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The best Russian ace fighter in the WW1

The best Russian ace fighter in the First World War Alexander Kazakov, Poland, 1915
Лучший русский ас–истребитель в Первой мировой войне Александр Казаков, Польша, 1915 год
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Thank you very much for posting this. I first read of him years ago.

The figure to the left may be holding Kazakov's armament.

“In June 1915, Staff-Captain Alexander A. Kazabov (sic), flying a Morane scout, used a grapnel to attack a German Albatross. The Russian ace went on to destroy another 31 aircraft, using more conventional armament” (Tryckare 862).

Tryckare, Tre. The Lore of Flight. Cagner & Co, 1970.

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Most people in the West and especially the US know little about the Russian air force in WWI. They think that Russia was still back in the 19th century.

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After WW1, he fought in White Russian army until 1919, when he died