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Tutorial:boobs bras n lace pt1

By klinanime
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Part 1 of 3.

Part 2: Bras and Lace next.

It's good practice for me, and gives me a chance to draw the Agora girls more.

Part 2
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What does it look like from the side?
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Question about measuring for bras: I've read two different things about band-size measurement, both above and below the breast. How does the difference impact sizing? (Or is it truly a matter of individuals needing different systems of measurement?)
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man those boobs are so round XP they look like basket balls
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I agree with the whole "Don't run without support" thing. D: Bouncing boobs are NOT fun..Especially if they are so big, they'll give you a black eye if you run. >_<
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A very good tutorial. Just one thing though, you should definitey watch this video:…

hope that helps because those C-cups up there are definitely not C-cups. I have breasts about that size (maybe a bit bigger, it's hard to tell), and I'm a G-cup (in most brands at least, since this can differ from brand to brand) :)
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I agree with the boobs hurt thing! They are painful! Especially when they get hit! I've got elbowed a couple of times there and it hurted! Gladly they didn't meant to do that and apologized. Then one time I was playing basketball and someone tossed me the ball but I didn't FULLY catch it so it hit my  chest so I was just there hugging my chest for like 10 minutes.
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I've heard that binding breasts can lead to health issues later on. Restricted blood flow or something like that.
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It depends on how you bind them, and is more about breast deformation. I assume you're talking about binding with wraps and not a binder.
You run into more problems binding to be flat-chested than binding for support because you are essentially attempting to squish yourself into your rib-cage. The breasts WILL be damaged if you bind often and tightly, binder or wrap.A large breasted woman trying to go completely flat will have breathing issues too and you can actually faint from it. And larger women will face more deformation than not-so-large chested ladies.
Binding for support tends to keep the breast shape because you're NOT trying to squish your breasts flat, and (if you know what you're doing) you're actually supporting your breasts in the right area. I would suggest non-elastic wraps for this. For me, I'm lazy so I just wear 2 different sports bras that support in different areas. I strongly suggest just investing in a really good sports-bra, unless you're cosplaying a sarashi.
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Well-explained. Thanks.
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Ace bandages and sarashi look the same, but ace bandages treat the natural movement of the chest during breathing as swelling, and as we all know, bandages and band-aids are supposed to RESTRICT swelling. Sarashi, on the other hand, is made of cloth and moves with the chest.
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This has been very helpful in so many ways. Thank you. 
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It's always nice to find another amazing boob tutorial O u O Thanks dudette, this is great!
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I'm literally leaning on my desks with my boobs just sitting here. Like as soon as I read it, I looked down and was like, well shit people know. Anyways, great tutorial! 
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I know right! When I'm in science class where we sit in desks and when i sit down, my boobs are just resting there on the table lal.
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I like how you did your tutorial, it is informative and I like seeing a range of sizes.

With that said, yeah, it is true some have to wrap an arm around their chest; I often have to, and that's only on the rare occasion that I run (and sports bras never help one little bit.)

I would like to point out that the measuring method you point out does not work very well for the larger sizes. When I do it, it often says that I'm 2-3 cups smaller than I actually will fit into.

As for back strain, it also makes some women slouch to try and hide them, or just from the weight, leading to bad posture if not careful.

Emmykuna's avatar THAT'S how you accurately measure for bra size :O_o:, if only I were a little less cheap so I could bra shop somewhere other than the local Wal*Mart whose biggest in-store cup size is two too small for me :ohnoes:

I'M SURE YOU LOVE HEARING ABOUT OTHER DEVIANT'S BOOBS. Seriously though, this set of tutorials is actually very helpful :icontonguewaggleplz:
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Very interesting this could be quite useful.
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If a guy doesn't want to understand, how much running hurts with big boobs, bind a weight around their dick and let them run with it hanging down. They will know. Oh, they will know.
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When you draw and avoid drawing these kinds of things but you catch up in skill with everything else, it is really hard to find courage to practice these topics. BUT if not practiced then your amazing character is brought down and more attention is actually drawn to the breasts when drawn 'incorrectly'.

Speaking professionally this is amazingly comprehensive and very VERY helpful. I have often had trouble with drawing a natural look to womens breasts shapes in my characters especially how they sit in relation to the shoulders when I draw the silhouetted curve for clothing and I must say, this has helped a great deal.

Thankyou very much :)
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I'm glad it was informative
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Yoohoo! i´ve decided featuring related and useful tutorials in my description [link], cause firstly my tutorial is ancient and could really use some backup and secondly your series is a perfect branch, dealing partly with the same, partly with different topics.
(i´ve only recently started networking here on dA and especially with tutorials i think it´s great to do so and help people widen their horizon even more comfortably, so i packed you there, even tho most are bound to find your tutorial even before mine. :D)

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