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Tutorial:boobs bras n lace pt2

By klinanime
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Was gonna start "lace" this section, but it was SO LONG already.
Part 2 of 3

Part 3 will take a little longer to come out, because I'll be taking you guys through a lot of examples of bra styles, plus a few step by step processes of how I draw the details.

Part 1
Part 3a

Agora girls profile sheet

EDIT: I will read them, but I am no longer responding to comments, because as fun as it is talking to strangers about their breasts, I drew this over a YEAR ago. Sorries!
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Lol, I often have trouble opening (and closing) my bra TWO HANDED, how in the flip am I supposed to open them ONE handed?!
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Thanks for the help with this topic. I appreciate it.
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So needed these tutorials. Thank you!
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Wow, a bra tutorial too?! :iconholyshitohmygodplz: AND IT GOT A DD?!!! AWESOME!!!
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very nice work !!!
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Thanks for the info on bras.
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this helps a tonn =)

and in its own ways helps you to appreciate women more xD

so thanks a bunch!
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This is really well drawn :) but why do you call it " boobs bras"?? Only "bra" would do XD after all; everyone ( but kids) know what a bra is XD :)
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I guess because there are Boobs AND Bras shown in this Tutorial. o:
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Personally, I don't usually wear that kind of bras, unless I'm wearing clothes where i can't get away with it or wanna feel pretteh I wear a sportsbra.
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it's so helpful, even though I am a girl myself...xD
We need more tutorials D:
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Am I wierd because I sleep in an underwire bra?... and don't care? lol, whatever. AWESOME tutorials!
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I'm a smaller than usual A and don't wear a bralette. Just a vest is enough for me and supplies more warmth in the winter.
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O_O They made bras to sleep in?
Why have I never seen one of these...

Are they comfortable? I'm going on a spring-break trip & am gonna be sharing a room; I don't wanna freak anybody out with a lack of bra...
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I personally don't like anything around my chest when sleeping because I already have some breathing issues when lying down so my roomies can just deal! But all in all leisure and sleep bras are pretty comfortable when I wear them for lounging. You may have to experiment with how tight a fit you like when sleeping cause some of them are stretchier/looser than others.
Or just cheat and get a cami with a shelf bra. That works best for me, but not all people like them.
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Okay, thanks! :)
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Thanks for the info ^^ my girlfriend linked me to this page and told me to 'study up' o_o
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and one thing about bra's as soon as you go past H cup you need them custom made TT~TT
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