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Sex Face Meme... Alda and Mayson

By klinanime
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Blank: [link]

Modified it a lot for effect. I don't condone violent sex unless both members have super-human regenerative abilities.
Alda and Mayson from: [link]

The hazards of vampire and werewolf ... relations.

In this universe, vampires and werewolves hate each other, and Alda and Mayson are no exception. This stuff is just ... a really awful mistake! That happens often...

And that's Jared with the long hair and the snarky comment at the bottom
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You don't need superhuman regeneration for violent sex, just accepting friends and coworkers.
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hmm... i'm going to stand by what I said, because that type of statement can be misread into "it's ok to hurt my partner". Calculated roleplaying versus things done on the fly out of anger or aggression are two different things. Both may lead to injury, but in one, both partners understand that it wasn't done with the intent of hurting, while the other can lead to abusive relations.
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While I appreciate your sentiment, Sadomasochistic relationships are not always built upon role play. More often- FAR more often -they're built on being the you that society won't let you be in public. There's also a vast difference between Violence for the sake of pain and violence for malice's sake. Nobody's supporting domestic abuse, here. But there's a word for that place that domestic abuse and violent sex overlap, and that word is "rape".
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When I say "role play", I don't mean "pretending". I meant that it's something you and your partner have discussed ahead of time that you want to do, but (and most importantly in my opinion) you both have also discussed what your limits are and when the other person should know when to stop (aka safewords).
What I don't like in the connotation of "violent sex" is the person who abuses his/her partner just to inflict violence. It's not just rape, it's the physical and mental brutalization where the partner feels that there's nothing he/she can do, that he/she HAS to tolerate it, all the while thinking it's his/her fault or that it will get better if he/she just loves enough. It's no longer sadomasochism at that point. It's a very abusive "relationship" in which - instead of ALLOWING your partner to control your rights (S&M) - your rights are taken away from you without mutual agreement.
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Again, while I appreciate the sentiment, the term role play belittles the lifestyle choices.
I see, though, your point. It's much the same as the fact that in general, people forget that the term violence doesn't correlate to malice any more than boxing is about breaking your opponent in a way that they can't recover from.
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i guess it just boils down to semantics in the end, and when it comes to sexy things and alternative life styles, no one tries to regulate terms.

I am still an advocate of fu*k being used as a verb for "to have sex", since the english language still does not have a single word verb for "to have sex". ><
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That is more or less technically where the etymology of Fu*k comes from, I think.
I still think we should talk more. You're such an interesting person and I think it'd be kind of fun.
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...did they even do it at all?
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I didn't want to be too explicit, but it's implied that they beat each other up, somehow it devolved into angry angry sex, and then the house came down.
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Bwahahahahaahahaha I laugh sooo damn hard! This. . . this is GOLD thank you for the great laugh!
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