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Want to finish that, but I also want to redo a lot of it. Like all the pages between the two brothers. It got super sloppy and the storytelling got a bit rushed. Changed some names too because I was rehashing the Beauty and the Beast idea I had and it kinda grew into its own world. I debated changing the Little Mermaid part's char designs, but since the pages are only going to be done in black, white, and red it didn't make much sense to change her hair from red. She's supposed to be the only real color in the story, and red just suits a more macabre style.
The Youngest Princess is essentially parodies of fairytales where the heroines aren't either damsels-in-distress or women who somehow win the day with virtue alone. No, these are PRINCESSES, women of great power and somewhat fickle nature, who take charge of reality and reshape it according to their wills.

The Kingdom by the Sea (The Little Mermaid)
A small Kingdom is divided between support for the First Prince and the Second Prince to be heir to the throne.
Prince Enric  -He is the First Prince of a little Kingdom by the sea and a capable swordsman.
Princess Aqualina - She's shown in what I call her "mermaid dress". It's not her usual dress, but it's the first one you see her wear. She is the youngest Princess of the High Kingdom, a powerful sorceress, and capable of touching Fate. 

The Skinchanger in the North (The Beauty and the Beast)
A lawless Northern Province's never-ending winter has driven the villagers to scape-goating and slaughter.
Princess Alouetta - Technically her name should be alouette, I suppose, but ... meh. I'm going for A***a names for the High Princesses, so ... yeah. She is one of the Princesses of the High Kingdom and seeks the thrills of (magical) battle. Her castle is capable of relocation and is filled with animated objects. She is known as the one who can create Life.
Bernard - He is a woodcutter from a Province to the North, and also a skinchanger who can take the form of a large bear. One of the last skinchangers who has not fled the Province from the villagers' witch-hunt, Bernard was unhappily betrayed by his beloved and the villagers cut out his heart and left him to die. (Skinchangers are tenacious.) It was Princess Alouetta who saved him from the brink of death ... for a time. Though she can create Life, Alouetta cannot change Fate. That is Princess Aqualina's specialty.

Not shown and with no story:
Princess Aria - (sleeping beauty) The eldest High Princess who stays in her tower in the High Kingdom, she is capable of speaking through dreams and is a farseer. Princess Aria keeps tabs on her little sisters and supports them in her own ways.
Ephyra - A sea witch who supports Aqualina.

I really wish these weren't such seriously-toned stories, or that it wouldn't be against Enric and Aqualina's characters for this conversation to happen:
On seeing Bernard, who is more rugged than Enric, for the first time (on Alouetta's operating table):
Aqualina: "Are you intimidated by him?" (referring to feeling like his masculinity is threatened)
Enric: "He can turn into a bear, right?"
Aqualina: "... yes?"
Enric: "...yeah, a bear who can dual-wield axes? He's fking terrifying."

... No wait, I can see Aqualina teasing Enric that way. Enric, why are you such a stick in the mud? I want this convo to happen so bad. XD
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