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Agora: Re-redesigns

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I bet you never thought you'd see these guys again hahaha. I left it for 5 years because the two main leads were kinda boring; made the mistake of giving the main char all of his development in his past, which leads to dull and non-existent character growth, and thus I fell out of interest with it for a while. Well, I'm sure there was more than just that lil' issue, especially looking at the past designs. What's with this girl to guy ratio?
I think the stories also got a lot darker as I was developing them, which freaked me out back then since I'm pretty sure I was going for a stereotypical harem romcom (which I have developed a strong distaste for in the past 5 years, so it kinda makes me laugh). I think I wasn't completely used to characters developing themselves on their own yet.

Synopsis: "Temple". A place where the gods are said to empower. "Blessed". That which the gods are said to favour. "Cursed". That which the gods are said to despise. "Kamishin". A town in which the gods are said to walk.
Kazuki always thought that living was a balancing act. One should never be too rich, or too poor. Too smart, or too dumb. Too popular, or too friendless. That's how he lived his life, if you could call that living. But fate has a funny way of throwing all your calculations out of order, and that day was a stormy Friday the 13th. The storm knocked out the subways, so it was really a coincidence that Kazuki was passing by the rumoured "haunted" park when lightning struck that run-down shrine hidden away in the back, releasing a cursed fox-spirit crazed with dormancy and bursting with energy. It was a lucky coincidence that the Boss and a priestess happened to be there to try to re-seal it. And it was another coincidence that Kazuki just happened to turn out to be a little TOO powerful with less than no ability to control it...
Now that he had accidentally sealed the fox-spirit to himself, Kazuki found himself saddled with a powerful fox-spirit familiar, indebted to an office that specializes in occult situations, and with the eyes of many gods upon him. So much for being average.

Natsu - A 3-tailed kitsune sealed away for over 500 years for crimes she committed against the goddess Inari. "Natsu" is the name Kazuki gave her; her true name is known only to him. Arrogant and willful, she is at the same time curious about the world around her. Though she will never admit it, she is grudgingly grateful to her current state of affairs; enslaved as Kazuki's familiar grants her a large degree of freedom she could never have otherwise obtained, as her other options were being re-sealed or torn to pieces, depending on whether Inari's oathsworn kitsune found her first or not.

Kazuki Ishinomori - A 16 year-old high-schooler whose mother has died and whose father works overseas. Kazuki is a bit ocd and a dab hand at cooking and cleaning, since it's up to him to keep the family house under order. Though his father always intends to send Kazuki living expenses, these money transfers are infrequent and sporadic so Kazuki's gotten used to doing part-time jobs. To say his father doesn't somewhat neglect him... isn't far from the truth. Kazuki has a bit (just a LITTLE bit) of a maid fetish and has some otaku interests that he struggles to keep under wraps. When he goes to school he slicks his hair down and wears glasses as a preemptive measure to avoid standing out.

Takumi Dyer - Also 16, Takumi was a friend of Kazuki's even before they ended up as co-workers in Agora (Tagline: The Business Office of Occult Affairs). He is prone to disappearing for days on end, lives in a tiny 1-room apartment with no bath and no furnishings, and often goes hungry for days. Takumi is also a genius and manages to coast through school even with all his absences. Kazuki soon discovers that Takumi is a zen Buddhist who wanders about playing a shakuhachi and hopes that those who hear him will find peace and enlightenment. Like all other things, Takumi's flute-playing transcends that of the average person's. His tunes can vanquish evil spirits, though he is just as prepared for those that need a more ... violent persuasion. (His eyes do open, just not often.)

Sayuri Tsukino - A 16-yr-old girl who goes to the same school as Kazuki and Takumi, Sayuri is the heir of a small shrine. Though the shrine is small and is often ousted in competition with other shrines for jobs of the occult nature, Sayuri's abilities for purification are without equal. She hires herself out to Agora in hopes of bolstering their reputation.

Jennifer Kearney - A xx-yr-old woman who refuses to tell her age. Jennifer is a talented wizard, and is considered a magic nerd who intensely loves grimoires and studying. She is traveling in search of a Great Vampire Sire and has come to Kamishin where the rumours are still fresh. Eventually ends up in Agora with her younger sister, at first hoping it would be easier to find information.

Julie Kearney - Age 16, Julie is a druidic mage who prefers to go skyclad. She is the younger sister of Jennifer, and the exact opposite of her. Though a few times in jail has kept her from going completely naked, Julie is still struggling against the vile "oppression against religious freedom".

Suyin Tsu - Another 16-yr-old girl who goes to the same school as the others, Suyin is a Taoist magician of extraordinary power. One of the heirs of a powerful Taoist family, Suyin got bored with living the coddled life and roamed her way to Kamishin. She lives with a couple who run a Chinese restaurant and runs deliveries for them in between working for Agora. And by runs deliveries, I mean she parkours over the rooftops.

"Boss" - A charismatic woman, Boss is the boss of Agora. She has little to do with the hands-on side of things and is all about handling the office. A fierce haggler with keen business sense and a nose for money, you DON'T get on Boss' bad side.

Stella Myers - A sad story as most ghosts' stories go, Stella was a secretary whose boss began putting the moves on her. Though she refused, her boss wouldn't have any of that. No one believed her when she tried to report the rape, especially since her boss said she was just trying to get revenge because he wouldn't raise her salary after she put out. Fired, emotionally distressed, and finding her old boss blocking all her chances for a job, Stella was walking alongside a cliff one day when she slipped and fell. Well, she thinks she fell. She knows she didn't jump, anyway. Whether there was someone else involved... she doesn't know. Here is where the story should end, because Stella didn't see the point to wasting her afterlife on that stupid old fart, but Stella's old boss suddenly went through a ream of bad luck. Horrifically bad luck. Fearful that Stella's ghost was cursing him, he hired a medium who cursed Stella to unrest until she lifted her curse. Of course, cursing an innocent person, dead or alive, rebounds on the cursers, and both the medium and the old boss had horrifically miserable lives from then on, but Stella found herself still roaming the world. Boss hired her to be her secretary, and in exchange Boss would break the curse if Stella ever grew tired of her undeath.
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