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Tutorial: boobs bras n lace 3b

By klinanime
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Part 3b finally up. Decided to move trim to a part 3c, because I got this part done and am at my "screenshot-between-processes" limit. It's FRUSTRATING to have to keep taking screenshots.
There will be a bunch of examples of lacy bras at some point...
I dunno when. Meh.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3a
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Thank you SO much for this, it was a HUGE help!
VenneccaBlind's avatar

And btw this helped IMMENSELY with lace. I was drawing panties, but it helped just as well :D
Himikai-chan's avatar
Extremely helpful ^^
stevep12's avatar
very nice work !!!
littleloveless's avatar
This amazing since i'm an insanely shy girl when it comes to lingerie, or even drawing skimpily clad figures.
I was just wondering though if you were going to do a "panty" series too, since i can't get them to look right in my drawings.
littleloveless's avatar
Thanks so much, you are awesome.
zeranote17's avatar
Good trick on having bra patterns
xPlasticated's avatar
Thanks so much for this tutorial, it's so helpful!! :hug:
Zumiex's avatar
Can you do one on panties next?? c_c;;;;;;
klinanime's avatar
Not without feeling like I'm drawing porn, so no, sorry.
Zumiex's avatar
Damn, that would've been fairly important, though I've drawn worse things in anatomy class honestly..
EeveelutionTeam's avatar
omg never though would be this easy! O: THANK U SO MUCH! i bow to u... master...! :iconbowplz:
theNiser1's avatar
what a great intuitive series of tut's thanks sooooo much!!!
Lorna-RoseFoX's avatar
Cools look forward in designing my own bras
J-yeti's avatar
Thank you. Now I want to draw boobies.
But seriously. Your tutorials are very helpful. You make it seem so easy D:
klinanime's avatar
haha, I'm all for the maximum effect for the minimal effort
P0lnoch's avatar
Thanx for that! Wery useful for me!
Mochi-pon's avatar
you are god. srsly, thank you!
klinanime's avatar
kumori-death's avatar
This was... very helpful. And entertaining. All at the same time. And yet a very lazy method for it all. How can you get away with that?! xD
klinanime's avatar
I am very good at exploiting illusions so I can be lazy :)
kumori-death's avatar
Wish I had that ability. *sigh* But oh well! Lol
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