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Vocaloid: Luo Tianyi

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Truthfully told, it's not actually done yet. I'm waiting on Chinese calligraphy from my dad, whom I thought the diversion would entertain, but I don't really know when that'll get here, and I'm an impatient person.

Luo Tianyi is the first Chinese Vocaloid released last year. Her backstory is being an angel who respects the famous Vocaloids and whose mission is to spread music.

You may be emoting my reaction of
"... wut."
('cause let's say it together: m-a-r-y-s-u-e), and it didn't improve my opinion when I heard the demos released with her. But then I listened to some originals by actual composers and Luo Tianyi purchasers and found myself thinking, "... no, I can totally see it. The angel part."

Luo Tianyi songs are actually hard to find to non-Chinese speakers/typers, but there's actually tons. Just not with English titles.
"The Past is like a Dream": [link]
"Love": [link] DON'T LEAVE BEFORE 1:20, and don't skip ahead, it'd ruin it. Miku's "World is Mine" shriek's got nothin on that.
"Queen Zhen": [link]
Uh... can't read kanji...: [link] But it's a Vocaloid that sings RnB - effectively. Just ignore the electronic rapping bits... Actually. anything by the composer 潜移默化P is good. (just highlight, copy/paste into youtube's search) He did the Queen Zhen one too.

And as bonus! One of Luo Tianyi, but with Kagamine Len singing Chinese towards the end:
"New Drunken Beauty": [link]

Go Len!
There's another one with Miku singing in Cantonese somewhere...

And i have no idea what that flying marshmallow/mochi/meatbun is, but it was on her character sheet. I've decided that she has to eat it to gain magical powers. Don't correct me if I'm wrong.
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What is it with anime-esque char designs and asymmetricality lately?
Also, looks awesome.
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I'm not really sure about the asymmetry. Maybe it's a rebellious statement.
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