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Gijinka: Gym Gijinkas

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Onix, Geodude
Man, rock pokemon are boring color wise.

Staryu, Starmie (and misty).
The idea behind my au verse's Cerulean gym is that it is populated with olympic-grade water sports(wo)men. The staryu is a pro-surfer, the starmie an olympic diver, and Misty herself holds the record for longest distance swim, from kanto-johto and back. Misty is the lead instructor, and the youngest instructor, of the high-grade gym. Figured she should get SOME special treatment since she was kind of a main char from the anime.

Electrode, Magnemite, Raichu
A main idea through my 'verse is that there was a pretty big war about 10 years-ish back. Lt Surge is, understandably, a veteran from that war. He also has 13 children ... all adopted war orphans. His pokemon are 3 who wanted to help "daddy" with work. The raichu was a close colleague's daughter (his colleague died overseas) and his oldest. The magnemite was just a baby when a bomb dropped on her village. She lost an eye and use of her legs. She is usually in a wheelchair until battles, where the electrode's mechanic skills helped put together her levitating boots. I will probably remove the electrode's gloves. He looks... mime-ish.

Tangela, Vileplume, Victreebel
These three plus Erika were all close friends growing up and now work together both in the gym and in the herb/aromatherapy shop. Went with a kind of an "oujo-sama" theme with the three of them.

Fuschia (random pkmn):
Muk, Crobat, Arbok, Koffing
I just picked out some pokemon for Koga because Koga's team was weezing, koffing, koffing, and muk, which sounded dreadfully boring to design around. Also... no arbok in any gen? Isn't that, like, his signature pokemon? Anyway, a ninja team. And muk wants to give you ALL the hugs.... with his poison-drenched cloaks. The only person immune to it is the koffing who hates that muk loves glomping him to prove the point.

Cinnabar(yellow vers):
Rapidash, Arcanine, Ninetales
The arcanine and ninetales are siblings. That look arcanine's got is the look of frustration at the "perfect" older sibling... though he doesn't let it get him down too much. Ninetales is a brilliant scientist, and Blaine's no.1 assistant. Rapidash kind of has a bodyguard-ish role. Tried to go with a more californian-street look. Might've got it wrong tho.

Mr Mime, Venomoth, Alakazam, Kadabra
Mr. Mime is an illusionist, and Alakazam and Kadabra's outfits are designed around the circus. (Alakazam is a beast-tamer, kadabra a trapeze acrobat) If venomoth looks a little out of place, well... wtheck does Sabrina have a bug/poison anyway? She's kind of a modern day tarot/fortune teller

Viridian (yellow vers):
Persian, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Rhydon, Diglett
... I saw it, and I couldn't unsee it, so I had to share it: Jessie as Nidoking and James as Nidoqueen XD. I think I will make James' pants not so tight in the future, but I was going for an effeminate flair at the time. The rhydon IS a woman, and she's a delicate flower, damn you. ... the diglett has a red compass. Diglett is one of the worst to design for... but he's a quiet, hipster of an older gentleman who silently digs traps and then watches you fall in them while sipping his tea.
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Love the Starmie Diver you did there! ^^ ^-^ ^_^ ^o^ ^O^ ^v^ ^V^ ^0^ :heart:
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Loving the new designs!
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Love these, whenever you make a new char design sheet it's the first thing I click on. :)
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thanks, it's always fun to do design work
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XD Team Rocket Nidos FTW!!!!!!
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To protect the world from devastation!
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To unite all peoples within our nation!
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