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The Youngest Princess is an idea I have for some fairytale parodies, where the fairytale princesses are women of great power who take charge of their own (and others') fates. This set of chars are stories I haven't really ironed out all the way, but meh. :D

The Wizard's Apprentice (Aladdin)
A wizard's apprentice is tasked with stealing a magic mirror from a special shop.
Princess Amira - the proprieter of a special shop, where ownerless magical items, especially those of great power, are drawn towards. She is a Princess of the High Kingdom, and she is known for both her fabulous reality altering illusions and her Scales of Absolute Value. Princess Amira is often disguised or uses a puppet to deal with customers, preferring to interact with people through a medium, an alias, or an illusion. Few, if any, know that the little nameless shop is run by one of the High Kingdom - nor that the shop is much larger on the inside.
Jalal - One day Jalal woke up without his memories and was taken in by a wizard of little known repute. As he worked as the wizard's apprentice, he was tasked to do some more... underhanded things. The wizard relied on Jalal's looks and wits to trick, swindle, and steal at various opportunities, and the wizard's reputation grew over the years. Soon the wizard became bolder in giving Jalal less than legal tasks. Y'know, Jalal always felt there was something off about the man.
I toyed with the idea of putting this story in a setting more like its actual setting (China), but let's get real; where do most people think of when they think "Aladdin"? It's not-China. Instead there's some weird Moroccan/Venetian mix going on here (I know, morocco isn't the first place most think either, but kaftans are pretty).  Also, Amira only takes the moon motif from the princess in Aladdin, because Badroulbadour has got to be one of the most easily tricked princesses. I'm surprised Aladdin didn't divorce her so she could stop inviting people who want to kill him into his house.
Princess Aqualina will come searching for Princess Amira to deliver a few items from Princess Alouetta, and get involved in the story.

The Elf-Lord's Forest (Thousandfurs, Cinderella)
Despite pressure to get married, an elf-lord prefers to spend his free time pursuing the mysterious silver beast in his forest.
Lord Ingvar - The elf-lord protector of a small wooded region, he has ignored the pressing demand from his sister to find a spouse to help him care for the land, managing to be absent at most of the balls and galas she's thrown in hopes that a lady - of any social status or birth, she mutters in exasperation - would catch his eye. Instead, he's following the rumours of a beast with a silver pelt. At times it may be a hare; at others an elk; a wolf; a bear; a starling. After catching a glimpse of its shining silver fur (or feathers) Ingvar has spent every spare moment tracking and hunting it, in what many would consider an unhealthy obsession.
Princess Alva - A High Princess, Princess Alva rarely spends time in human form and lives isolated away from others, even rarely contacting her sisters. Though she, unlike most skinchangers who were born with their abilities to transform into one type of animal, must use magic to transform herself, Alva feels that being transformed feels more natural. She is also capable of changing into a multitude of pelts and skins. Princess Alva cares little for the changes in both peoples' societies and the changes in the natural world, as change is simply something that occurs. Instead, she stalks the woods on the boundary of nothingness and destroys the aberrants that happen to wander through.
I don't intend to do a Cinderella, so that story kinda gets rolled into Thousandfurs' parody. Cause... Cinderella parodies are a dime a dozen; I doubt I can come up with something fresh. Also, Cinderella's kind of a passive heroine. Everything gets done to/for her.
Princess Aqualina will come to deliver a message to Princess Alva (Yeah, Aqualina's kind of the High Princesses' FedEx) and become embroiled in the local issues.

Princess Aglaia - (sleeping beauty) The eldest High Princess who stays in her tower in the High Kingdom, she is capable of speaking through dreams and is a farseer. Princess Aglaia keeps tabs on her little sisters and supports them in her own ways. Almost as if it was the price for her great seers' powers, Aglaia is the only High Princess with weak magic, which is problematic since many wish to use her.
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