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Deconstructing Hands

By klinanime
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... this is probably not helpful...

If anything's unclear, don't hesitate to ask, cause I know this kinda... fails at explaining things well. It was some practice for me, so being clear wasn't my first priority.

EDIT: It's more helpful for people who want to improve drawing hands, not necessarily for people who want to learn drawing hands... i guess?
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This is really helpful, especially for those awkward front angles. Thanks for sharing!
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Oh, this actually might help. I suck at hands. Like I know how they should work but haven't figured out how to execute it myself. I'll definitely use this as a reference the next time I draw hands. Which'll probably be sometime soon.
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glad it could help :)
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This is great I have an issue with drawing hands and I'm glad I found this o.o still though nice stuff x3
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:) thanks, glad it could help
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Gonna be super useful for my designs
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awesome, this gives me tonnes of ideas
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glad to be of help
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Thanks a lot for the tutorial. I hate drawing hands, 'cause they always come up like lumps with 5 sausages at he end :blush:, but hopefully this will help me.
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No prob, hope it helps too :3
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after seeing this, I think this my help me improve my work on drawing hands, thanks!
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Thank you so much for posting, very helpful.
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just what i needed, thanks
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Whoa this helps a lot... Hands are the most dificult thing to get right in my opinion, this tutorial helped me understand how to construct them more easily :iconinuloveplz:
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glad it helps!
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