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Tutorial:boobs bras n lace 3a

By klinanime
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Kinda sloppily done. Came out with 3a just because. It takes so long to do these since I'm putting more effort into them and detailing takes time, but it's oh-so awkward to draw them randomly in public.

And I forget to take screenshots of processes.

So... just 'cause these are processes of how to draw some bras doesn't mean you can't deviate from them. These "processes" are just techniques I use that you can translate to other designs. So go design your own bras!

Part 1

Part 3b

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this is a life saver !
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very nice work !!!
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BOOBS! BOOBS EVERYWHERE!!! and it's wonderful to me! :')
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This is beautiful OuO
Thank you so much for making this
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wow this looks very helpful! I shall try this sometime this week hopefully:D great tutorial thank you lots:D
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I :love: laces :3 are you going to make a "sexy underwear" tutorial?? You know, like those things that are aroun your waist and connected to your socks? :)
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This just saved my life xD!

Thank you so much for this amazing thing ;A;...

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I'm having trouble drawing these bras in the past! Thanks for posting this
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THank you for the tutorial! It'S great.
I know I'm late, but I still wanted to thank you;)
I tried here: [link]
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awesome job, thanks for letting me see it
lovesboywiththebread's avatar
no probs. Thanks again for the tut:)
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Oh my gosh, so cool! So helpful too! (:
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:) glad to be of help!
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nice work^^
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no problem^^
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Your boobs, bras, n lace tutorial are wonderful. Thank you for putting them together. :nod:
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no prob! Glad you liked em
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unique... tutorial, but very helpful, thanks :)
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heh, yeah... glad to help
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