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More Monsters in Monster Town

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Tallah Moore
A crazy cat-lady cafe owner. The 9lives' Cafe is a local institution of the Central District, and is famous for its cats. Not just because you're allowed to come in and, cat willing, pet them, but because they're cat sidhes who steal memories from dead bodies. As a girl, Tallah was known as the daughter of a swamp witch, and suspected of being a swamp witch herself. She fled the superstitions and persecution and found herself in Monster Town.

Jayashri and Maulik
A naga warrior and a lamia warrior. Though the interactions between the naga and lamia clans are rare, there are cases when two from the different species would mate. However, utter disgrace is delivered upon a naga woman who bears a child with the characteristics of a lamia. Maulik is the unfortunate result of such an instance. Abandoned by his mother and treated poorly by his clan, only a few of the naga would acknowledge his presence. Jayashri was one of them. After some things happened, the two abandoned their clan and holed up in Monster Town. They live in the grotto under Monster Town's large waterfall, fierce warriors who enjoy sparring with anyone who comes by, especially the Southside werewolf pack that lives nearby.

A courier between the monster realm and the human realm. After the cataclysms, there was need for message and goods bearers between the realms. Elcin is the courier who frequents Monster Town. He will transport anything ... for a price. A great ally of Alda's, he won't pass up a chance to get drunk and swap dirty stories and tales of sexual conquests with the great ero-vampire sire. Though they rarely get into "relations" themselves, because then where will the rivalry go? (Well, they have once or twice a blue moon.) Though he's without a weapon, only a fool would attempt to waylay this satyr. The winds will be against you.

Bethyl, Arian, and Caul
3 of the small centaur herd around Monster Town. As centaurs are, they aren't found of paved roads and tight living quarters like towns and cities and thus populate the wooded area around Monster Town. In this 'verse, unlike real equines and cervines, equine and cervine centaurs are of the same family and can intermingle freely. Thus a single herd can have horse, deer, etc centaurs. Also, all centaurs have horns or antlers of some kind regardless of gender since all will eventually get into disputes that require, er, butting heads. This has led to a belief of unicorns, though unicorns do not exist, only horned horse-type centaurs. Bethyl, the great white elk centaur, is the Matron of the herd. Arian is the deer centaur and one of the centaurs that interacts with Monster Town civilians most. Arian is also friends with Alice, though it took a few months of skittishness on Arian's part (arachnes are usually terror inducing on a good day). Caul, the horse centaur, is the swiftest of the herd. He has made friends with the Southside werewolf pack and some nights one can see a group of young werewolves gallivanting through the open areas around Monster Town with Caul and a few other swift centaurs.
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really cool!:D (Big Grin) I love the white elk womanLove 
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