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Agora: Otohime

By klinanime
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Eek, the copyright infringement things always make me worry about my own stuff. Maybe I should start water-marking ...
And then I remember that I'm not well-known and am suddenly less worried. This is why lots of attention makes me more nervous than happy.

Used my Otohime design from Agora, though a little off color, for my Color Theory for Print final, and thought you'd like to see it.

Look for the Urashima Tarou folktale for more info. Too lazy now to link or write a synopsis. There be orcs I must be off to kill, so LOTRO time nao!
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I love this lineless style you used for this piece, it makes it seem... surreal. And her headpiece looks almost 3D.
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hehe, that's good, what i was going for :)
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Is *that* where Oda's been getting these names...
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um... yeah. Japanese people love using folktale and historic figures as bases for characters. Just look at the heyday they have with feudal Japan, like Sengoku Basara.
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Well, I knew the Admirals and Sentomaru have all sorts of allusions to the Momotaro story - just didn't know Oda was so fond of drawing on folklore. Sengoku being a reference is a new one to me too. Have to read up on the One Piece wiki, I guess. :P