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Classism014-2: ... competent bandits, right by klinanime Classism014-2: ... competent bandits, right :iconklinanime:klinanime 7 4 klinH Comics by klinanime klinH Comics :iconklinanime:klinanime 13 10
WFB: Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Some People Take Forever in Character Creation
The bed slides out excruciatingly slow and I bolt from it as soon as my head clears the scanner.
“Ok, success!”
The clerk gives an ‘ok’ gesture as he compiles the data on the scanner’s screen.
“Great! Jun, let’s go back to the front and register your character. Mister, can we rent two VRMMO sets for 2 hours?”
Hm? Why two sets? When I ask Masaki while we walk to the cubicles in the front he explains that in VRMMOs, since your consciousness goes into the game he can’t help me create a character without going into the game himself.
Ok, so … login screen, input the scan data code … yes, link and save data to the screenname. No way do I want to ‘lose’ it and have to redo the entire scanner horror.
Generate default character base … whoa.
So this is virtual reality. I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s like being in
:iconklinanime:klinanime 1 0
WFB: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Jun Imamiya, 16-Year-Old High School Boy
The earliest memory of him I could remember was his broad back and the muscles that flexed underneath the thin jinbei. I was mesmerized by the sparks that flew every time he swung his hammer down.
Even now I can’t forget the way the fire lit his face, the warm light casting cold shadows as dusk settled in. Even while Grandma scolded him to come in to dinner, he only had time for the bright steel that glinted in the limited light.
When I was little I thought Grandfather was a wizard.
I may have been close before, but only on the last arrow do I hit the target.
But perhaps that’s alright. It wouldn’t do to show up people who were actually part of the Kyudo Club when I was just a filler after all. Actually, my shots are already considered decent for me, but I can’t help but feel dissatisfied with making such a suspenseful score of 0|0|0|1. At
:iconklinanime:klinanime 1 0
Wizard with the flower blades by klinanime Wizard with the flower blades :iconklinanime:klinanime 14 2 Classism014: Char Splash-Franky by klinanime Classism014: Char Splash-Franky :iconklinanime:klinanime 4 0 Gijinka: Charactersheet by klinanime Gijinka: Charactersheet :iconklinanime:klinanime 43 4 Classism013: Is the destination worth the journey by klinanime Classism013: Is the destination worth the journey :iconklinanime:klinanime 3 4 Classism012: Setting Out by klinanime Classism012: Setting Out :iconklinanime:klinanime 2 2 The Parlour by klinanime The Parlour :iconklinanime:klinanime 9 0 Classism011: Road Hazards Pt 2 by klinanime Classism011: Road Hazards Pt 2 :iconklinanime:klinanime 3 6 TYP: Char Roughs2 by klinanime TYP: Char Roughs2 :iconklinanime:klinanime 21 0 TYP: Char Roughs by klinanime TYP: Char Roughs :iconklinanime:klinanime 21 2 Classism010: Road Hazards pt1 by klinanime Classism010: Road Hazards pt1 :iconklinanime:klinanime 2 1 Classism009: Adventuring Gear by klinanime Classism009: Adventuring Gear :iconklinanime:klinanime 2 6 Agora: Re-redesigns by klinanime Agora: Re-redesigns :iconklinanime:klinanime 27 2

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So I've been working on some things, and the results are:…

klinH Comics is a consolidation of the comics I used to work on here and there on dA.
Classism is finally getting off the ground (or at least past the prologue), and I'll be tackling Gijinka a little more seriously. Currently, Gijinka has several new content comics already, and I'll be adding some more parts when they go through Viridian Forest.
As for IofM Anthology ... that is my reply to people who are still wondering about what happened to IofM. It will be a collection of stories about some of the characters of IofM that I still want to tell. 

As for the Web Novel I'm writing, Wizard with the Flower Blades, there are currently 28 chapters up on the site for those interested in a gender-bend (guy to girl) transported to another world styled story. 


United States
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RollinStar Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014
I've just re-read one of my favorite webcomics in history, IoM, for like the fourth time, and realized I never even thought to ask you - why did you ever stop updating it? Is there a particular reason? I loved creative and well-researched plot arcs and especially the vast diversity of characters.
klinanime Featured By Owner Edited Oct 10, 2014
There were a lot of plot foibles that, while I was doing well to disguise how bad they were, i was getting to a point where I couldn't hide the bad plots. I haven't decided if I'm going to completely abandon it, but there's a lot of stories in there that weren't worth fixing.
EDIT: and also, time. there' was a lot of that missing too
MephistoVI Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2015
That's a shame to hear, I too read IofM and loved it. Yes it was a bit hard to follow sometimes (mostly when I was exhausted but just had to keep reading lol) but I loved the story lines and would be delighted if you picked it back up sometime.  Seth's storyline is particularly interesting to me.
monsterlord-18 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014
nice art
klinanime Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
monsterlord-18 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
do you do requests, perchance?
klinanime Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
hm... not really. My policy is that you can pitch me an idea, and I'll do it if I feel like it. No promises, but you can try ;)
(1 Reply)
hubert61 Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
TAsaoka Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i really like your style

klinanime Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
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