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Tutorial: Building a Sketch

By klinanime
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... hm... I dunno. Just for funsies.

Kagami and her "Sword", Tsubasa.

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Oooohhh! Awesome. I work with a mouse tho, so I'm limited to drawing then scanning. So I have to sketch, erase, sketch, erase... it's a vicious cycle I tell ya. 
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heh, I hear ya. it's all about the keyboard shortcuts... but even then, carpal tunnel!
... =p
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Oh god this is impressive and expressive :3

never stop teaching to others XD
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With the tid bits of anatomy issues, I honestly wonder why this was chosen as a Daily Deviantion. I have seen tutorials with much cleaner results.
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beats me, since I am always utterly uninvolved in that process and just sloppily do things for fun.
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Mmm, I hope what I've said doesn't come across as negative towards you. I am moreso baffled by the admins on this one.
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meh, I'm not offended by a comment that basically says what I'm thinking. There's a lot better stuff out there.
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Because this is generally helpful. Everyone has a different method, and I find this tutorial to be very similar to my own. It's not so much about cleanliness and perfection as it is about "building a sketch".
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What I was trying to get at though was that I have seen 50+ more tutorials that follow this process, and in the end create something eye catching, with little to no issues. I can agree that this one is simple and easy to follow, but it just isn't Daily Deviation worthy.
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:L that's subjective, as with every other piece of art. It's a tutorial. It doesn't need something eye catching if it's able to teach something simple and easy.
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Not really. The lines are messy, there are many anatomy issues. Sure, a tutorial can be anything, yes, but daily deviation worthy? No.
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Once again, a sketch is supposed to be messy.

You aren't learning anatomy here...you're trying to get the structure of the process down.
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You're not getting the point here.

I've said numerous times that I get the tutorial and I know what she's doing, BUT because of the many issues in this piece, it is my honest opinion that it is not Daily Deviation worthy. She's not teaching software, but technique and process, so yes, the quality in the end is important. And quality is what is supposed to get you on the front page.
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Once again, this is a SKETCH. If it were perfect, it wouldn't be a SKETCH.
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I was thinking the same thing... =/
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Wow, nice tutorial. I might use some of your tecniques. I usually don't sketch with such purpose, but this would be helpful if I need it for character design.
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thanks, glad it could be of use
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This is really handy! I always seem to ditch the 'stick-man' stage before drawing, which is really stupid because I think it's really important for building a sense of movement (something I lack) and keeping proportions right.

Thanks for your very helpful and descriptive tutorial! The only downfall is that when you're drawing by hand, you cannot make new layers or hide them and such! But still, that can be fixed by just using pencils lightly and an erasing later, methinks. Thank you again! :)
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try photo-blue pencils for underdrawing. Pentel makes blue pencil lead for just such a purpose, found in art stores.
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Very helpfull, thank you ! :D
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Thank you for sharing this!!
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