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Tutorial: Coloring Sketches

By klinanime
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I was trying a new technique but failed, and was like, "Well, I need some incentive to continue drawing this pic."

So I made a crappy tutorial. If things aren't clear, don't hesitate to ask. I really wasn't intending to make this thing, so it's pretty haphazard. Some people were asking about how I prepared my sketches for cg anyway.

I didn't cover how to shade, because I think it's one of those things you have to practice until you get. But if you're looking for it, some advice: Cell-shading is all about gently suggesting where light falls and doesn't fall. You are essentially only shading the darkest shades, and majorly simplifying the curved surfaces. Check out Otohime's breasts for example.

Finished pic here: [link]
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It's simple, yet helpful! An rare and amazing combination to have!
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I got my tablet about 7-8 months ago and have been experimenting with different styles since. I'm finding myself leaning more and more towards my own version of your style. I love your style. It's simple and beautiful at the same time. Thanks for the tutorial.
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lol, well I have a rather "lazy" style... It's a lot of trial and error
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it's a PRETTY lazy style lol :P
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Actually, this is super helpful, 'cause I hate inking with a deep and abiding passion that cannot be equaled by mortal man. I've never found a satisfactory way of cleaning up my pencil lineart to color before, so I usually force myself to ink anyway if I have to color, and that equals a very hacked off me. I'm definitely going to try your method here next time :D
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My method's a lot of trial and error... But I hope it works for you. ^-~
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