spirits (which is rare), is transferred to an academy to participate in the Blade Dance tournament. I read the manga due to it being a supernatural-battles-in-school situation, but I'm not partial to harems so I didn't watch the anime. Also, it's a little too similar to the Unbreakable Machine Doll one, with the guy having a hidden dark past of secretly being awesome at fighting. Well, the main girl irritated me; that's the main reason I didn't watch it, haha.
It's the season for fujoshi, apparently. Luckily there's still some other decent things.
Fujoshi titles: DRAMAtical Murder, Free! Eternal Summer, Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus, Love Stage, and possibly Shounen Hollywood. Isn't that way too much boy-love and bishounens for one season?
Second seasons of: Re:Hamatora, Sword Art Online II, Space Dandy 2, Hanamonogatari (another bakamonogatari spinoff), and Kuroshitsuji and Free! as mentioned above.

And now first episodes of stuff I actually watched:
Glasslip In a small seaside town there were 4 friends. In their senior year of high school, a boy transfers in and intrudes on their clique.
... Isn't this just Nagi no Asukara? I was seriously getting deja vu the entire time and had to look it up: an anime original by the same studio and screen writer, the boy characters even all look the same. The story is the same, except the small group of friends don't live underwater. Anyway the story telling style is also the same, so I got bored and couldn't care less by the 15 minute mark of the episode. There was supposed to be glassblowing; the synopsis promised me that much so I sat through the entire 24 minutes and was disappointed.

Futsuu no Joshikousei ga Locodol Yattemita
In an effort to boost town morale and increase tourists, Nanako's uncle asks her to become a local idol, along with her upperclassman Yuriko.
An interesting spin on the idol anime, where getting big and famous isn't the key, it's increasing the popularity of a little town. In other words, she's a(n unwilling) town spokesman. It has an interesting premise, due to it's town politics- side, and is surprisingly well animated. If you like girl slice-of-life stuff, this is NOT one to write off as just another dancy-singy girl show.

Rail Wars!
In a world where Japanese railways are still nationalized, Naohito becomes a student trainee in the Railways Security Force with a group of odd people. Along with their daily adventures of protecting their commuter customers, they fight an extremist group that seeks to institutionalize the railways.
... Uwah. It's superbly done with crisp animations, vivid colors and art, and cute character designs, famous voice actors, catchy theme songs, and the fight scenes are good. Fight scenes. About railroads. Though to be accurate, it's more action scenes than fight scenes. Still. IT'S ABOUT RAILWAY SECURITY ENFORCED BY HIGH SCHOOLERS. I'm sorry, the gap between the passion the characters have and the actual subject matter is too much for me.  It does look to be a good ... shounen? action?... anime, but I think I need some time to wrap my head around how exaggerated the entire premise is before I can watch it without cringing inside. If it didn't take itself so seriously, it might have done better.

After punching a museum supervisor, young calligrapher Handa Seishu is sent to a rural island by his father as he is "lacking as a human being". The comical experiences this short-tempered city slicker has in relating to the country natives , especially one relentless village scamp, while he struggles to improve his calligraphy could very well help him make up what he's lacking.
When I saw this project was getting an anime, I was honestly concerned. Wait, the calligraphy manga's getting an anime? I really liked the manga, but I just couldn't see how it would work on screen. Boy am I glad that I seriously underestimated Barakamon's potential. Yes, it's slice of life, but it's also a character-growth story. I was VERY pleasantly surprised at the artwork. The animation is really fluid, and the backgrounds are richly colored and well-detailed while avoiding overshadowing the characters. And I am very pleased with the comedic timing of the show. Definitely laugh worthy even for non-slice-of-life lovers (my husband hates slice of life and he managed to sit through this episode without irritation). Translation note: "Junon" is a fashion magazine geared towards women that has lots of good looking men in it.

Sailor Moon Crystal
A re-boot of Sailor Moon. (I don't think I need to do a synopsis for this, right?)
About friggin' time. They kept pushing it back. (grumble) There's about 2 minutes of boring at the beginning, but after that... it's actually pretty good. They do a good job of drawing you into the world so you aren't constantly comparing it to old Sailor Moon (unless you're watching the old and new ones side by side, but let's face it, you clearly don't know how to enjoy TV shows if you're doing that). I like the art direction they took it in too. The lineart is closer to the manga, a fact which I am actually rather ambivalent towards (because who cares), but it's the color choice that makes the show. They were going for a water-color, picturebook-esque look that really accents the fact that they're telling a modern-day fairytale. (Well, relatively modern.) It's a lot less, "you're a bad guy, I'm a good guy" sentai feel and more of a "girl getting roped into a situation" feel. I WAS wondering about their choice for Usagi's voice actress, but I can't help but feel her voice was just as annoying previously as well.

Akame ga Kill!
Tatsumi hopes to make it big in the Capital with his skills as a swordsman so he can send money back to his home village, but what he finds instead is a city of unimaginable corruption and those who fight it. While trying to repay a rich girl by protecting her, he comes across a group of assassins. Will he survive the Night Raid?
Blood warning for this show. It's currently the closest series to a shounen I've seen this season, but instead of climaxing to a point where the main character must choose between killing his enemy or taking the high road, this show starts at the decision made to kill those who are unforgivable. It's a fantasy setting with a dark tone and a more brutal air than most shounen animes. ... ugh, it's hard to review this one and not give away the plot twist. Anyway, I read the manga but it doesn't get translated all that often and I kind of want to know what happens so I will most likely watch it if my playlist doesn't get too full.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Sakura has a crush on tall, dark, and stoic Nozaki, but when she confesses, he mistakes her for a fan! When he invites her back to his place, she spends ... 4 hours inking manga? Wait, Nozaki is a serialized shoujo manga author?
This series is heavy on comedy, and a lot of it is based on the confusion that arises when Nozaki and his friends (read "assistants") discuss their manga business and everyone else is in the dark. Also the weird juxtaposition of Nozaki, kind of a blunt, dull guy, drawing super girly romance manga. And, well, everything in general is made fun of. I cannot review this episode without bias because I LOVE the manga, and, well, the manga had better comedic timing. And I imagined Sakura's voice differently. Anyway, I reserve my decision on whether I watch it or not to after poor Mikorin is introduced (for more than 20 seconds).

Momoka is used to transferring schools and playing the good girl, but quite honestly it irritates her. Unwittingly, she gets dragged into the Survival Game Club, a group full of strange young women, and thus begins her new life in this new school.
THIS is what I wanted all the other school-girls-play-with-air-soft-guns anime to be. It doesn't take itself seriously, it's full of humor, and the main character has to decide whether she wants to stay in the club or not, not decide to completely change her image or some other melodrama. The club members are all gun/military otakus, obsessing over gun types and going over the top when facing stalkers and chikan molesters. It helps me stay interested when Momoka isn't incompetent at shooting, and when the characters don't feel like K-on with airsoft rifles. Also, what is that weird yellow duck thing?

Tokyo Ghouls is another show that has potential, but it deals with ghouls and getting turned into a ghoul and, mostly what turns me off, eating people and the mentality of engaging in eating people. Just mentioning it because the story sounds engaging for people who like that psychological horror stuff.
Ahahaha, that ended about just as well as I expected it to.

No clue what's going on!
I'm pretty sure this anime is just a supplement to the Kagerou Daze series songs, so you kind of have to watch both. I'm really glad my theory about Marry constantly resetting time was right, but I still have questions about how it all works with her.

Watch this for a better ending, esp wtf happened to Haruka:
Summertime Record (IA)

I wonder if they still have their powers.
... did they seriously end on that note? Seriously?!

begin to challenge a god, end of season.


Yeah, this was definitely my favorite show this season. It's so over the top nerdy, deeply philosophical, and ... well, I probably could've been happier if they toned down the ecchi, but whatevs! I love this show. If only I could recommend it to people I know without feeling like a big perv.
(Also, if that killer of a cliff hanger doesn't sit well with you, the light novel's rather well put together, and you can tell even through fan translations.)
My apologies about Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. It's a lot more incest-y than I thought. The light novel is told from Tatsuya's point of view and, since he really doesn't have romantic/sexual inclinations towards his sister, those parts feel a lot more downplayed in the novel and Miyuki's one-sided romance felt a lot more excusable as just a spoiled, brother-idolizing, little sister than what the anime interpreted it as. So, a big incest warning on this one.

As for Mekakucity Actors,
I think they may be incorporating the original songs into the show! At least, a cover (? Or would it be an "official" vers now?) of Kisaragi Attention was in Episode 2: Kisaragi Attention, and Ep3 is titled Mekakushi Code, so ... But then why wasn't Children Record in Episode 1? :[
If Ep2 felt like filler ... it kinda was. I was a little disappointed they broke up the events like that and threw so much fluff in the second episode, but I guess it makes sense that they didn't want to introduce ALL the characters in Momo's episode, and if they're dividing it by song it totally makes sense that they reserved the rest of the "first" plot for Episode 3. Just ... I have to wait ANOTHER week for this?
Kisaragi Attention (original IA Vocaloid vers)
Kisaragi Attention (Utaite Rib vers-because-Jin's-songs-sound-better-with-real-singers):

All of the Kagerou Project's songs with my fave Utaites and the videos minus Shounen Brave:
All the songs are produced by Jin (aka Shizen-no-tek-p)
Playlist (in English/romaji):
"Daze" - Mekakucity Actors OP - feat MARiA from GARNiDELiA
"Children Record" - feat Kashitarou Itou
"Artificial Enemy" - feat Miku (vocaloid)
"Mekakushi Code" - feat Hiiragi Yuka
"Kagerou Days" - feat Soraru and Rib
"Headphone Actor" - feat Soraru
"Fantasy Forest" - formerly "Imagination Forest" - feat Baru
"Konoha's State of the World" - feat Touyu
"Kisaragi Attention" - feat Rib
"Yobanashi Deceive" - feat Cocoru
"Ayano's Theory of Happiness" - a beautiful cover feat Yumeko
"Yuukei Yesterday" - feat un-c (a guy, ok?)
"Otsukimi Recital" - feat Kradness
"Lost Time Memory" - feat Mafumafu
"Outer Science" - feat Soraru (how did Soraru end up here so many times? Guess he doesn't police youtube as much as the others)
"Summer Time Record" - feat IA (vocaloid)

I did not include any of the CD exclusive songs because I thought it might be a little disrespectful to Jin. Also, they are hard to find.